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Sudden Confession by Beautifully Wicked

Sudden Confession

::Sudden Confession::




Prompt: Soft

                Sesshoumaru looked over the fire at the sleeping miko. She looked soft and inviting, but he fought the urge. He always fought them. Every time he would try and move his eyes away from her they would drift back. He growled at himself, as he watched her with his eyes. He watched every breath she took, every mutter from her lips, and every time she would reposition herself to get in a more comfortable position. He hated this watching when his urges screamed for him to slice that, whatever it was in half, and lie next to her. Damn her.

Prompt: Trickle

                Sesshoumaru was officially a pervert. Watching Kagome bathe was ridiculous even for one such as him. As he watched the water trickle down her body as she walked out of the spring he knew he was smitten.  Never before had a female had caught his attention as she had. It made him furious. How dare she command all his attention! For the life of him he wouldn’t dare move. The site of the miko in nothing but her birthday suit and water made him want her. Oh how the mighty have fallen, he was just like his father.

Prompt: Mist

                Kagome was upset. Tears sprang from her eyes and ran down her face. Usually she kept it in check, but today she just couldn’t. Knowing Kikyou was in the group upset her. Not because of Inu-Yasha’s and her relationship, but because she knew that she couldn’t bare to be this woman anymore. He’d run off and return to her side, but she couldn’t do that anymore. “The half-breed is an imbecile, you are a good woman, and deserve much better.” She gasped as she looked at Sesshoumaru appeared from the mist surrounding them. “He is my best friend.”

Prompt: Drop

                Kagome watched as Sesshoumaru sat down beside her. “He may be your best friend, but he is not a good one.” Kagome could swear he made her heart beat faster with just his voice! “I know, but he would be lost without me.”

“How is he your responsibility, I left him to his own devices when he began his teenage years.” Kagome could feel her jaw drop. “You what?” “I took care of him for years after his mother died, but I threw him out when he went through his rages. It was not my fault he never returned to the fortress.”

Prompt: Fresh

                Kagome could not believe what she was hearing. She couldn’t believe Sesshoumaru was even talking to her. She could have sworn she was hallucinating, but she could feel the heat from his body as he sat next to her. She felt both at ease and apprehensive sitting right beside the Daiyoukai in the fresh grass. Kagome hated the fact that she was so uncomfortable with the Daiyoukai. “So you threw him out of the Fortress because he would go into rages?” Kagome asked. “Yes, I told him to return once his temper was controlled.”

Prompt: Splash

                “He would run amok through the gardens, splash through the koi ponds, and when the mood would strike break family heirlooms. I would, in-turn, beat him. He learned that I was not to be dealt with when he would go through his tantrums. I proved that I was superior and he was not. I never got upset until he attacked my mother.” Kagome gasped at the sudden confession. “He… what?” Kagome looked a bit dumbfounded. “She proved that she should not be trifled with, and I threw him out. He never came back, I never cared,” he finished.

Prompt: Rain

                Rain fell slowly from the sky, and Kagome gasped in surprise. “That… I always thought he was never allowed…” she confessed. “He was allowed to do as he pleased. I would never intentionally kill the whelp, with the exception of gaining Tessaiga. I was merely a tab bit upset and may have… overreacted.” Sesshoumaru confessed. “I wouldn’t call that an overreaction. I would call that a tantrum.” Kagome giggled at Sesshoumaru’s stern expression. “I am not infallible. I have faults,” Kagome’s jaw dropped. “I am just like my father.” He leaned forward and caught her lips with his.


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