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Silent Treasures by Beautifully Wicked

Damsel in Despair

::Silent Treasures::

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For Skye

Chapter 1: Damsel in Despair



Kagome sat at her window looking down at the gardens, wishing she could be outside, if only for a few moments. She had been trapped in this room for a month, and knew that the punishment was going to last longer. She heard footsteps nearing her bedroom, and she looked expectantly at the shoji screen. She saw the image of her husband’s retainer, and sighed looking back towards the garden below her and wished again that her parent’s hadn’t given her to a heartless beast.

“Kagome, Master Sesshoumaru would like to see you,” a green kappa by the name of Jaken told her. Kagome sighed as she left her windowsill seat, and followed Jaken to her mate’s personal study. Kagome knew what was coming, and she was slightly sorry about what happened, but really how else did he expect her to act. This was, after all, an arranged marriage and mating. But how could he think it would be wondrous to be stuck in a room all day until your mate arrived? She looked down at her feet as she walked behind Jaken, and noticed that they were not heading towards Sesshoumaru’s study, but she kept her mouth shut.

            She saw that Jaken was leading her outside, and she knew something was wrong. Sesshoumaru only talked to her outside so he could be discreet. So he wouldn’t be heard. She took a deep breath and straightened her posture.  She would not back down; not this time. She saw him standing near her favorite tree and flinched, his aura was menacing, and thunderous, her husband was not pleased. She took another deep breath and braced herself for the oncoming fight.

            All too soon she was before him and he had yet to turn around. “Jaken, leave us,” she heard him command and looked down at the ground, listening to the sound of Jaken hurrying his way back into the fortress. She swallowed harshly, why was her throat so dry? Why was she so frightened? And most of all why couldn’t she fight back? All these thoughts and more filtered through her mind when she was in the presence of her husband, and she was slightly disturbed by them.

            “Why do you insist on embarrassing me?” he asked as he turned his face towards her. She placed her feet harder to the ground and clenched her fist, willing her courage to overcome her fear of him. “I didn’t mean to, my Lord,” she told him as she made contact with him.

“I did not ask if you had meant too or not. So I shall repeat myself only once. Why do you insist on embarrassing me?” he fully turned around baring her down with his gaze. She flinched, “He insulted me, he called me a whore, and I did not think, I just reacted.” She answered and bowed as low as possible; showing her apology.

“Then you should have found me, and told me. But you did not. You instead reacted recklessly, as always and expected, and hit one of my best soldiers. You are lucky I did not whip you for your hideous display.” His eyes bore down on her and she seethed in anger.

“How dare you! How dare you think I am at fault when one of your men insulted me, your wife!”

“You are not yet my mate, and as such he is youkai and has more status than you, as of right now. He may do as he pleases. As for you, you should have walked away, instead of hitting, no punching him. He could have called for blood. And what then? I would have a dead female on my hands, and all of this at a formal affair. You are lucky I have merely caged you to your rooms.”

“I hate you! I wish my parents had never given me to you! I wish… I wish you would just disappear.” And Kagome began to cry. How could he blame her for everything? How could he dare not take her side? How could she have come to love him?

Sesshoumaru watched as his wife and future mate cried. She was such a pitiful creature. Her only perfection was that of her face, and body. She was the most beautiful and wanted creature in the lands. The moment he had heard of this woman he knew he had to see if the stories were true, and they were. He had struck a deal with her parents insuring that she would be his wife and mate.

And that’s when Sesshoumaru had also found out about the curse. His woman was cursed. She may have been human, but in her veins ran unadulterated and unaltered youkai blood. Many were jealous when he brought her back, but her personality was wild, and was in need of taming. She needed to be tamed. Before her blood took over and killed her.

Her parents had handed her over easily after he promised he would train her to control her emotions. And yet, her personality endeared him, she was so feisty and fiery, he didn’t want to tame her. But tradition called for a mate who was tame, who didn’t speak her name, who was silent.

Kagome was none of those, but she was poised. She was unexpectedly talented, and was quick to learn during her sessions, but she was so outspoken, and that needed to be remedied as quick as possible.

Hearing that she hated him struck a chord in him. He would never admit it, but it hurt him, and his instinctual side hissed at her for her unkind words.  She would be his forever! There would never be any escape for her. Ever. This bitch was his, and he wasn’t sharing. Sesshoumaru agreed with his baser self. He’d never let her get away. End of discussion.

“You will never be free of me. You will be mine, forever, in two months time; you shall be mated, and pupped. You will never be away from my side, or my bed,” Sesshoumaru growled at her and watched as she gasped at his words and her head popped up and her eyes met his. His eyes were tinged red, his fangs elongated, and his hair whipping around wildly. She had never seen him this way. She cringed when he came to her. He grasped both of her wrists and pulled her to him.

“You act as if you are in despair, but I have given you everything you wanted. Paid for the finest of silks, and seamstresses, and given you a whole wing to yourself. I have given you your own personal library and a garden. I have even given you time to become accustomed to your new position, and have regarded the matter of the insistence that you wish to not be intimate. That shall change, bitch. Tonight you are to report to my chambers. You shall bathe and sleep with me from now until I deem myself tired of you,” she was surprised when his mouth descended on hers.

His lips bruised hers, and she gasped at the rough treatment, only for his tongue to take advantage of her surprise. She struggled to get away, but with her hands being bound by his, all she could do was try to move her head away. He growled and her eyes swiftly met his. She froze as she watched his eyes change to a deeper red and his pupils became a shivering black. She stopped her efforts in her fear, and he softened his kiss. She finally wrenched her face away.

“No. Just leave me be. You don’t want me, and you certainly don’t need me. Why, why did you even want me to be yours?” these questions she had never asked him, and they had been bubbling within her since they’re marriage six months ago.

“You are the most desired female, and as such I shall be the only one to ever have you.”

“So this is all I am to you, a possession?” she questioned sadly.

“Think of it what you will. But make note, no one shall have you but me. Ever. And if you even think of trying to get away, I will make sure you never think of it again. And that is a promise. I expect you in my chambers in an hour. If you are not there, I will come for you, and drag you to my bed,” he saw her flinch and smirked.

He left her to think about her situation and went towards his rooms thinking of all he was going to do to her in an hour. A shiver raced down his spine. She would be the most coveted bitch in history. He was sure of it.


Kagome fell into the ground and cried. How could he think that she would want his hands anywhere upon her person? She was not read to take this physical step in their relationship, and he knew that, so why was he pushing her so hard?

“Such misery. A young beautiful maiden, such as yourself, shouldn’t be crying, but held in the comforting embrace of a strong male, or do you not have a male to be comforted by?” Kagome gasped at this bold, unknown male. His hair was dark, long and curly and she shivered at the intensity in his eyes as he stared at her. He looked at her expectantly, and then she remembered his question. “Ah, um, he only thinks of me as a possession worthy of making others jealous.”

“Well, that is a shame, if I may be so bold? If I had a woman as beautiful as you I’d be certain to treat her like a treasure.” Kagome looked at him for a second. She did not like him. His words were greasy and practiced. His aura made her cringe, and she was more terrified of him than she was of Sesshoumaru. Something deep down inside her told her to run, and run fast.

“Well, I must be going; I have an appointment to keep.”

“You will be going no where,” she heard him snarl before something hit her, and then everything went black, and she fell into unconsciousness.


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