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I Am At War by shanelle

Not You Again

I am At War


Chapter 2 ( Not You Again )

In hid recently acquired boat the Great Lord of the West sat with his overly humble retainer Jaken. They were trying to find the Blood Stone of Shamria.


Jaken fumbled with is muddy brown yakata and spoke timidly to his Lord. “Lord Sesshomaru..........?” He asked. “Yes Jaken?” Lord Sesshomaru answered not sparing his servant a glance. “The Blood Stone you seek... would InuYasha not know of it.. Let alone It's location? His mother's village did they not harvest them?” He asked, struggling with the ores of the boat.



“Inu....Yasha....” Sesshomaru mused a moment before quickly striking his arm back and slapping Jaken straight out of the boat.



“Gwah!” Jaken screamed, just before slamming into the water.



“DO not remind me of the vile half-breed.”Sesshomaru commanded viciously. The pressure he could feel building up in his chest was making him more irritable than usual. 'Just what magic was causing this?' Sesshomaru thought. Just a couple days ago he felt normal. Now he felt almost as if an extra soul was inside him. He hated feeling as if he wasn't in control, so he took his anger out on poor Jaken.


“Please, forgive me Lord Sesshomaru!” Jaken stammered, begging. For his own staff was being pushed against tiny green head. Forcing Jaken head under water soon displeased Sesshomaru let go.


“I hear he travels with a human miko, two demons, and two humans as a pack?” Sesshomaru questioned lifting Jaken back into the boat.


“Hai, my lord.” Jaken said wishing to please his Lord.


“Shall we find them then.” Sesshomaru stated. Jaken struggled with the ores once again.


“INUUYASSSSSHHHHHAAAAA!” Kagome screamed as InuYasha was thrown into a tree.

“Fuck !” InuYasha cursed standing up and drawing Tetsuiga and charging at Sesshomaru


Kagome stood on the side staring at Sesshomaru in complete shock 'the pain in my chest Its......Its gone' kagome though in complete shock.



The sound of birds chirping had he Inu group in a trance. There foot steps seemed to fall in place as the sun beamed down on them.


“Kagome can we play a game?” Shippo asked Jumping onto her shoulder


“Of course Shippo do you want to play I spy?” Kagome asked looking at Shippo.

“Hai, can I go first?” Shippo jumped up and down on her shoulder happy about the distraction from the hot day.

Not waiting on a reply Shippo jumped right into the game.

“I spy with my little eye something......... Blue!” Shippo said


“The sky?” Kagome said. Shippo shook his head no. Miroku and Songo walked up next to Kagome and started playing as well. “Is it Kagome-sama pants?” Miroku asked. Shacking his head no, Shippo looked at Songo awaiting an answer. “The strips on Kilala's tail?” Songo said with a shrug. Shippo looked really exited that no one had guessed right.


“Its Kagome's eyes” InuYasha stated looking back at Shippo to make sure he was right. When Shippo nodded his head looking at InuYasha weirdly. InuYasha blushed “I am Not Stupid ya know!” InuYasha yelled. “I would have never thought” Shippo and Miroku both murmured.

Whap,Whap InuYasha fist connected with both Miroku and Shippo head

“SHUT UP YOU BAKA!” InuYasha screamed

Kagome standing back believing it was to hot to interfere. “This is getting old!” Songo said with a sigh. “Uhuh” Kagome replied, in the corner of her eye she saw a flash of green light.


InuYasha charged at Sesshomaru wildly. Sesshomaru easily side stepped InuYasha. Turning to face the half-breed a smirk spread across Sesshomaru's face.

“Hello little brother!”




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