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Dokuga Deep by Walter205

Leave None Uncorrupted!

 Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, Lord of the Rings, the real life people mentioned in this story, Cadbury, and a few other odds and ends, nor will I profit from them.


 "Ten thousand, at least," muttered Quiet Whisper as she leaned panting against the doorway for the fortress.

 "That's all?" asked Sesshomaru in an incredulous voice.

 "Actually, more like a million since then. They just keep reproducing and reproducing," added Rowdy in a shaky fear stricken voice.

 "What'll we do?" Kagome asked Sesshomaru in an apprehensive voice.

 "The only thing we can do. We'll fight. Have every author and artist armed, and have them ready by nightfall. How many do we have?" asked Sesshomaru.

 "Three hundred, maybe less," reported Walter.

 "What about all the others, the reviewers and such?" asked Sesshomaru gruffily.

 "My lord, they are not meant to fight off such creatures, they should be held in reserve as our last hope only," pleaded Whisper.

 "Very well. Prepare the defenses. Go ahead and close the gate," ordered Sesshomaru, heading down below.

 Down in the fortress armory, the authors and artists are both being armed, kevlar vest and helmets, plus M249 machine guns for weapons. By nightfall, they had assembled on the fortress walls in Dokuga Deep, ready to meet this threat head on.

 "rOoaman would be foolish indeed if she thinks her reach can extend here," snorted Sesshomaru derivisley.

 "Well, she was corrupted by Bunnehron, so anything could be possible. Speaking of which, they are coming," pointed Naraku as the hordes came into sight. A vast legion of never ending brilliant white plot bunnehs, being lead by a figure in a pink dinosaur suit with hot pink polkadots scattered about it.

 The bunnehs came to within one hundred feet of the wall before stopping. rOo looked up to her former friends, before glancing over at the possessive plot bunnehs.

 "Give them the Cadbury chant," rOoaman ordered.

 The bunnehs all started to 'Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock Bock', and as each bunneh started doing it, it reached a crescendo that started the ground shaking.

 Eyes twitching from the annoyance of the chanting, Wiccan's trigger finger slipped, and one of the bunnehs exploded in pink spray.

 "Hold your fire!" yelled Sesshomaru.

 "Too late," muttered Kagome.

 rOoaman pointed at the castle, and the bunnehs all started charging.

 "Open fire," said Sesshomaru, hefting his machine gun and opening fire. Grunting with the heavinenss of it, Kagome lifted her own machine gun and opened fire. A spray of three hundred machine guns filled the air with their staccato, and the first ten thousand bunnehs evaporated into pink mist. But the bunnehs kept coming.

 The bunnehs started scaling the walls while everyone was reloading. The first casualties were sustained. Rowdy and Chaos disappeared in bunnehs, their screams being followed by the sound of tearing flesh and crimson blood as they collapsed over the side of the wall into the plot bunneh hordes.

 "The bunnehs are scaling the walls!" yelled Kagome as she purified a horde of bunnies using purification blessed silver bullets in her machine gun. Sesshomaru glanced down at the main wall in annoyance, then yelled down below.

 "Reinforce the wall. The two of us can defend the keep!" yelled Sesshomaru, oblierating a horde of bunnies with his Dragon Strike.

 A hundred more authors descended to the wall area. The bunnehs down below starting 'bock bock bocking' again. Walter glanced down and saw them cheering on a single bunneh carrying a white torch.

 "Take it down, Wicked!" yelled Walter. Wicked drove a forklifter over the edge of the wall and dropped a stack of freshly packed laptop computers over the side, crushing a horde of bunnehs. However, the one with the torch dodged around it and dove into the hole, triggering a catch of writer's block inside. The wall exploded upwards, hurling authors in all directions. The forklift was oblierated, but thanks to new vehicle manufacturing standards, Wicked was unharmed.

 Bunnehs surged in through the hole. A score of authors fell under them, while the others retreated to the keep. Walter and Wicked limped to where Sesshomaru was standing with Kagome in the keep.

 "Orders?" asked Walter tiredly.

 "Ride out with us," said Sesshomaru, hefting Kagome onto his back.

 "Eh?" asked Wicked.

 "We're going to ride out and meet them," replied Kagome.

 "Why? We could easily escape through a pass in the back of the mountian. We don't have to die here today," said Walter. Everyone turned to stare at him incredously. His face paled.

 "Sorry, me and my short term memory," Walter muttered to himself.

 "I've already made up all of our minds. It's too late to turn back now, and once this Sesshomaru commits himself, we will either do it, or I will kill all of the survivors and do it myself," stated Sesshomaru, ending the arguement.

 "Right, Anno, your the biggest blowhard here in Dokuga Deep. Go blow on that horn," ordered Walter, watching as the little fanartist scurried off.

 As the horn blew, Sesshomaru led the charge, the remaining authors riding on whatever happened to be lying around. Brenna rode out on her mustang, while Wicked drove a M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank. Walter hobbled out on a pair of stilts with a jetpack strapped to his back.

 A guffawing sound could be heard up the hill behind the bunny horde. They all turned, along with rOoaman and the Dokugans, to see two figures standing up on the hill.

 As promised five days ago, Jakenalf had gone out searching for help. He had found it in the form of Mukotsu, who served as his steed.

 "For Lord Sesshomaru!" yelled Jakenalf as Mukotsu galloped down the steep hill torwards the bunneh hordes. Shrieking in terror, terrified of those two corrupting their plots, the bunnehs fled into a chasm of lava, where they all died. rOoaman was glomped by Jakenalf and Mukotsu, but managed to fight them off and kill them. However Kagome managed to sneak up close to rOoaman and glomped her, purifying rOo of her aman corruption and restoring her to normal.

 For his part, Sesshomaru looked off into the distance at Mount Thumper and muttered something about the worst as being yet to come...

 The End


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