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Deep Blue by Aimee Blue

Chapter 1

So this is my attempt at some smutty goodness for r0o’s GM challenge! I’m not normally a smutty writer but this idea mugged me as I was walking down the street and refused to let me go. This is just PWP don't like? Don't read.


Sesshoumaru quirked a brow as he watched Kouga, his most rambunctious petty officer, hassle Kagome, decidedly the most beautiful petty officer aboard his ship.

He had been amused at first, back in the seventies when the American Navy had offered him the job. But it appeared they had been interested in having his superior strength and skill of battle on their side.

He had no qualms about leaving Japan behind; he had lived in England for two hundred years, the France for a hundred, China for another hundred and then Germany for fifty before he had returned home to Japan for the end of the god awful second war. The pettiness of humans never failed to disgust him.

One world war was enough, but two? It was farcical, unthinkable and yet they had managed it.

But, truly, he didn’t care. He rarely cared anymore, his old life had died in the Holy Wars against his kind and he had never held the same feelings for Japan after he had been ostracised by the Mikos and Monks of old.

America was not his favourite country. His favourite country was Antarctica, because it was quiet and cold and analogous to his own personality. But one could not live in cold solitude forever and expect to come out on the other side with their sanity.

Then again not many were the last of their species expecting to live indefinitely. Sanity was hard to achieve and yet apart from the occasional murderous thought, lack of emotion and generally frostiness, Sesshoumaru thought he was doing a pretty good job of appearing normal. Not just normal but also human.

But he was more than intrigued at this woman aboard his ship. She was half Japanese half American, her blue eyes resplendent in her classical Japanese face. She was slight and lithe, and one of the best on his ship.

But that wasn’t the reason he was watching her beat off the overly amorous advances of the thick-skulled Kouga. He was watching her because, aside from reminding him of the home he had once enjoyed, she was the rarest form of beauty. That form being the one that appealed to him.

She was not like the other women who swarmed around him, she was quiet but strong and independent and that appealed to him greatly. Yet she was a spitfire when enraged...

That was categorically tempting. He loved her anger, when her eyes blazed with their blue fire. Her anger inspired his lust; he would slowly strip her with his eyes, watching her whilst she fought with someone else on ship. He could only imagine what she would look like naked; he caught himself wondering often whether her nipples would be dusky red or blushing pink and often flicked a figurative tongue over them.

But he bet she’d be delicious.

The temptation she presented was becoming harder to ignore. On a tin can in the middle of the ocean with goodness knows how many humans, she was his only reprieve. Her scent was both soothing and arousing and he often found him seeking her out just to pass her in a corridor and take a long drag of her scent like a chain-smoker after a week without a cigarette.

She was intoxicating.

The uniform that was compulsory should have perhaps stopped his imaginings, but the shapeless uniform only seemed to encourage his eyes to strip her slowly. It did nothing to detract from her startling beauty. From her hand span waist high pert breasts and long slim legs. He wondered if she was aware of his arousal, every now and then he would catch her blushing wide eyed and staring at him. It was then he had to hide a cruel smirk, she was so ripe and begging to be his.

At first her air of innocence had made him back off slightly. He was not looking to corrupt a sweet innocent little virgin, but after her alleged relationship with Kouga he realised that she really was just perpetually innocent. No matter what she did her huge blue eyes projected an air of soft vulnerability about her, the sort of purity that made him want her even more.

He watched her now, laying into her ex-boyfriend from home and grinned. She was rapidly becoming pissed, he could tell by the rigid line of her back, and he watched as she stormed away from the obstinate petty officer, a tendril of hair escaping her immaculate French plait. It whispered across the curve of her neck, taunting Sesshoumaru.

The petty officer, too dumb to realise she had reached the end of her tether abruptly ran up to her and grabbed her by the elbow.

Frank words were exchanged and by this time Sesshoumaru was making his way down towards them; he was responsible for any trouble on his ship.

He was only five or so metres away when Kagome pulled back a fist and let fly. The unfortunate petty officer was punched squarely in the jaw and fell to sprawl across the floor.

“Jerk!” she yelled stomping her foot for emphasis.

Sesshoumaru smirked; this was just too good of an opportunity to pass up.


She flinched and turned slowly to face him. “Sir.”

He paused to flick a scathing glance in Kouga’s direction. “Ito, get yourself cleaned up!”

Kouga jumped to his feet and scampered away in fear of his commanding officer.

“Higurashi, with me.”

“Sir” she all but whispered. She was so dead. Sesshoumaru was well known as the demon commander upon ship and she knew he was going to demolish her by the end of this. It hadn’t even been her fault! If only Kouga had just given up and let her go!

She’d been trying so hard to get into his good books too. It was nearly an impossible feet, getting on Sesshoumaru’s good side, but she had sought to achieve it purely so that he would actually look at her once in a while. Recently she had thought maybe she had achieved something, after all he was definitely looking at her. But the looks were more disconcerting than anything else the looks like he could see through her uniform and to the skin beneath. The looks that had her hot and flushed, aroused and imagining things that she probably shouldn’t be thinking about.

Her mind was teased and taunted by his overwhelming presence. He commanded a room just by entering it and more and more of her late night fantasies were featuring him nowadays.

She looked down in embarrassment at thinking such thoughts when she was in so much trouble. But that merely lowered her gaze to his perfect ass and she bit her lip and closed her eyes. This was not good.

Sesshoumaru smirked, he could smell her arousal emanating from her in heady waves that made him want to just push her down and take her where they stood. Patience. Soon.

He led her to the in-port cabin and stopped so suddenly that she walked into his muscled back and bounced off with a startled little cry.

He turned to face her and smirked at her confused expression as she examined her surroundings. Taking advantage of her bewilderment he reached behind her and locked the door.

Her eyes settled on the bed and she wondered if she hadn’t stumbled into one of her fantasies.

His smirk grew as her noticed the direction of her gaze and he reached down, cupped her chin and turned her face up abruptly to his before he laid claim to her succulent lips with his own. His lips overpowered her soft ones almost cruelly, his teeth raking over them like he would devour her. Heat pooled in her lower belly and her hands came up to grasp at his collar, securing him to her as his hands claimed her hips and harshly crushed her body against his.

She could feel her heart trying to fight its way out of her ribcage and her palms were sweating. She knew this was wrong, damn she knew it was wrong; he was her commanding officer! But it felt oh so right and in that moment she wanted him so much she could happily damn the consequences.

When he felt her yield completely to his kiss he pulled back abruptly. Manoeuvring her so she was around two metres in front of the bed he descended to lay back on it and watch the panting, lust filled burning woman stood at the front of his bed.

She was magnificent.

She blinked a few times as her sense returned and turned to look at him with huge eyes full of confusion, embarrassment but also lust.

“Sir?” her voice was hoarse from her passion and she blushed at the wanton sounding tone to it.

“You do realise that you could be court marshalled for hitting Ito, don’t you Higurashi Kagome?”

She nodded dumbly and wondered what in the hell he had up his sleeves.

“Then you will be pleased to note that I have an alternative means of punishment.” His golden eyes shifted darker with his lust.

She shivered at the promise in his words and bit her lips and her nipples betrayed her and hardened unbearably.

“Sir.” She whispered softly her hands clenching into fists at her sides as she fought the urge to rub her thighs together to alleviate the ache between her legs.

“Take off your shirt.” He ordered softly

She blinked, her eyes going wide. She’d misheard him right? There was no way in hell he was expecting her to strip for him right?

He smirked languidly and leant back on his elbows on the bed, watching her with hungry eyes.

“Sir?” she stuttered blushing hugely.

“Take it off” he enunciated clearly and looked at her with hot expecting eyes that made her want to run from the room. Except he’d locked the door... and to be honest her desire was making motor functions pretty damn hard. She wanted him but he scared her and she wasn’t sure she could strip for him whilst he just lay there watching her.

“I—” she stopped closed her eyes tightly bit her lip.

“Kagome, do it.” He said in an incredibly compelling tone.

She bit down on the inside of her cheek to ward off the moan that wanted to escape. Her name sounded so damn sexy coming from him, in that husky baritone it made her imagine him growling out her name in the throes of passion.

She shook her head vehemently. Her heart was pounding so hard it hurt and a light sheen of lust induced sweat prickled across her body.

“Or I’ll do it for you.” He growled out harshly.

Her eyes snapped open and she met his smouldering golden gaze. Gulping, her hand, against her own will, reached up and brushed against the first button of her shirt she bit her lip and halted. She couldn’t do this, really she couldn’t.


Her name from his lips was all she needed to make the button slip from its hole; her fingers fumbling so much she was amazed she had managed to do it.

She worked her way down the buttons that lined her shirt under his watchful, heated, oh so invigorating gaze until her shirt hung open, revealing the white vest top she wore beneath.

He gritted his teeth in annoyance at this obstruction of his view.

“Let the shirt fall, Kagome.”

His words had the desired effect and, almost as if she couldn’t resist it any more, she shrugged her shoulders and allowed the shirt to fall to the floor.

He was left with a decision then, vest-top or trousers? Deciding he wanted to peruse the length of those legs that had taunted him for so long her ordered gutturally. “Trousers next, Kagome”

Slowly, her fingers fumbling so much she could hardly grip the button, she worked it free. This heated prolonged torture was working her up so much that it felt like her nerve endings had moved closer to the surface of her skin. She could feel every caress of his hungry eyes and longed for him to just end her torment and do something.

But it was also infinitely embarrassing to have him watch her do something like this. With Kouga he had barely waited to strip her before he stuck it inside and three thrusts later he was finished and she was left wondering what the hype about sex really was. But Sesshoumaru, her captain who she probably shouldn’t be doing such things with, had managed to arouse her so much she was nearly melting and he’d only kissed her, now he wasn’t even touching her and she felt more aroused than she ever remembered being.

Her fingers found her zip and she pulled it down the zipping noise serving to further embarrass her. She closed her eyes and peeled the trousers off along with her boots until she stood in her underwear and vest-top before a fully clothed Sesshoumaru who was lying back against his bed.

Her legs were as long lean and delicate as he had imagined them, the smooth pale skin calling out to him, how he wanted to sink his teeth into those ivory thighs.

She refused to be cowed; she was not so weak as to be reduced to a puddle just by stripping for him. She tossed her hair and met his gaze defiantly.

He smirked as his prize taunted him. Soon she would defy him no more.

“The vest now Kagome.” His voice had dropped an octave lower with suppressed desire and, almost against her will; she glanced down at his crotch through the material of his trousers and caught sight of the bulge there. It was nice to know she wasn’t the only one feeling something. Though she knew he probably wasn’t as embarrassed as she was.

She couldn’t tell exactly but she thought that he was a lot bigger than Kouga. That thought made her gulp and blush, losing her courage she didn’t move.

Sesshoumaru growled at her disobedience. “The vest, Kagome, now!”

“I can’t” she whispered softly biting down on her bottom lip.

“Okay” he acknowledged “then take off your bra from under the vest.”

Surprised at his sudden leniency she did what he asked without preamble. He smirked as his gaze flickered across the pebbled nipples pressing against the material of the vest, free from their padded confines.

The bra joined her shirt and trousers on the floor.

He smiled and patted the bed.”Come here Kagome.”

Steeling herself, she stepped forward and crossed the gap to sit next to him on the bed. Her eyes were half glazed and her heart was beating erratically in her chest. He watched her newly freed breasts jiggle with the movement and licked his lips.

She sat next to him and he was careful not to touch her just yet, instead he reached for her and carefully untied her hair from its French plat, running his fingers through it as he stared into her sapphire eyes.

She titled her head to the side, exposing her neck to his hungry eyes as he scraped his nails across her scalp. She moaned softly in pleasure and he leant forward to nibble on her pouty bottom lip that she seemed fond of biting when she was nervous.

She moaned softly and he calmly stroked the length of her arm before he held her hand in his and used it to rub his erection through the material covering it.

She gasped, some of her sense returning to her, she tried to pull away, her fingers balling up into a fist. But he would not let her and he kept her hand pressed against his throbbing erection.

“This is what happens when you taunt a man, Kagome,” he whispered into her ear. She tried to protest that she had never taunted him but he startled her by lifting her up abruptly and sitting her so she was straddling his erection.

She groaned as his clothed dick rubbed her against the soaked material of her underwear and he smiled as he kissed a path down along her chin along her neck to the tops of her breasts that he could lavish over the cloth of her vest.

He bucked his hips up against hers and she stroked his hair back from his face in a gesture that was oddly tender as she moaned above him.

His lips latched onto one of her hardened nipples and he smirked as she moaned and pressed into his lips. He rolled them abruptly so that he was lying atop her, elevated by her elbows and still with his lips wrapped around her nipple.

She groaned and attempted to alleviate him of his shirt so she could actually touch his skin. He growled slightly and pulled away her questing hands.

“Who said you could touch?”

She moaned in disappointment as he released her nipple to talk and shrieked in shock as he hefted her hands and, quicker than she had imagined possible, tied them above her head with his belt.

She struggled futilely against the leather and glared at him as she realised he had tied her properly so she couldn’t free herself.

He smirked and tore her poor vest from her chest, exposing her heaving chest to his hungry gaze.

“Dusky red,” he murmured before his lips once again closed around her left nipple and began to play with it with his lips and teeth as his hands engaged themselves with moulding her bottom into his hands. She groaned and bucked up against him, her covered core aching for some kind of relief.

He worked his lips across her body, allowing his previous inclination to bite her thighs to come true he growled in satisfaction as she groaned above him.

Over the material of her underwear he began to rub her. Her covered folds were soaking through the material and she rubbed against him, trying to achieve more friction and to get the release his attentions promised. Just as she was on the crux of a mind numbing release he pulled away and stood.

She cried out in frustration and opened bleary, lust filled eyes to find him divesting himself of his clothes to return to her, naked and glorious and kneel over her.

“Impatient, aren’t we?” he taunted.

She whimpered against him as he disappeared and moved down to her soaked underwear. He quickly tore them away from her and let him tongue drift over her, collecting her nectar and savouring her breathless moan of pleasure.

“Very impatient,” he muttered as he thrust two fingers up into her hungry snatch and started to gently bite on her clit. This time he didn’t deny her release, this time he helped elongate it and watched her face as her tight passage quivered in rapture.

When she finally opened her eyes again she was gazing into Sesshoumaru’s smouldering eyes. He swiftly captured her lips in a kiss as he ever so slowly slid into her still twitching pussy.

She groaned as he sunk all the way into her. She had been right, he was so much bigger than Kouga had been, he filled the empty feeling beautifully and she groaned as he began to move inside her.

She was pleasantly surprised when he didn’t finish in three like Kouga had and groaned as his thrusts increased in tempo and power.

Sesshoumaru was in his own personal nirvana, the feel of her hot tight pussy around his flesh was nearly enough to release his beast. He couldn’t see that going down too well considering she didn’t know about demons. But she was just so scorching hot.

He growled as he continued to pound into her his mind enveloped in a lust induced red haze as Kagome squirmed and moaned beneath him.

Then he stopped, his twitching erection still within her, and she whimpered at the unfairness of it.

“Beg me to fuck you,” he growled out into her ear, his teeth nibbling on the lobe. He slid out deliberately slowly and just as slowly pushed back in. “Beg me.”

She was thrashing on the sheets, trying unsuccessfully to buck against him and to get him to move again.

“Beg.” His order was accompanied by another, very slow, thrust that made her eyes roll back into her head.

“Please,” she whimpered, her hands trying to find a way out of the belt that bound them.

“Louder.” He accompanied this order with another drawn out thrust and bit down on her right nipple.

“Ngh!” She bucked against him. “Please just fuck me!”

Grinning lustily he complied and began to thrust into her with renewed fervour, his brutal thrust bringing them to brutal climaxes. His fangs clamped down onto the juncture between neck and shoulder and Kagome shuddered into another climax.

Sesshoumaru saw white as his orgasm hit and slumped down beside her.

Kagome groaned as he slipped out of her and began to lick the bite mark he had inflicted on her neck.

She was having problems keeping her eyes open, she was so damn exhausted.

“Sleep, Kagome, I will be here when you wake up.” He watched as she sighed and allowed herself to fall into a deep slumber. She’d worry about the repercussions tomorrow.

Her eyes fluttered shut and Sesshoumaru pulled her into his side and kept her close as he prepared to sleep.

Yes, he would be there in the morning and she would not be leaving.

He had decided.

A/N: Hope you liked it! I’m not a smut writer but this forced me to write it! I don’t own Inuyasha.


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