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Maid with Care by Aimee Blue


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“Sesshoumaru-san, you know the day after tomorrow...”

“Stop wheedling and converse properly, Kagome-san.”



“Nothing at all!”

“Your demand?”

 “I was wondering if I could have that day off... please!”

“Hn, why will you not be working?”

“Um... it’s my brother’s birthday soon and I needed to get him a little something to celebrate... he’s choosy – very hard to buy for.”

“Your excuse is shopping?”

“Yes... I kind of missed his last birthday so I really need to make more than a token effort this year.”

“I am denying your request.”

“What? Why?”

“Frivolous occasions and flimsy excuses.”



Prompt: Token (Fanfic_bakeoff, Secret Ingredient # 05)

Words: 100


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