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Good Intentions by Katie


Blue Prompt: Drabble 81

300 words.

I dont own Inuyasha.

It was well after midnight, but not yet dawn. One thing Kagome hated about the past was the lack of available timepieces. She had left hers in her bag back at camp, and anyway technology tended to get odd here. She sat with Sango at the edge of the camp, Sango was on watch and Kagome hadn’t been able to sleep.

“Sango-chan? Why do you think Sesshoumaru is the way he is?” she asked, tearing a hole in the silence of almost-dawn.

“He’s a demon?” The slayer shrugged.

“I mean … he says one thing then does another. He is so obsessed over Tetsaiga, then he goes and gives it to Inuyasha when he could have taken it. I just don’t get him.” Kagome had been lamenting on the fight earlier, hence her bout of insomnia. The demon lord seemed to be a mass of contradiction that Kagome couldn’t wrap her head around. And sometimes, when their eyes met, she thought she saw something.

“He’s a demon?” This time Kagome thought she could hear a hint of a laugh in the other girl’s voice. “Kagome, I can’t say I am sure what you are asking. What are you thinking?”

“I just… I think I want to talk to him. Like, to approach him.” Sango choked on her inhale and Kagome turned away, not sure why she was so embarrassed.

“I, for one, think that is a horrible idea! Inuyasha would never allow…” Sango cut herself off knowing that Kagome had a obstinate streak, but it was too late. “What do you possibly hope to accomplish?”

“I don’t know. I just … I think he is sad.” Kagome stood and headed back to camp.

“And that’s why you’re so special.” The slayer shook her head and spoke to the approaching dawn.


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