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Prompt Avalanche, GM Edition#1 by Walter205

Hot hot hot!

 Prompts: Vanilla, Candle, Sandpaper, Fire, Penny, Pudding, Jello, Vodka.

 Kagome screamed as Sesshomaru rubbed sandpaper on her vagina, bruising the skin and giving her an awesome sensation of pain. The fires of the vanilla scented candles burned softly around them as he next placed some Cherry flavored Jello on the scratches, before pouring some vodka on top of the Jello, eliciting another pleasurable scream from Kagome as the alcohol reached the scratches. He then buried his face into her womanhood, licking up the Jello along with some of her womanly pudding as she reached her first orgasm of the night.

 Coming down off of her high, Kagome smiled at him in love as he placed a penny on one of her nipples, as a prelude into the next act...


 Prompts: Jacks, Dildo, Gum, Hair Spray, Watch, Cheese, Wolf, Carriage.

 The trap had been set. The makeshift carriage ran over the jacks with sharpened ends, shredding the bicycle tires that had replaced the traditional wooden wheels. The carriage toppled, and Kagome fell out, her luggage spilling out onto the forest floor. As Sesshomaru, the leader of the fearsome Wolves of the Night demon tribe, even though he was Inu, stepped out of his hiding spot.

 He spotted the dildo, gum pack, hairspray, and other items scattered about from her things. He cared none at all for them. Well, he might come back for the dildo later, his brother Inuyasha was looking for a new toy. But in the meantime, he attacked his prey. Kagome barely had time to scream before Sesshomaru was upon her. The neck was too easy, far too easy. He went for the stomach instead, enjoying the gurgling of her bloody mouth as he tore away her intestines and guts, savoring the acidic feel of her bodily fluids as he swallowed them whole. He even tasted a little cheese from her last meal.

 As Kagome lay there dying, he prepared to quarter the rest of her body and transport the meal for his tribe back to base. He noted the time on her watch; 1:23am. Five minutes from beginning to kill.

 He wasn't losing his touch at all.


 Prompts: Doggie-Style, Suprise, Freak, Toes, Makeup, Fan-Boy, Pool, Bikini, Suntan oil, Jawbreaker, Tossed Salad, Bars.

 Sesshomaru smirked. His mate was lying on the floor, having collapsed there after they did it doggy style. He was currently using his big toe to shove a jawbreaker around in her pussy, coating it nice and good before he picked it up and plopped it into his mouth, suckling on it like a rabbit on tossed salad. He picked her up and carried her heavily breathing form out to the pool for round four of the evening. He proceeded to pour suntan oil on his dick, lubing it up some.

 Having read about choking increasing someone's orgasm experience, he used Kagome's bikini top to very lightly choke her as he entered her from behind, quickly bringing her to her fifth orgasm of the night, this one being very violent and lasting a little longer than usual. His mate was very sensitive and even rubbing her vagina against a fanboy cardboard cutout of Alex Trebek could cause her to cum.

 Okay, it was time for the final act of the night. Using her lipstick makeup, he drew a bullseye on his penis. He picked her head up and shoved his dick down her throat. She loved it when he did this, making her feel like such a slut, and Kagome moaned as he pumped it down her throat, unleashing his seed finally. He went to the bar by the pool and poured himself a Tequila to toast an excellent night as his mate rapidly feel asleep on the marble floor behind him....


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