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Maid with Care by Aimee Blue


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Kagome hummed contentedly as she pottered around, straightening the table-cloths and laying out napkins before the cosplay-cafe opened for business.

She enjoyed the peaceful time before the perverts and the giggling fan girls came into the shop. The besotted women came for Sesshoumaru and Miroku, the perverted otakus came to drool at Sango and Kagome.

“Go ahead and open up,” Sesshoumaru ordered as he finished arranging flowers.

Sighing, Kagome did as bid and prepared herself for the onslaught of tiring customers.

Suddenly she was flicked on the nose by a glowering Sesshoumaru.

“Don’t make that face, you’ll frighten the customers.”


Prompt: Content (Just Because D/D night on Dokuga)

Words: 100


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