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Its Only Kinky The First Time by Madison

Part 1

A/N: BAH! This is for r0o GM Challenge. I'm supposed to be working on assignment, but I thought, hm write a sex scene, or write a boring paper? I don’t usually write just lemons so it might be bad… oh well! It was fun writing it! ENJOY!

Its Only Kinky The First Time

Part 1 of 4

One down, twenty to go.

Kagome sighed heavily as she put down her empty glass on the counter, her body as stiff as when she entered. She knew she would require many more shots if she wanted to even begin to forget about her nervousness. Although by now, she should have been comfortable with this situation… She raised her hand, gesturing for the bartender to bring her another one, which he did. She nodded her head, thanking him. Stupid bar, stupid liquor, stupid men. And she meant every men.

He wasn’t there again.

But, it wasn’t like they had an appointment or anything.

Or, it wasn’t like he knew she existed or anything.

She felt like smacking herself in the face, as her self-pity grew beyond sad. How pitiful was it for a grown woman to come to the same bar, every day, just to catch a glimpse of a drop dead gorgeous man? She was acting like a virgin teenage girl, ruled by her hormones. Well, the virgin part was right on, but still. Plus, it wasn’t her fault really… if he didn’t look so damn good, she wouldn’t be this pathetic! She could still remember the first time she saw him…

This was just her freaking luck.

She had bought this car a few weeks away, and there was no reason for it to break down on her for no particular reason. And now, on top of that, she had found her self stranded in an unknown neighborhood, without a cellphone; it seemed the phone had hopped out of her purse this morning before she left.

The street was mostly filled with apartment and business building, with the exception of a little bar. Kagome figured her best shot was to go inside, and try to borrow their phone. When she entered the bar, she couldn’t help but blink a few times as she looked at the clientele of the establishment. There were a lot of men, all dressed up classy, with expensive suits, and there were very few women, but they were all as over dressed.

Feeling slightly shy, Kagome walked through the crowd, trying to make herself as invisible as possible. Once she finally reached the bar, she sighed in relief. “Excuse me?” she politely asked to the bartender who was pouring a drink.

The bartender slightly turned around, and glared at her, his eyes filled with hatred. Kagome was slightly taken back by his unusual reaction, and backed away from the counter. She couldn’t figure out why he was so angry, and quickly, she frowned. What a jerk. She pressed her naked back against the counter, closing her eyes.

“I just wanted to use the phone, you rude prick,” she muttered under her breath.

All of the sudden, she felt as if there was a presence in front of her, and Kagome slowly opened her eyes, only to find herself staring at a black cellphone. She blinked a few times, before focusing her gaze on the owner of the phone. He was a tall man, with long silver locks, and a drop dead gorgeous face. He was staring at her, and the intensity in his amber eyes was creating puddles of warmth in her lower stomach, leaving her speechless.

After a few instants, which seemed like forever to her, she finally managed to move her hand, and grab the phone he was handing her. “Thank you,” she replied, her voice almost a whisper.

A small smirk appeared on his face, as he watched her blush in embarrassment. He moved to the side, so he was now leaning on her counter as she started to compose a phone number. Kagome had almost called Inuyasha, but when she had noticed the time, she knew he would have given her hell, so she had chose to call Sango instead.

As Kagome started to explain her situation to her friend, he could not take his eyes off of her. After a few minutes of explanation, Kagome sighed in relief when her friend told her she would be there right away.

Putting on her best smile, Kagome closed the phone, and handed it back to the mysterious man. “Thank you,” she said, obviously nervous.

She had never been good with men, and it was worse when it was a complete stranger. She could tell from looking at him that he wasn’t one to have problem with women, and she felt herself blush even more. She really was making a fool out of herself.

“I should really go,” she blubbered out before walking away from him.

Kagome still felt like an idiot for acting the way she had. When it came to men, it felt as if she forgot how to act, or talk, which had brought her many trouble in the past. But, there was something different about this one; she hadn’t been able to forget about him. It had been three weeks since their encounter, and the memory of his face was still very present in her mind.

Every day since then, she had come in the bar, stayed for a few hours, and waited for him to show up. Of course, with her natural luck, he had never came again, leaving her to look like a lonely woman. She stared at the glass in front of her, and shrugged her shoulders before downing it. Every time, she would drink until it was time to leave, because if he showed up while she was sober, she would literally run out of the bar.

There was nothing wrong with some alcoholic courage right? She winced as the bitter taste of the vodka reached her throat, as she put down the glass. Once again, she made her usual gesturing, and the bartender brought her another drink. At least he wasn’t ignoring her anymore; maybe she had caught him on a bad night?

After all, it must be hard to always listen to people’s problems all day long, and that day, it had been too much for him.

“Will it be the usual Mr. Taisho?”


Absently, Kagome raised her head, and turned it slightly to see who had just taken a seat beside her. As soon as she caught a glimpse of his silver hair, she turned away, her cheeks red.

He was there. He was sitting right beside her.

Quickly her nervousness managed to get the best out of her, and she was breathing sharply. Although, there was no reason for her to be that stress; he probably didn’t remember her. Curious, she stole a glance at him, only to find him staring right back at her.

Her eyes widen, and she offered him a weak smile. “Hi.” When he remained silent, she started to feel uncomfortable, and before she could stop herself from talking, words escaped her mouth. “You probably don’t remember me, I came h-“

“I remember you,” he said before looking away, and picking up his drink.

The neutral tone of his voice left her to wonder if it was a good thing or a bad thing. Although, he did remember her and it was a lot more than she had hoped for. Now, she had to figure out something to say, or she would look like a fool again.

“I’m Kagome.”

She nervously looked back and forth between her drink and him; he hadn’t asked for her name, so maybe he didn’t care? Maybe she was forcing herself on him. Quickly, Kagome took a deep breath, trying to gain her control back; she was a young, attractive woman, she had no reason to stress herself in such manners.


Kagome felt like rolling her eyes; either he didn’t enjoy her company, or he was not much of a talker. She was about to look away when he answered. “Sesshomaru.”

She couldn’t help the tiny smile that appeared on her lips as he answered. She couldn’t help but wonder how desperate he would think she was if he knew she had come to the bar every night. Stalker much? Kagome began to play with her glass as another silence installed itself between them.

Usually, she could not keep her mouth shut, but she didn’t want to say anything out of place, or anything to offend him. After all, she didn’t know anything about this man! It wasn’t a regular thing for her to just force a meeting between her and a stranger, but she couldn’t help herself. Kagome dared to turn her head and stare at him, trying to be subtle.

Sesshomaru was not even looking at her, but instead staring straight ahead, as if she wasn’t even sitting beside him. Kagome was unsure what to do, and decided it was time to powder her nose. She grabbed her purse, and stood up from the stool, ready to walk in direction of the washroom when she felt something stop her. Kagome looked down at her arm, only to see a claw hand holding it.

Her mouth open slightly,  her gaze moved up to Sesshomaru’s face, almost as if she was looking for an answer.

His face was neutral, as he started right back into her grey eyes. For a second, time seemed to stop as she slowly lost of herself in his amber eyes. Then, before she could realize what was going on, she felt him pull on her arm, dragging her out of the bar. Words would not even form in her brain, as she felt the cool breeze hit her bare shoulders, causing her to slightly shiver.

Right in front of the bar there was a limousine parked, and an older man opened the door for them. Sesshomaru slid her inside before entering, sitting right beside her. Kagome was about to open her mouth, wanting to ask what was happening, but before she could, he crashed his warm lips against her, shutting her up.

She felt herself melting inside as he gently nibbled on her bottom lips, while his hands snaked their way to her waist, wrapping his arms around her. His tongue was slightly poking out, barely licking her lip, and her tiny hands were pressed against his chest, as she seemed unsure what to do with them. It was obvious he knew what he was doing, but the same couldn’t be said about her.

Kagome only had one boyfriend in the past, and Kouga had been too clingy for her, and it hadn’t last very long. Since then, she had been single; it wasn’t like she had renounced men, but nobody caught her eye before.

Sesshomaru slowly slide his hands under her shirt softly caressing the skin of her stomach. He was pretty sure that by now she could feel his erection pressed against her, but it matter very little; after all, she had followed him to the car, and so far, he hadn't heard her protest against his actions. He decided to press himself harder against her, earning a gasp from her.

Her cheeks were decorated with a nice pink blush, as he finally pulled away from her mouth, giving her a chance to catch her breath. Sesshomaru didn't waste any time as he lifted her up slightly, so he could press his mouth against the warm, creamy skin of her flat stomach. Kagome closed her eyes, and threw her head back slightly as he licked around her navel, sending chills of pleasure through her body.

She could feel her arousal growing as a puddle of warmth formed at the bottom of her stomach, her body heated from his actions. Since he was a youkai, Kagome knew he could smell her arousal, and it caused her to feel even more embarrassed. Of course Sesshomaru had caught the scent, but it only made his desire for her grow in size; he needed to have her, she was his to take.

With his hands, he lifted her shirt even more, revealing a white lace bra, and he growled softly. The way she was breathing, her lips slightly parted, and her white virginal undergarment was enough to drive him wild with desire, and he found himself wondering if she had matching underwear. He would make sure to find out soon enough.

Immediately, his hands found their way to the clasp of her bra, and he started to undo it slowly, waiting for any signs from her. Kagome's heart was beating like a drum inside her chest, and her mind was clouded with desire; it wasn't as if she was an easy girl, or she went with the first guy who took her, after all she was a virgin.

But, him... she found herself unable to stop his movements, and even if she wanted to say no, the words probably wouldn't have escaped her throat. She wanted him, her body was wet and ready for him, and she wouldn't stop things from going where they were heading. It would probably be a one nightstand, and she would not see him ever again after this, but it mattered very little at the moment, and for once, she would grab her chance, and have no regrets at all.

Thus, she patiently waited, no making a protest, or a sound, as he gently took off her bra, revealing her perky breasts. Once again, the blush on her face increased; this was her first time being so naked in front of a man, after all. Sesshomaru's eyes were wide opened, as he carefully approach his mouth from her breast, before capturing her hard nipple in between his teeth, slightly nibbling on it.

Instantly, a small moan escaped Kagome's mouth, and her eyes were closed again.

Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around her, bringing her body closer, before beginning to suck her nipple, twisting his tongue around it, which was enough to drive Kagome wild, as she arched her back slightly, desperate to feel more. Sesshomaru smirked under her skin, pleased with her reaction.

He removed one of his hands from around her, and began to gently caress her other breast, playing with her nipple, before pressing himself against her heated core once more. Kagome moaned his name, as he sucked harder, while running his claws down her back. Kagome held on to his shirt tightly, causing the first buttons to become undone, and reveal his perfectly sculpture chest.

She bit down hard on her bottom lip, before daring to slide her fingertips on his exposed warm skin. Sesshomaru groaned at the contact of her nails, and pulled away from her breast, causing Kagome to whimper as she missed the sensation of his mouth. He sat up straight before pulling his shirt open, ripping all of the buttons out at the same time.

As his chest was displayed, Kagome felt as if her breath was caught in her throat; could he be anymore perfect? She pushed herself up, so that her back was resting on one of the door, waiting for him to come closer, her pink pouting lips slightly parted.

Slowly, he went back down, until his chest was facing her face, and carefully Kagome put both of her hands on his naked chest, sliding them down, feeling every muscle under her touch. Her breathing was faster, as she stopped her hands once she reached the buckle of his belt. Slowly she looked up, her grey eyes staring right into his amber eyes, and he could feel the lust coming from her body, but also her uncertainty.

Sesshomaru knew she hadn't done this before, but it hadn't seemed to stop her so far, and he wouldn't let her shyness stop her now. He put his much larger hands on hers, and moved them slightly guiding her movements, while Kagome watched his every actions intensively, biting the inside of her cheek. He helped her undo his whole belt, but he stopped before reaching the zipper; he wanted to know if she would do it.

Kagome's eyes widen as she felt him cease his movements, and she knew what he was expecting of her. Kagome took a deep breath before slowly unzipping his pants, causing them to hang loosely around his hips, letting his black silk boxer poke out. Smirking, Sesshomaru put his arms around her waist, and lifted her up, so she was also standing on her knees on the limousine's seat. He slid his thumbs inside her black pants, clearly showing his intention of removing them, but all Kagome did, was buried her heated face in his chest, trying to hide away her embarrassment.

At that moment, he removed his hands from her pants, and instead, pulled her face away by lifting her chin, holding it between his thumb and index. He slowly bent down before kissing the top of her nose, trying to re-assure her, and then Kagome gave him a tiny smile before a nervous chuckle escaped her lips.

Since she didn't hide her face again, Sesshomaru resumed his actions, and his fingers quickly found their way to the button of her pants, and he undid them, watching her straight in the eyes the whole time. Kagome wasn't even aware she was holding in her breath until, she felt the cool air hit her ass once he started to pull down her pants.

She raised her hands, and held on to his shoulders, as he completely pulled away her pants, before carelessly throwing them on the floor of the limousine. Sesshomaru was extremely pleased to find out that her underwear did match, and he growled in satisfaction. Kagome could feel his chest vibrated against hers, and she had to admit she enjoyed the feeling.

Slowly, Sesshomaru slid her, so she was now laying on her back against the leather of the seat, only in white lace underwear, creating a perfect fantasy for Sesshomaru's dirty mind; an aroused virgin all in white, just waiting for him to take her.

To her surprise he grabbed both of her ankles with his hands, and rested her delicate feet on his broad shoulders. Once he began to descend, Kagome started to understand where this was going, and a slight panic overcame her, as she became afraid. Sesshomaru had been able to smell the change in her scent, but he quickly pushed it aside, since he had been expecting it.

He wasn't one to go down on a female, but this little one was special, and he intended on making this a memorable experience for her. Carefully, he inserted his claws in the hem of her underwear, before slowly ripping it, and he could hear the silent gasp escaping her lips as he ruined her expensive underwear, but he knew she'd get over it in a few seconds.

He ran his claws through her dark curls, causing a little blush to appear across her cheeks, which he found absolutely adorable. Then, with his other hand, he made his way to her sensitive nub, and began to slightly rub, earning a speechless exhale from her. He smirked in satisfaction before, removing his finger, and dragging across her wet folds, making her moan softly.

Kagome was already drenched, and he hadn't done anything to her yet; a nice positive side to virgins was that they were so easily excitable.

Without giving her any warning, he brought his mouth to her core, and gently inserted his tongue inside, tasting her juices. Immediately, Kagome arched her back, as she moaned his name loudly, as an unknown and very pleasure sensation ran through her body. Sesshomaru slowly twisted his tongue inside her dripping cunt, overwhelming Kagome with a sense of warmth, as she threw her head back, her eyes wide opened.

She had heard her friends talk about it, and she had read some stuff but she never thought it could feel this good. His actions were causing her to feel as if she was numb in her lower body, her legs totally locked in their positions. Unconsciously, she started to rock her hips, trying to increase the sensation, but Sesshomaru didn't miss the motion.

He removed his tongue, creating a whimper from Kagome who missed the sensation, and he quickly inserted a digit inside her awaiting cunt, causing Kagome to groan at the intensified feeling. He was extremely pleased when she began to follow his rhythm, but he desired to make the feeling even more intense for her, and began to lick her clit.

The surprise caused Kagome to lift her upper body, completely breathless. She had masturbated a few times, but gosh it never, ever felt like this before. Kagome bit down hard on her bottom lip, nearly drawing blood, as she tried to hold back a couple of moans; this youkai was about to driver her crazy.

Sesshomaru wanted to bring her release, so he inserted another digit inside her drenched pussy, and started pumping in and out a lot faster, causing screams of pleasure to come out of her. "Come for me," he demanded, his voice extremely husky.

At that moment, he could have asked her anything, and Kagome would have gladly agreed. Her mind felt like it was being broken apart, and everything was surrounded by a mist of lust, making it impossible for her to think straight, so she simply nodded her head as an answer, not quite understand his words.

The only thing that she was absolutely sure of was that she needed this youkai. The tip of claws were gently poking at a very sensitive spot which she was unaware of, and she could feel herself clenching around his fingers, her passage even tighter than it original was. Sesshomaru began sucking on her sensitive nub, sensing she was close, and once again, picked up some speed.

Suddenly, Kagome wrapped her legs extremely tight around his neck, bringing his face closer to her core, as she breathed in and out very loudly, finding herself unable to hold back any longer. She clenched around his fingers one last time, before abandoning herself to her pleasure, and drowning his fingers and hand with her juices as she came.

Sesshomaru withdrew his fingers as fast as he could before plunging his tongue inside of her, and covering her cunt with his mouth, sucking in, and licking every drop she had to offer him. After a few seconds, he pulled away from her, slowly licking his lips, the taste of her still very present.

As Kagome watched him, the blush came back, as she began to feel very embarrassed about what she had just done, even though it was extremely natural. Instantly, Sesshomaru rushed to press his lips against hers, and as he inserted his tongue in her mouth, and she could taste herself. Now that her core was pressed against his pants, wetting them, he decided he was still wearing too much clothes.

Smoothly he took off his pants, throwing them away with hers, leaving him in his silk black boxers, which hugged perfectly his hard erection. As much as she wanted to, Kagome found herself unable to detach her eyes away from his appendage; was it suppose to be this big? It looked enormous when it was covered up, and she didn't even want to picture it out of the boxers.

Sesshomaru was of course very well aware that he was quite impressive, but the look in her eyes still filled him with male pride, and he hoped she wasn't thinking about how much it would hurt later on. Since she seemed frozen in place, he decided to be a little forward, so he moved from his initial position, that he was now sitting, facing away from her, and he then grabbed her hand before resting it on the hem of his boxers, waiting for her to make a move.

Right away she knew what he was expecting from her, and she found herself extremely nervous. Kagome had never seen or touched a man's penis before, and she had no idea what she was supposed to do, or if she would do it right. But, he had done it for her, so it was only fair that she returned the favor right?

She could hear her heart beat in her head, as she got up, and carefully changed positions until her knees were against the floor of the limousine, her tiny hands still on the hem of his boxers. She slowly pulled down, as she repeatedly licked her bottom lip, finally freeing his painful erection.

Soon enough, his expensive underwear were hanging around his ankles, as Kagome found herself staring at his cock, her mouth slightly opened; there was no way this thing would fit... anywhere. She gulped loudly, before wrapping her hand around it, or at least tried to, and she gently began to stroke it, while trying to avoid being clumsy.

Sesshomaru's eyes were focused on her every movements as he watched her shyly move her hand around his dick. Kagome took a deep breathe before deciding to have a little courage, and gradually approached his cock from her mouth, before finally wrapping her pink lips around the head of his cock.

At first, she was simply surprised that she was able to fit even a part of him inside of her mouth, although it was opened very wide. Kagome did her best to slide it in and out of her mouth at a decent speed, but it required much effort from her poor jaw. Still, she forced his dick as deep as possible inside her mouth, almost causing it to hit the back of her throat.

Sesshomaru growled deeply before putting his hands on the side of her head, keeping most of his cock in her warm mouth, and holding her so she couldn't move. Kagome was actually more than relieved that he was taking over, since she didn't know what to do, and she did not feel panic in any way.

Slowly, he began to move her head back and forth, still keeping himself nearly entirely in her mouth, enjoying the feel of her tongue pressed against his length. At first he had no attention of doing this until he reached his release, but now that she had started, he knew he didn't wish for to stop until he reach his completion. Plus, it didn't seem as if she had a problem with his actions, thus he deducted he had no reason to stop, unless she desired so, then he would obey.

Sesshomaru had no intention of doing anything against her will, after all this was meant to be pleasurable for her too.

As Sesshomaru kept moving her head, she decided to try, and began to suck on his length, trying to increase his sensation, even though she didn't know what she was doing. Then, she tried moving her tongue as much as she could, rubbing it against his painfully hard erection. Her little actions were causing his pleasure to increase, and without realizing, he pushed his dick even further in her mouth, causing Kagome to slightly gag against the tip of his cock.

Immediately, he withdrew it slightly, giving her some room, causing her to be able to resume the movement of her tongue. Sesshomaru threw his head slightly back, as his dick slide in and out of her moist mouth even faster. It was Kagome’s first time doing this, but she still hope she would be able to please him enough for him to reach his climax.

To her surprise, he moved his hand to the back of her head, before he began to push his cock in, while holding her head in place, more than half of his dick fitting in her mouth. As he held her head in place, he began to move his own cock in and out of her mouth, looking down in her grey eyes, as she stared right back at him, a slight blush decorating her cheeks.

Then, as he increased the speed, he shut his eyes, feeling his pleasure increasing. After a few more strokes, and her perfect lips wrapped around his cock, he could feel it coming, and he growled deeply, as he gave one last deep push before hitting the back of her throat with his seed, giving Kagome no other choice but to swallow.

She felt herself slightly chocking as she swallowed most of it, while the incredible load, kept filling her mouth. Slowly, he removed his length from her mouth, giving her a chance to gulp down the rest. As he watched, breathless, a drip going down her chin, he felt his beast demanding that he take this female, and he couldn’t agree more.

Before Kagome could recover from her unexpectedly swallowing his semen, she felt herself being pushed, causing her back to hit the floor. Against her drenched core was pressed his wet length, and a burst of lust took over her body. This was it, there was no turning back now, it was too late, and they both knew it.

Kagome felt him position himself at her entrance, and she held in her breath, knowing it was about to hurt. Slowly Sesshomaru entered her dripping pussy, controlling himself since this was her first time. He didn’t usually have one-night stands with virgins, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to walk away from her unless he tasted her.

Then he felt it, her hymen, the proof of her innocence, and he found himself stopping. Slowly he bent down, covering her body with his, before placing a hand on her hair, caressing it.

“It will hurt,” he warned her, before holding her tightly as he broke through.

A whimper of pain escaped Kagome, as she buried her face in the crook of his neck, tears stinging her eyes. Once he was fully in, Sesshomaru stopped moving so he could give her time to adjust to this. He knew it was making it much harder on her that he was larger than the average, but she would be thankful later.

Sesshomaru’s eyes were tightly shut, as he tried to keep himself in check, which was extremely difficult. She was extremely tight, and even though she experienced pain, it didn’t affect her wetness, and he wanted nothing more but to experience her moistness. After what seemed like an eternity to him, Kagome pulled away from his chest, her eyes slightly red.

She could feel still a little pain, but she blamed it on the fact that he was so big, but she felt fine enough for him to resume. He looked at her straight in the eyes, and Kagome nodded, letting him know it was all right. Sesshomaru felt relieved as he began to move inside of her, her tightness sucking in his cock.

She was holding on his shoulders tightly as he picked up a decent space, her juices flowing out of her with his every movement. He loved the way she felt against his dick, as if her pussy had been made for him. Sesshomaru had his hands pressed hard against the floor, nearly going through, as he managed to keep the speed decent for her.

Then, she dug her nails in his skin, slightly tilting her head back. “Faster,” she moaned, breathless.

Sesshomaru was more than pleased to satisfy her command, as he increased his speed, pounding his dick inside her awaiting pussy. Kagome jerked her head back, moaning his name loudly, as she felt her core over flowing with pleasure. Obviously she had heard her friends talk about this too, but nothing they said came close to what she was feeling at the moment.

Slowly, she began to rock her hips, following his rhythm, causing him to go even deeper inside of her. Sesshomaru slammed his dick hard inside of her, trying to fill her cunt even more, and trying to push his whole dick in. That’s when he picked up her legs, resting them on his shoulders, which allowed him better access inside of her.

“Sesshomaru!” she screamed, as she felt him nearly hit her cervix with the top of his cock.

The way she moaned his name was enough to drive him wild, and before Kagome knew it, Sesshomaru began to take her rougher, nearly savaging her cunt with his cock, but it only made her scream harder. Sesshomaru had only intended to keep this position for the beginning to give her some time to get adjust, and he knew that by now, she was not feeling any pain at all.

In one swift motion, Kagome found herself with her stomach pressed against the floor, as he held her ass up high. Then, he began his motions once more sending jolts of satisfaction through Kagome’s little body. His claws hands were holding on to her hips, drawing some blood, but she didn’t care, as he rammed into her leaking cunt.

This was the position he had wanted this whole time, and he intended on taking advantage of it.

Every time his dick hit as far as it could inside of her, a near gasp escaped her lips, and she struggled to get her breath back. Her nails were digging into the carpet of the floor, as he moved her, sliding his dick in and out of her. “OH GOD! YES!” at first, she nearly felt ashamed for the way she was feeling, but she could not hold it in any longer.

From this position his cock was hitting the perfect spot, causing Kagome's juices to overflow out of her cunt, and increasing her moans. “OH MY GOD! THERE! RIGHT THERE!” She was throwing her head back as far as she could, clenching her eyes shut, before reaching a climax higher than she ever had before.

Right away, her juices began to spill out of her pussy, leaking down her leg, and staining the floor of the limousine. The more he pounded inside of her, the more it kept coming, Kagome completely unable to stop her own orgasm. A silent scream was escaping her throat as wave after wave of pleasure hit her.

While she had reached her climax for the first time, Sesshomaru was nowhere near done, as he began to slightly stand up, bending his knees before wrapping his arms around her waist, lifting her up. Unlike him Kagome was too short to reach the ceiling of the limousine, and was nearly fully up.

Kagome was on her tippy toes, as he kept fucking her from behind, her juices leaking on him now, as her ass was firmly pressed against his body. Her nearly wet hair was pressed against his chest as she raised her head, his eyes crossing hers, as her mouth was open, and moans coming out. The erotic sight caused him to bend his head and capture her dry lips into a kiss.

Before he could do it, Kagome inserted her tongue into Sesshomaru's mouth, and they soon began to battle for dominance, but Sesshomaru quickly won. He distracted her by slamming his cock into her drenched cunt, causing more to spill out. A sense of possessiveness overcame him, as he wanted her, and her body to belong to him only, he needed her.

He pressed his hand against her back, bending Kagome slightly so that she had to put the palms of her hands against the window. Both of his hands were resting on her ass, roughly squeezing it, as he kept fucking her, a deep growl coming from his chest. By now Sesshomaru's eyes were slightly red, but he didn’t even care anymore, all he wanted was to be deeper inside of her.

Then, he began to cover her back with his chest, before reaching her ear, and nibbling on it. “Whom do you belong to?” he asked with the same husky voice from before. Sesshomaru wasn’t sure where it had come from, but he couldn’t stop the words from escaping him.

Kagome’s mind was completely dizzy from the pleasure, and she felt confused, unsure what to answer, since she had barely heard his words. When she didn’t give him a response after a few seconds, Sesshomaru repeated himself. “Whom do you belong to?”

She closed her eyes tightly shut, before nodding. “You,” she breathless whispered.

Hearing her say that turned him on in a way he hadn’t expected it, and he couldn’t stop himself from asking her to repeat herself. “Say it again.”

“YOU!” she screamed as he hit her special spot once more. If he didn’t stop soon, she felt as if she was going to die; she could almost not feel her legs anymore.

Sesshomaru’s fangs began to stick out, as he ravaged her cunt with his cock, desperate to feel even more. His whole dick was pulsing inside of her, and he knew his release was not far, but Sesshomaru planned on enjoying every second until then. He could feel her legs slowly becoming more limp by the second, so he snaked one of his arm around her waist, holding her up, then, he rammed his dick inside of her, hitting her spot, over and over again, until Kagome could not take it anymore.

“OH FUCK!” she screamed, before her eyes opened wide, as she came again, drowning his dick in her juices, and nearly losing consciousness, as the wave traveled through Kagome's whole exhausted body.

As she orgasm, Sesshomaru reached his own limits, and dug his claws in the creamy skin of her ass. “MINE!” he screamed before exploding inside of her, his seed coating her insides, before Sesshomaru exhaled deeply, as he pressed his cheek against the heated, sweaty skin of her back.

Kagome’s hands slid from the windows, slowly falling, as she relied on Sesshomaru to hold her up, or she would completely fall to the ground. Sesshomaru felt they had knot, and he could not pull away right away, if he hadn’t been so satisfied he probably would have found himself stupid for not taking precautions, but at the moment, he didn’t give a shit.

As he remained inside of her, he slowly began to caress the inside of her thighs, extremely pleased with her. After a few minutes, during which Kagome was breathing heavily, he slowly pulled out, semen leaking out of her still wet core. Carefully, he made sure both of his arms were wrapped around her, as he sat down on one of the seat, Kagome neatly tucked between his legs.

He pressed a kiss against the back of her head, as Kagome rested her head on his shoulder, staring through the window.

She found herself relaxing as she watched the houses and trees passed by, and at that moment a thought hit her. Had they been driving around the whole time?


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