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Microphone, James Microphone by Walter205

Microphone, shaken, not stirred.

 Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, nor will I profit from it. Also I'm very tired, so I won't own up to any grammer mistakes. Plus, this is my second time submitting it, or trying to at least.


 Kagome pouted while laying in bed with Sesshomaru.

 "It's no fair. Why can't I be the man just for once?" asked Kagome to no one in particular.

 "Heh. You would have to buy a strap on, your too embarrased to do so, and this Sesshomaru would never lower himself to shopping in an adult store," replied the Tailover with a smirk on his face.

 "Who says I can't improvise?" asked Kagome with her own smirk in place.

 "Go ahead," challenged Sesshomaru, leaning back against his pillow, closing his eyes with his arrogant smirk still in place.

 Kagome's eyes roved around the room, before settling on the computer desk. A light bulb activated in her head.

 "Yes!" Kagome bounded off of the bed and over to the computer chair. She settled into it and activated the chat program, browsing through the deleted sections to find the last message that Jaken sent her, he always harrasses her about having stolen his 'Fluffykins' from him.

 'Wench, what is it?' asked Jaken when the chat program was opened.

 'Wanna hear something I have that you'll never have?' typed Kagome in response.


 'Activate your audio and listen up nice and good'

 Kagome grabbed the microphone, thanking the kami's once again that it was wireless, before lunging over onto the bed and snatching the sheets off of Sesshomaru. The demon lord barely had time to open his eyes before Kagome shoved the microphone up his ass. It was small, but long and plastic, and Sesshomaru let out a loud whimper as Kagome wasted no time in pumping it in and out.

 She spent a good thirty minutes pumping it before Sesshomaru finally found his voice and managed to speak.

 "Wench, such an long, thin, plastic object brings me nothing but useless and very bearable pain," spoke Sesshomaru in a very soft and whimperish voice.

 Kagome withdrew the microphone and tossed it aside, tears forming in her eyes. She jumped on Sesshomaru and hugged him tightly.

 "Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry," she apologized while blubbering on his chest.

 Suddenly, a loud noise came from the computer. The sound of...something very small going 'fap fap fap' could be heard, followed minutes later by a toadish sigh of pleasure, and a little squirting sound as the words 'aaaahhhh Sesshomaru-sama, lord over me more...' could be heard over Kagome's computer.

 "Who was that?" asked Sesshomaru with suspicion in his voice.

 Kagome scrambled over, cut off the audio on her computer, and walked back to her bed, tears now streaming out of her eyes, but for a totally different reason.

 "Humph, your hurt physically, I'm scarred emotionally. I would think we're about even now," blubbered Kagome.

 Sesshomaru glanced downwards as his Fluffy once again came back to life.

 "I know the perfect cure for emotional distress," he growled as he yanked Kagome back into bed.

 The End


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