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Maid with Care by Aimee Blue

Blame Game

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Blame Game

They blamed each other. But the details boiled down to a bizarre accident. Kagome and Sesshoumaru had both finished serving customers at adjacent tables and had turned in perfect synchronicity; straight into each other. 

He’d been caught by surprise, she’d been handicapped by her clumsiness, and they’d crashed to the floor in a rather... compromising position.

Sango’s eyes were wide; though not as wide as Sesshoumaru’s or Kagome’s.

“They’ve frozen in shock,” Inuyasha opined.

Miroku whipped out his camera-phone. “Brilliant!”

Inuyasha slapped Miroku around the back of the head absentmindedly. “How do you fall and accidentally kiss someone?”

“Beats me.”


Prompt: Detail (Fanfic_bakeoff secret ingredient #10)

Words: 100


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