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The Dog Prince by Kat

Chapter 1

The Dog Prince

Chapter 1

Kagome was sitting at her fathers desk going thru some papers that needed her attation, when she heard a painful howl come from the forest. Running thorough the forest Kagome came upon a horrid sight. She found her guards had captured an immense dog and were terrorizing it.


Kagome ran in front of her guards and gave her back to the dog.

How dare you harm this animal? You are no better than Humans!” She screamed at them.

But my Lady he is a Demon and will surly Kill us if given the chance.”

Calmly and with a smile that would freeze ice, Kagome looked at the guard that just spook,

Goh and just what do you think you are? A god? We are all Demons here, you dumb ass. But right now I wish that you all were Humans so that I could Kill all of your for this injustice! Go back to the palace and get from my sight!”

Not wanting to piss off there Lady any more than they had, the guards all retreated into the night but not far for fear that the Beast might harm her.

Kagome turned to look at the dog and was sadden by what she saw. There were deep cuts along his sides and his snow white fur was now starting to turn red and brown form his blood mixing with the mud. Not wanting to frighten the animal she sat down near him and began to sing a song that she remembered from her Adopted Mother.

The Dog looked at her with wonderment in his golden eyes. “I have herd this song before but where? I must know more about this girl.” Slowly as not to frighten the girl he pushed her knee with his nose and whimpered.

Taking that as a sign that he would not harm her, she laid her hands upon the Dog and concentrated on her task. The dog stared at her as her hands began to glow a light blue and he felt warmth flow over his body like a river. Than it was gone, he looked back to see why it had stopped only to find her smiling at him.

You and I are very filthy there is a hot springs close how about a bath, the heat will help with any stiffness that you might have.”

Kagome stood and began to walk away knowing that the dog would follow but when he stood and began to walk towards her the guards jumped on him again fearing for there lady.

Oh for the love of Kami” she mumbled to herself.

Kagome turned to the guards, “Remove your hands from him.”

But My Lady we thought he was going to attack when you turned your back.”

Kagome heaved a great sigh and said,

I shall set your fears to rest if I must.”

Kagome reached up and with a claw she cut a lock of her hair off and held it in front of her, she than went to Goh and removed the Honor guard seal that he wore. Using just enough Miko magic, she wove her hair into a thin but strong band and interwove it through the links of the chain that held the seal. When she was done she placed a kiss on the seal so that it would glow blue, than placed it around the dogs’ neck.

There now you have nothing to fear from this dog. Now leave us we, wish to take a bath. Come Maru.”

With that she turned her back to them all and walked to the hot springs. When she arrived there she disrobed and slowly lowered herself into the hot water enjoying how it felt. When The Dog appeared he too, walk into the spring and sat down. He turned and looked at her and saw that her eyes were closed and was relaxed.

Why did you save me from your guards whose job is to protect you?”

Kagome looked up and Lavender met Gold.

You were injured and were not attacking just defending. You didn’t deserve to die for doing what comes naturally.”

This thing around my neck, does it make me your slave?”

Kagome gave him a smile, “No. It holds no power over you. It is a protection ward to keep you from harm.”

So you lied to your guards.”

Kagome looked just a little sheepish at that,

Yes I did and if Father ever found out I would be punished. Do you have a Name?”

I have no memories not even of my name. You called me Maru why?”

Maru means Pride and you hold yourself so proudly it just seem to fit. Would you prefer that I call you something else?”

No. I think I like Maru but I think that you should be getting back to your pack before they think I have eaten you.”

I would very much like it if you were to come with me to be my friend and live at the manor with me. I get do very lonely there from time to time.”

He looked into her sad eyes and knew that he was lost to her.

As you wish My Lady.”

As they walked back to the manor they talked about nothing and everything is was very nice that is until they came upon a clearing and Kagome stopped in her tracks and growled.

I smell blood.”

She and Maru began to run in the direction of the smell and stopped short when they saw a group of humans beating on a small girl and Fox kit. Enraged at the sight Kagome ran into the fray.

Leave now foul humans and I shall not feed you to my Maru!”

The humans just looked at her stunned until they herd a rumble behind them. Turning to see what made the noise they find a Demon Dog as tall as a small horse licking his chops in the thought of eating them. Terrified the humans ran off.

Kagome looked down at the two children, glad that they were still alive, but angry that they were hurt and bleeding. Gently she reaches out her hands to touch there little bodies and heals them much like she did Maru.

Maru might you be willing to carry the children back to the manor for me?”

If that is your wish Lady but tell me why you just saved a human child?”

She has the sent of a Miko and I can’t leave a child to die no matter what race it is besides she smells pleasant.”

With that the 4 of them made there way to the Manor. Upon arrival, however, a very angry Haruki stood at the gates waiting for her.

Oh please Haruki don’t be cross with me I was just doing what I thought was right. Besides the guards were being very mean to the animal and I couldn’t stand for it. Please forgive me.”

Haruki closed his eyes and shook his head. “I could never stay mad at you My Lady, but your Father has left you in my care and in just a few days It will be time for you to take up you responsibilities as Lady of the West until such a time as Lord Sesshomaru returns to clam you and his lands. So please don’t do anything to endanger your self again ok.”

Kagome lowered her head and said, “Yes Father.”

Haruki looked behind Kagome and saw for the first time the great beast and the two small burdens that it carried.

Airi, take the two children to Lady Kagome's old nursery and tend to them till the Lady can fetch them.”

Airi bowed and retreated with the children in her arms. Haruki looked at Kagome and raised a brow at her.

Kagome sighed, “Maru and I found them on our way back to the manor. They were being attacked by a group of humans. Please let me keep them I promise that I will care for them if they have no other family. Please Haruki?”

As you wish My Lady, I suppose that you’re going to want to keep the dog as well seeing as it wears the Honor guard seal.”

Yes and from now on Maru is going to be the only guard that I will require. I would not be happy if I were to see any one else following me that I didn’t ask for.”

Haruki shook his head but replied, “Very well My Lady, now its time for dinner so go and enjoy.”

Kagome bowed with respect to the only Father she has ever known and departed. Looking back over her shoulder she called out to her friend, “Are you coming Maru?”

Maru looked up at her surprise showing in his eyes and followed her in.


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