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Dribble Drabble by Aurora Antheia Raine

[2010.05.13] Prompt 1: Fleas

“Hold still,” Kagome snapped in frustration at the grown Daiyoukai in the bathtub.

She was elbow deep in bubbles and soap water, but that didn’t stop the demon from scratching. His quick movements caused the water to ripple and splash Kagome, who was getting more and more irritated by the second.

He, too, was frustrated. He wouldn’t stop itching!

“Maybe next time, Sesshoumaru, you’ll learn to stay away from sniffing at other dogs and their butts,” Kagome mumbled.

“It is a form of greeting,” Sesshoumaru replied hastily, slightly miffed, “I was not aware that I was going to get fleas.”


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