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Supreme Loving by Walter205

The Art of Supreme Loving

 "I'm sorry my Kagome, but you're just not fit to be my wife," said Mukotsu with some regret in his voice as his hands clasped around Kagome's throat. Kagome gasped then start making strangled noises as she tried to suck in oxygen. Over in the corner, Sango breathed "Kagome" before passing out again.

 Kagome managed to think the name of her beloved one last time before darkness claimed her...


 Just before she plunged into the abyss, Mukotsu's head was knocked forward as something came into contact with the rear side of his skull. His hands loosened from around her neck, and she greedily drew in fresh breaths of air.

 "Who...who are you?" asked Mukotsu in suprise as he confront a little toad demon holding a staff, shorter in stature than even he was.

 "The name is Jaken, loyal retainer of Sesshomaru. And you must cease your actions at once. Choking is not the proper way to bed a human wench," tsked tsked Jaken with a shake of his head.

 "And what would you know about it, Jaaken?" asked Mukotsu with suspicion in this voice.

 "You fool! I'll have you know that not only have I secretly bedded the great lord Sesshomaru's other ward without his precious nose finding out, but I have long served a line of demons who love to bed humans. The fact that the girl your trying to lay is Inuyasha's, Lord Sesshomaru's bastard half brother, wench is only another sign of my credentials," Jaken boasted on a long rant.

 "Okay okay, I'll take your word for it. So Jaken, show me how to make proper love to a human wench?" asked Mukotsu, settling his poision onto the ground.

 "Normally I wouldn't, but since we share something in common, our small stature and us both being ignored by the ladies for being too handsome, I'll help you," replied Jaken, making Mukotsu grin and nod his head in appreciation.

 "First, you remove the wench's clothing, as so," said Jaken as he removed Kagome's shirt, skirt, bra, and panties, leaving the fine female nude before them.

 "Now, take a moment to run your eyes over her body. No touching yet, just admire and imagine," said Jaken, suiting his actions to his words. Both of them began drooling as they saw just how even more pretty she was without the clothing on. The small amount of poision that remained in her body continued to strain her breath, her chest rising and falling much faster.

 "The next part I'll let you choose. Should we start with foreplay or just dive right in to the main part?" asked Jaken. Mukotsu seemed to weigh the decision for several moments before he responded.

 "Let's do foreplay. I want to learn as much as I can, for future reference," answered Mukotsu.

 "Okay, we can start with the head, the chest, or the stomach," asked Jaken.

 "Chest. Those melons look mighty enticing," drooled Mukotsu.

 "Okay, take a moment to remove your own clothing, and I will do likewise," said Jaken, quickly stripping off his kimono and undergarments. Mukotsu did likewise, then they did a little man on man comparison.

 "Hmm, most impressive....," started Jaken.

 "Mukotsu, and your not bad yourself," answered Mukotsu.

 "One point twenty five inches," stated Jaken proudly.

 "One inch myself. We are a couple of fine specimens eh?" asked Mukotsu, pride beaming on his face.

 "Indeed. Now then, not to get off track, but come around to the other side of her. Gently run your hand across the skin of her breast. Notice how soft and fragile the skin is, and how she reacts when you touch the nipple," said Jaken, also demonstrating with his right hand. Kagome let out a small moan, but whether it was pain from the poision, or pleasure from the touching, it couldn't be deduced. Both males assumed it was the latter though.

 "Ooo...Ohohoho, I see what you mean, Jaken-sensei," said Mukotsu. He managed to grow another tenth of an inch from the feel of her skin.

 "Now then, give the breast a good squeeze or two, then lower your mouth to the nipple. Open wide and clamp down, not biting too hard, then begin suckling. Keep it up, and you may taste a little of her milk," Jaken again suited his actions to his word, giving her breast a squeeze or two, then suckling on her nipple with his beek. Mukotsu did likewise, his big mouth drawing a full third of Kagome's left breast into his mouth as he greedily suckled.

 The two of them continued for about five minutes, then stopped to regain their breaths, leaving her nipples taunt and erect, pointing up towards the ceiling above.

 "Ahh, that was nice," whispered Mukotsu.

 "It gets better. Enough foreplay for now, let's skip to the main act," croaked  Jaken, waddling over to Kagome's feet. Gingerly he spread her legs apart, then motioned for Mukotsu to join him.

 "Notice, she has two openings," said Jaken.

 "Ahh, yes I see," replied Mukotsu.

 "Since your new to this, I'll let you have the topside one, while I take the bottom one. Hold her up for me while I position myself accordingly," said Jaken. Mukotsu did as he requested, and soon enough Jaken was in position.

 "Okay, let me position Little Sesshomaru..., now then, lower her down," ordered Jaken, little out a little croak-moan as he penetrated her, a little bit.

 "Ahh, okay, now you from the front side," breathed out Jaken.

 Mukotsu entered her slowly, letting Kagome have timed to adjust to his length. When he was fully inside of her, he felt her hymen, and with a joyous declaration, declared to Jaken, "I filled her completley!"

 "Most excellent. Did you breach her barrier?" asked Jaken.

 "No, there was no barrier," said Mukotsu, suddenly suspicious.

 "Aak! Then the wench has been laid before, probably by that damned wretched hanyou!" declared Jaken, suddenly starting to go soft. Mukotsu followed suite as he thought about his Big Bankotsu being in the same place that the dog demon's little one had been perhaps less than twelve hours ago.

* * *

 In the meantime, Sesshomaru had slowly approached the hut in which he had heard the voices. It sounded like Jaken, possibly talking with an old man, and some weird suckling/squishy sounds that he couldn't identify.

 Upon entering the hut, he noticed the two humans and the feline in the corner, passed out from the poision, but in the center of the...










 Before either of them could notice his presence, Sesshomaru quickly withdrew the Tokijin and drove the sword downwards, impaling it through Mukotsu's neck, Kagome's stomach, and into Jaken's head. With a sudden shrill scream, Mukotsu dissolved first into bones, then nothing as Tokijin's demonic aura dissolved him. Jaken was the next to go, the little toad dying with nothing so much as a squeak, his body also being dissolved.

 That left one seriously fucked up priestess impaled on his sword. She had let out a cry when the sword impaled her, but was otherwise too far numb from the poision to notice her state of 'about to freaking die'. Her breathing increased even more, blood pooling around Tokijin before sliding down her stomach to the floor below. Sesshomaru noticed with his excellent smell and hearing that the woman wasn't at all aroused, and that her moans had been of pain, not of pleasure.

 He took pity on the priestess then, as he withdrew his sword to allow her to bleed out.

 'This poor woman has been poisioned, made into a bride, and...set upon by a toad demon and a graveyard midget pervert...something or another....and this was her first time.'

 Sesshomaru made a decision then, his hand tightening around his sword.

 'By Kami, I will put my plans for Supreme Conquest on hold, for just an hour. This Sesshomaru shall begin walking the path of Supreme Lover, and I will show this woman just what she was missing out on, and show the spirits of those two...idiots just how it is you make love to a human woman.'

 With his decision reached, Sesshomaru sheathed Tokijin and withdrew Tensiega.

 Kagome by this time had finally died, so Sesshomaru slew the servants from the underworld. He then quickly set about undressing, before picking up the woman's body and carrying her to the hotspring.

 Kagome's eyes fluttered open.

 'Where am I?'

 She looked around, seeing that she was in a hot spring.

 'Must have dozed off...why do my breasts hurt so much?'

 She gingerly looked down, only to notice that the rock she was sitting on wasn't a rock at all...


 "Eeeek!" Kagome yelled, before something clamped itself on her lips. Something wet and slippery invaded her mouth, and just as quickly as her brain started to speed up, it came to a grinding halt, before the machinerey within started to go on a meltdown faster than a coolant-deprived nuclear reactor.

 Sesshomaru smirked as she relaxed against him. His hand came around to start massing her sensitive nub. He knew that her breasts were most likely sore, he could see the hickeys and teeth/beek marks on them. He decided against potentially causing her unwanted pain.

 She moaned, before she started mewling and sighing into his mouth. He broke off the kiss before she suffocated, but settled for licking her sensitive neck now instead.

 The pressure of his fingers and licking finally became too much, and she reached her first release at the hands of a man, well, demon really.

 Wasting no time, Sesshomaru wrapped his hands around her waist, pushing her up into the air slightly, positioning her over Fluffykins, before he let loose a slightly growl, directed towards the two spirits floating nearby watching, before he said, "Twelve inches" with a smirk on his face.

 Kagome barely had time to register the voice before she was slammed down onto something hard that penetrated her, ripping through her hymen with such force that she screamed loud into the night. Sesshomaru continued licking her neck, and eventually she calmed down. He started thrusting up and into her, then down and out. Up, down, up, down, he built up a steady pace, and Kagome went from crying, to sighing, to moaning, to mewing, and finally to almost wailing in pleasure. She was rapidly approaching her second release, and Sesshomaru his finally.

 He snarled into her ear.

 "Who's your daddy?" he asked in a throaty voice.

 "Sessho...?" asked Kagome with haze in her eyes and her voice weak, the constant and highly pleasureable thumping she was recieving distracting her thoughts on just how or why it was Sesshomaru's voice.

 Then the ever tightening coil in her stomach released with sudden violence, and Kagome screamed again, "Sesshomaru!" loudly into the night air, as he snarled also with his own release. Their highs lasted for at least five minutes before they finally sank back into the water, her head leaning back against his chest as she settled, exhausted but content and happy, into the water.

 For his part, Sesshomaru smiled, a full blown smile that would have Jaken thinking 'Ooh shit, someone's about to lose their whole kingdom' kind of disastrous event, before thinking to himself.

 'Anddd that, midgets and toads, is how you pleasure a human woman.'

 The End


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