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Dribble, Dribble, Drabble, Drabble by Mimiru

What's in a Drabble

For MissK! I dont own inuyasha.

I only own this tiny collection of drabbles for drabble night. Please enjoy!

WARNINGS: Unedited!

Dedication: To MissK w/o her Opo would've taken over a LONG time ago lol.

Prompt Firemens:

“K-Kagome, what ARE you wearing?”

The woman looked up at her boyfriend and lover grinning wolfishly “well I thought for the…costume party it was only appropriate” there Kagome stood, dressed in red, orange and yellow from head to toe. The outfit clung to her and was made out of polyester and spandex and clung to her body in a sinfully delicious way. In her hair was a fire-like head piece.

“soo…your fire?” Sesshoumaru eyed the outfit and grins, Kagome sauntered over and pressed into him.

“yes, and you’re a fireman, so…after the party you’ll have to…put me out” she would be swept into passionate kiss and he’d murmur a ‘That can be arranged’ against her lips.

Prompt Misskness:

It was dark, and approximately 3 a.m. Curled up in bed with her faithful animal, Miss K slept with a blissful expression. Visions of Mokos, Firemenz and Sugar0os danced in her head. All was quiet. Suddenly, her phone rings a LOUD ringtone consisting of 'I'm bringing Sexy Back' echoed loudly in the room. Growling an impressive demon growl MissK grabbed the phone and answered it "What!? Sesshoumaru! its 3 AM what do you WANT!" she all but shouted. The demon lord on the other end sighed "....Opo has struck again and has eaten all my merger files". Blinking in mild humor the woman began to laugh "ahahahhahha! Opo? Oh how ironic, fine, I’ll have it fixed in the morning...but call at an ungodly hour again and I'll have mokomoko super glue to you Inuyasha! Niiight!" she'd hang up the phone and goes back to sleep.!

Prompt: LGP, Lord Grumpy pants, look out he’s grumpy today

Mimiru: Growling, hissing and spitting was all could be heard from the other room "DO NOT WANT!" would be growled out behind closed doors, loud crashing and yelps echoed in the shiro. The maids all tsked and and shook their heads. Suddenly Kagome dashes from the room laughing insanely "TO BAD!!" she shouts. The maids all looked at their lady as if she were insane  and upon turning to the door they saw their lord wearing a pair of yellow pants and a pink shirt with LGP = Lord Grumpy Pants, written in bold black letters on the back of the shirt. To say the least, the maids all lost themselves in their laughter, Sesshoumaru truly became Lord Grumpy Pants, and Kagome got the picture she needed for black mail purposes.

Special Prompt: Roy Mustang – a present for Miss K!

“ooh Roy Mustang” two dark haired women gushed sighing at the perfection of the imaginary Flame Alchemist on the screen, melting into puddles of goo as his dark baritone sent shivers of delight up their spines. Behind them, Kagome’s mate, Sesshoumaru, stared at the two women and then the character on the screen “Woman? What is this?”

“That, dear Sesshoumaru, is Roy Mustang!” Miss K informs him “He’s the sexiest thing since…well…you!”

“Yes, Yes!” Kagome chirps excitedly “He’s the..ULTIMATE fireman”

The short haired fireman could only stare at the two women oddly and shakes his head walking away, he’d never understand females, nor would he EVER want too “Roy Mustang, Ultimate Fireman…indeed” he snorts.

Prompt 4: Opo

Miss K couldn’t help it, really she couldn’t. The woman was literally rolling around on the floor of the room kicking her legs and squealing in laughter. It was two funny. In front of her Sesshoumaru glared heatedly at her “woman! Cease this laughing immediately” he demanded randomly kicking his leg as he said so, if one looked close enough you’d see a LARGE demonic opossum clinging to him, HUMPING his leg rather roughly. Sugar0o sat there greatly amused “aw look Sesshoumaru, Opo likes you!” Sesshoumaru just growled at her and repeatedly kicked and shoot his leg determined to remove the amorous opossum demon from his person, with failed results.

Prompt 5:  r0opants!

Miss K looked left. Miss K looked right. Picking up the pretty pink tailed object “r0opants?” she asks softly “but…but…if these are her pants, is r0o running around….” She gulps “r0opantsless?” worry seized her until the missing owner of said pants flew out of the bushes and pounces her “WRONG! They were bait to lure you out into the open!” the excited half-dressed r0o would say as the brain twins embraced tightly.

Prompt 6: Mokomoko or Mokofred

Miss K sat there blinking rapidly, she was somewhere between touched and awfully amused. The chatroom patrons of Dokuga had touched her with their various drabbles. But with Kai’s latest prompt ‘Mokomoko or Mokofred’ it had summoned the two said furry critters from the depths of Dokuga and they were now running amok terrorizing and groping several of the girls (Tenchi, Rowdy and Forth were among the few) laughing to herself Miss K smiles fondly at her Dokugian friends and laughs “Best, Drawble/Drabble night…ever” she decided just as Mokofred bit Kai in the butt for trying to set the chat aflame once more.

FOR YOU MISS K! There's a special Drabble in this aswell just for your enjoyment!

Dont own Inuyasha

I do own this cold

but I dont want it :I

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