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Distraction by Midnight Cat


Nope, not mine, but while talking to the voices in my head, I pretend Inuyasha and everyone else belong to me!!


She looked beautiful in her long gown, her mate at her side looking just as elegant in his tuxedo. This was one of the few times when they were allowed to enjoy a night by themselves away from responsibilities.

Their seats in the loggia were among the best in the theater, and the view was fantastic.

“Kagome, is something the matter?” He asked with concern in his eyes after seeing her fidget on her seat for the umpteen time

“No my mate, everything is wonderful; but seeing you in that tux has given me something more enjoyable to look at, and I can’t concentrate.” She purred.

After carefully sniffing the air surrounding his mate, his eyes developed a slight red tint. It only took him a moment before he stood up and took her by the arm.






1- An open-sided, roofed or vaulted gallery, either free-standing or along the front or side of a building, often at an upper level.

2- An open balcony in a theater.


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