To Endure by sugar0o who lurks

Part 1 Sacrifice.

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Part 1 Sacrifice.

Kagome looked at the situation at hand with despair, she was never one to see the glass of life as half empty but in the moment it looked as though all would be lost. They were losing in the final battle to take the jewel back, and rid the world of Naraku, his evil was nothing short of awe inspiring, though he was a coward he was a master tactician. She was use to their faces by now, the group that fought with her, she was eighteen, and three years of her life had been spent on this quest. Kagome had long since given up the idea of finishing school, and with that had sealed the well after a failed attempt from Naraku to gain access to her side of the well. In the last year of her life, what was good went to bad, and what was bad went to worse, there had been very few silver lined clouds. The once innocent wide eyed girl had blossomed into a mature calculated and fully trained miko, before her the few allies she had left fought for the future, her future, and they were failing.

Their grudge of blood having long since been put aside to fight the greater enemy, both the silver haired, golden eyed Inu brothers had swords unsheathed and fought the dark hanyou. Kagome had never admitted it but she loved to see them in battle, not getting hurt or against each other, but the sight the pair made was fearsome, and yet so beautiful. Sesshomaru with his unending, unyielding perfection, and Inuyasha with his unique, dangerous, and edgy style, both beautiful in her eyes, fought with haunting grace, even though they were so different they worked well together when it came down to it.

She had once loved the hanyou, but that too like so much now was lost, lost between their tempers and feelings, friendship was all they could manage. The over baring pup he was, Inuyasha did have much to say about her next chose in love interest, his brother. How it happened she'd never know, they had much in common, and at the same time so very little, though one main factor had been that when Sesshomaru looked at her, it was only Kagome he saw, not the Shikon miko, or worse the dead Shikon miko, just Kagome. Two of the loves of her life were facing death, and that scared her almost more then anything. The thought of her children's faces flashed before her eyes.

Kagome had claimed Rin a while ago, saying the girl needed a mother, and she could provide that better then any. Her children were with them, hidden behind Au-Un and the ever vigilant Jaken, all watched in horror as Kirara and Sango were brought crashing down, her houshi, the monk, had been taken from them almost a year ago. Sango cried out, earning both inuyasha's and Kagome's attention, only to have it brought back by the ever taunting Naraku.

"Ku Ku Ku, little huntress, it's a shame you were never able to save your brother." he cackled in his dark mirth. The Huntress growled audible, sounding much like her neko partner then a demon hunter, she felt like she was dying and she wanted it, she hated herself, hated herself for wanting to die like this, leaving things unfinished. Sango will not die, Kagome thought while wrapping her protective aura around the fallen huntress and the now small neko. The alive aura of the Shikon miko reached all in the open field, it calmed both the inu brothers, as well as the two headed dragon, the green kappa, the mall kit and human child, only Naraku and his minions seemed to be negatively effected by it. His laughter died out as he glared at Kagome, her defiant eyes flashing white, before they became an icy blue. "You little bitch!" he screamed as her powers began to purify him slowly.

A tentacle shot at the miko Kagome, both Inuyasha and Sesshomaru turning to make a move to save her but were stopped when they saw her eyes, her once peaceful beautiful eyes were glowing. The sharp tentacle speeded towards her, but she swatted it away like it was a fly, her powers flaring to life around her causing the appendage to wither and dye, crumbling into ash. Naraku's face was anything be relaxed, he'd figured it would be easy, but he'd realized now that he spent too much time rebuilding his powers and had never thought that Kagome would weld her's as such. She was a copy, not the original, how would she be able to do these things? thinking fast, as he always did, an evil smile graced his face. Taking another approach his tentacle shot out again faster, his voice was faint but all heard the same. "Ku Ku Ku, little miko, you think you're the powerful now, huh? I'll break you not matter what, you dog's whore." Kagome scowled as the tentacle neared her and then shot around her and her aura to her surprise, the scream of her children's voice ringing in her ears, her heart seized.

"NO!" she cried as she made her way to her children, Au-Un's chest had been pierced, leaving now warning at all, she could see the tentacle, still holding the dragon's chest. Au-Un's twin heads fell in defeat, and Naraku's laughter rang out, Kagome's heart was beating to fast to process the loss of the dragons life, all she could do was run her legs and lungs burning, while her chest heavier forcefully. She came to an abrupt stop and almost dropped to her knees at the site that greeted her, the green Kapoa's body next to the dragons, the duel headed fire staff hanging limply from his small clawed hands, taking the brunt of the impact that had been forced through Au-Un. Her son's body impaled as well, his back to the appendage that took his life, shielding his sister from the attack that he knew he was too slow to escape. Blood fell from her daughters mouth and the open wound in her small belly, her eyes dulling, "No." Kagome whispered as though the word could change fact.

Rin was all she had left, and she was dying, Sesshomaru had already told her that the child could never be brought back to life if she dyed again, and here she was dying. Kagome shuddered as a silent sob racked her body, reaching from the limb that killed her family the mere touch of her finger sent the damned thing into ashes. Inuyasha who's nose weren't near as good as his brother's could smell their blood, and her tears. His eyes bleeding red, jagged crests of purple appearing upon his cheeks, he was transforming, though the sight might have been fearsome if it had not been from his brother, a blood rage was falling upon Sesshomaru. His daughter, the kit, the kappa, and Au-Un were dead, the miko, his miko's soul crying out in rage filled waves, though he didn't know if she could tell, all the scents and emotions were sending him into a blood rage. Both brothers were vaguely aware that for once in their lives they would fight as one, against the dark foe. They were poised to attack when a low threatening growl emitted from behind them.

At the deadly pretty sound Naraku's heart, had it been in his chest would have stopped, the sight that followed it, scared him shitless, Kagome held the tiny girl child, her daughter to her chest, the small life drifting out of her. The Shikon Miko's eyes were a blaze with a scorching white fire, none the likes any had ever seen, her growl was impressive, and both brothers inner beings delighted at such a sound. Nothing was more deadly then a bitch defending a pup, it didn't seem to register to any that she was only mortal, and that these were not her birth pups, in fact, Naraku silently cursed himself for such a stupid thing to do. Before any could move, Kagome said one word in a deadly calm tone, too calm. "Come." Naraku's eyes widened in horror as he felt the large jewel shard, the almost complete bobble being ripped from his body with some invisible forced that burned his very being.

"You!" he seethed, all his hatred directed at Kagome. The Jewel knew its place, who its true master was, coming to a halt before touching her hand the small round object hissed the blood from the dark hanyou burned from its surface. The black orb fell into her hand turning a faint pale pink, that looked to be white, cupping it in her hand she pulled the glass jar from her neck and crushed the contents with the jewel in her palm, her bloodied hand fused the jewel together. Pushing the jewel to her chest the power pulsed as her body reclaimed it again, sealing its power within herself. For the first time since speaking Kagome looked at her daughter in her arms, the life still spilling out of her, holding Rin to her chest tighter she cooed the child, while a bright blue light emitted from her body, "Its pointless miko, bring her back to life and I will only kill her again." Rin's steady breath and closed wound lit the fire in Kagome.

Keade had said it best, 'When Kagome's will came into play it was like fire, brilliant and deadly, harsh, and yet giving…death and yet rebirth.', in that moment though, the fires of hell would not hold a candle to her wrath, they were pale by comparison. Sesshomaru's eyes grew gold once more, as he looked at the female he'd chosen, Inuyasah too was being brought down to normal as he exchanged glances with Sesshomaru. A protective barrier grew around the brothers, they knew who was doing it but neither understood, both glanced around to see not only them but Sango who lay unconscious, along with her neko, and all the bodies of Au-Un Jaken and the Kit, even Rin's now breathing form took on a barrier as she slowly began to float from the miko's protective hands. "Kagome…No." Sesshomaru whispered knowing all too well that his plea had fallen on deaf ears, the stubborn wench, he thought as the orb that contained him and his brother grew back past his miko. She sent him a longing knowing glace, that said 'I'm sorry.' and pushed them all back, pulling a grand barrier around Naraku and herself, leaving them all out to watch.

With no one in the way she would end this, and kill the darkness, she Kagome Higurashi had been born for this one thing, she was light, bright and everlasting, she was created to shine away the darkness. The dark hanyou roared with laughter, "You really are insane, miko. I'm going to enjoy killing you by ripping the jewel slowly from your chest."

"You will try coward, but you will fail." was all she said as she began to walk toward him, releasing her mighty aura as she peacefully walked toward what some who had known would say was death. The air in the grand barrier physically thickened with electric purity, the weight heavy against gravity itself, Naraku struggled to hold himself up against her first attacking aura. Sending tentacles out to pierce her soft flesh, she did nothing more then look at them, as her aura flared out to kill the evil filled limbs. Of all his attacks, none could touch her, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha paled as each threatening attack went toward the woman they both loved, only to growl in pride as she stopped each attack. Rin laying in her lords protective hold, was the only other conscious being watching the fight, watching her mother attack the dark hanyou.

Kagome had purified almost all of Naraku, there was no smile of delight, no look of victory only the scornful grace of a mother who'd almost lost it all, it was more simple to her heart and soul then any other reason she needed to fight and kill this creator. Finally she drew to the core of his being, a mass of broken demon body parts, dark red blood, and the head of the castle prince from so long ago. Naraku tried to use his crimson eyes bore into her soul, knowing what he was doing she allowed it, and heard his terror filled scream, as he saw her righteous soul in all its fearsome glory. She placed a hand on what was left of his chest, her whole body pulsed to life, as her aura grew to meet the need to destroy the dark half demon. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru had to close their eyes, only Rin watched the grace of her mother's final blow of death. The warm and deadly light of Kagome engulfed her barrier, filling the space with almost blinding light and warmth, a lone scream of extreme terror and pain was heard as Naraku ceased to exist.

By now, Kagome's barrier came crashing down along with Kagome, Sesshomaru was the first to reach her, by now noticing that Rin was awake, he handed her to Inuyasha who took the child with no word. Inuyasha looked at the pair on the ground, his chest tight, ne wanted to be there to comfort her, who would he protect now, he thought looking down to their 'daughter', his 'niece.' Looking back, he'd noticed Sango was awake and sitting against a transformed Kirara, both obviously watching the situation. Setting the girl down, he gave her a stern look, she knew all too well from her own lord, meaning 'stay here,' leaping to Sango, he took her in his arms, and brought her towards the women she knew as sister.

Kagome's body lay on the ground, her body in Sesshomaru's hands as he pulled her towards him, rocking her. He could hear her heart as it slowly beat, her skin was hot to the touch, too hot, in the dim grey sky, with slight light she looked as though she were glowing. The faint glow her body held began to grow brighter while her heart began to slow, Sesshomaru looked concerned, as much as he could. He had no idea what was happening to her, she smelt fine but they could all see that she was not.

"She's taking the bad souls away." said Rin, causing the three adults to look at the girl. Sesshomaru finally noticed it, Rin was not human anymore, instead there upon her cheeks were maroon strips, her eyes that were once brown, were a honeyed gold, her once deep chocolate hair, fading into a satiny silk white, while a small and puffy mokomokosama in deep chocolate tried to escape her kimono. His eyes visible widened as he motioned his ward to come towards him, Rin did as always, and stop just short of him. For the first time in her life he pulled her close and breathed in her scent, it was exactly the same except for the full bloom of his own scent, as though his own blood ran through her veins, she was truly his daughter now.

"How do you know?" he asked softly.

"I can see it." she answered looking right into his eyes with childlike innocence, though he narrowed his eyes a bit at the idea. To Rin looking down at her mother, it was as though she was nothing but light, pure unyielding light, she was utterly beautiful. The jewel in the place of her heart pulsed with life and Rin made an awed sound, causing Sesshomaru to look at his miko. Her body was glowing brighter by the second, and just before it grew to bright to look upon, he saw a slight smile etch upon her lips, lips he'd kissed and showed his love upon. With that her body burst into a bright energy shooting into the sky, Kagome was gone.

Silence filled the group as they looked upon the sight she had been laying, looking at it as though she would come back, refusing to believe she was gone. The heavens seemed to answer out to the worlds sorrow and a light rain began to fall, none moved, as all were glazed over in thought. A soft sigh brought them from their musings, looking up they saw Kagome, her hair billowed out around her longer then before, she wore a kimono that was as translucent as she was, it was her soul coming to say good bye. Ribbons of silky life force moved and worked off her soul as though she was the source of all life, the all watched as she moved past them, floating above ground itself. Kagome's soul came over to her son, a small orb came form the body and landed on her shoulder, there formed the small kit.

Kagome smiled to the Kit who grinned in return, leaning down again she touched the Kappa, and brought his soul out as well, the grumpy kappa looked at the miko and glower only to find the kit slamming a fist into hi head. The ethereal Kagome followed by the grumpy Kappa, with her kit on her shoulder made their way to Sango. Without saying a word, she hugged the slayer, washing her over with nothing but love and peace, pulling back Sango had tears in her eyes, Kagome only scrunched up her nose and smiled at her, whiping away the tears, before nodding. The Kit bounced into Sango's arms and hugger her tightly, Sango could barely hold her sob now, this was too much, but Shippo soon smiled at her happy that even in death he would be with family, that he'd died honorably, protecting his family.

Walking on Kagome looked at Inuyasha, she smiled sadly at him, an all too knowing look on her face, placing a hand to his chest she poured love into him, taking away his guilt as well, she knew him all too well, and would not allow him to blame himself for this. It felt to him as though his chest would explode for a moment and then utter peace washed over him, calming peace, a peace he'd never known in his life. Smiling at him she cupped his cheek and sighed. Her delicate hand felt so misty and cool to the touch, and yet he didn't long for it as though he thought he would, smiling back at her he took sighed, knowing this would be the last time he saw her. Kagome pushed him towards the sobbing Sango, the proud huntress was in distress, plus deep down she had wanted the pair together for a little bit, looking at Inuyasha's back as he held Sango's sobbing form she winked at Sango, causing her to hiccup.

Jaken having looked at Rin and pat her on the head a few times before looking to Sesshomaru and bowing, only turned to leave, walking towards a light in the sky. Kagome too went to Rin, she leaned down and brought her forehead to her daughters, a wealth of knowledge passed between the pair, mother smiled at daughter her though tears fell had a smile on her face, Kagome knew she'd be okay, she had her father to love her and take care of her, and her daughter would in turn take care of him. She feared his heart icing over again, and knew that Rin would prevent that. Rustling the little girls now snowy white hair she stood and looked at her almost lover.

Kagome saving the best for last, looked at the demon she had wanted to stay with forever, sad lonely eyes looked back at her, his emotions raw for only her to see, she looked at him, longing to stay but knowing she could not. Kagome came to him, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders pulling him into a passionate kiss, one she had never had with him in life. The cool mist that she was burned with a desire to stay and be loved, but seeing her in this form he was certain he'd never see her again. They never parted ways even as the wind began to pick up telling her it was time to leave, he knew having dispatched so many in his long life that Tensagia would not be able to pull her back. Love burned in her eyes as she was pulled from him, one hand cupping his cheek as the universe pulled them apart, he leaned into that last touch, and watched as she began to cry, the scent of her tears never hit the air.

The Kit and Kappa were at her feet, or at least where feet would be, the area only billowed with ethereal glowing mist as she slowly faded from sight, a bitter sweet smile on her face as tears slid down her face. Inuyasha lead Sango away to Kirara, leaving the Western lord and his daughter alone, Sesshomaru whispered so softly that he thought none could hear, "Jaken, take care of her." The small Kappa, though almost out of sight nodded to his lord, and turned back to his new lady. When they could see her no more, Sesshomaru felt a single tear fall from both eyes, as the hot liquid ran down his face, he stiffened and brought back his emotionless mask, looking at his daughter, she sobbed silently, never letting tears fall, she was strong and would not show weakness, she had never and would not start now.

The small girl felt a large warm hand on her back, and then she was picked up, Sesshomaru walked over to where Au-Un was, the small Kappa's body next to his, He grimiest a bit at the sight of his most loyal servant, pulling Tensaiga from his obi, he sliced at the underlings of the dead, the wound through Au-Un's chest closing, the heads looking at their master then the girl taking a tentative sniff and delighting that it was their young mistress, Au was fully aware of only the young girl, while Un gave a low mournful moan. Its twin head looked over and took site of the once annoying Kappa. The Taiyoukai looked into Au-Un's eyes, the message clear, 'return home take the body.' the dragon generally took to the skies, heading west. It was all over, no more Naraku, no more jewel, and no more Kagome, he thought bitterly.

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