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Weeds or Wildflowers by Aimee Blue

Endurance Training

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Sesshoumaru suspected that it was the repeated close proximity that made him more aware of the subtle nuances to Kagome’s scent. As they swayed together in the train, he braced a palm against the window on one side of her head and narrowed his eyes a fraction at a man a few seats away who was eying her appreciatively. Her naivety was overwhelming; he doubted she’d even noticed the attention.

If she’d been a little more perceptive she would have realised many things. The most prevalent being that he didn’t need to stand quite so close to drown out the scent of the train. He stood close for many reasons, instinctually; he was defensive over the girl, possessively; he wanted to cover her body with his and hide her from the other passengers. Yet, he enjoyed dousing himself in her scent too much to keep his distance; even if he’d never admit to it. 

This over-familiarity with her scent was the reason he knew she was sick. If her feverish forehead and little sniffles weren’t enough of an indication. Her disdain for their boss was evident but she was a diligent worker and had come to work regardless.

It went against the grain to be so in tune with a person, but, startlingly, he couldn’t find it in him to be indignant.

The sway of the train made her bump into him and he braced her with his other arm around her waist as she swayed. 

She smiled dazedly up at him in thanks, her cheeks flushed, before she leant her hot forehead on the cool glass of the train window and let out a low moan of relief.

Golden eyes closed resignedly as the tips of his ears reddened. Somehow this trip was a lot longer than he remembered.


Words: 300

Prompt: Grain


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