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Weeds or Wildflowers by Aimee Blue

I Appreciate It

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Kagome sighed as she sorted through the never-ending stacks of her boss - Naraku-the-jerk’s - paperwork. He wasn’t in today; apparently he’d fallen ill, even though in her experience with Hanyou’s they very rarely ever got ill. The overgrown pervert was probably just taking a day off to see one of his female ‘friends’.

She shrieked as her carefully ordered pile toppled over with a thud onto the old flag-tiled floor. A cloud of dust was stirred reluctantly from hibernation and she sneezed daintily as it got into her nose.

“Right!” she fumed, “that’s it! I refuse to stay in this old dust trap.”

Talking to herself was likely to get her a few funny looks, but she was the only one in her stuffy reclusive office that dwelt in the shadows of the impressive building her boss owned.

The old warped wood of the backdoor was stubborn and she had to shunt her entire body weight against it to get it to budge. Of course, there was another way out that led back into the main building, but she wanted to go outside.

The first rays of light made her throw her hand up in surprise to shield her eyes, she presumed she’d become accustomed to the limited light in her office.

She stepped from the dusty step and closed the door behind her, almost toppling over a branch of Sakura blossoms that had been placed there.

She picked them up gently and tittered as she clapped eyes on the plate that they had been placed on. It was the plate she had lent to that surly gardener; Sesshoumaru!

“What’s this?” she mused, “a token of his appreciation?” She pondered this for a moment as she stared at the fragrant blooms. “Well, he didn’t strike me as being very verbally demonstrative.”

Prompt: Token (fanfic_bakeoff secret ingredient 05)

Words: 300


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