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Forbidden Diet by perphila


It was all I could do to not lose my lunch. There was this still moment in the air as we all stared at one another with varying expressions of horror, shock, surprise and amazingly enough boredom. The boredom was from Naraku of course, the twisted freak. I claimed horror for myself. The surprise was from a lady I have never met before. She was shiny and well curved. Her dress sure left little to the imagination. As for the shock, well, that was coming from the face of Sesshomaru my boss and the guy I had been feeling real warm fuzzies for recently. I knew I shouldn't have come. It was after hours and I was the intruder here. That said I still couldn't find it in me to feel as if I was in the wrong. I would have felt embarrassed if what I had walked in on was some sick threesome. Of course I wasn't that lucky. Apparently luck wasn't with the welsh corgi on the stainless steel table either. He had been skillfully butchered and decoratively arranged sashimi style amid glasses of red and white wine. Sesshomaru had a bit of corgi in his chopsticks half way to his mouth. Now he sat there, frozen. The moment passed as Naraku began laughing. He laughed so hard I think he pissed his pants.

How had I found myself in this situation you ask? It's not so simple, or maybe it is. I had put in weeks of preparation. My funds had been seriously depleted because the witch in accounting vetoed an expense account for me. I hadn't “proven myself yet”. Still, my dress was screaming, hire me! That had to give me hope. Many phone calls and even a little bribe or two later had gotten me what I had been working towards. An interview with Sesshomaru himself. The owner and president of Question animal shelters.

Over the past fifteen years he has totally changed the way people look at pet care and shelters in general. He is the first to have animal shelters in a chain style format with operations though out Asia, Europe and North America. The concept of shelters being run by strings of volunteers and haphazard budgets was slowing changing. More than just a shelter, each facility has full vet care, classes of almost every kind, support groups for people who have sick or passed on pets, boarding, grooming, a wide variety of products from the insanely expensive to the affordable or free for those pets families in need. The company endorsed pet foster families and are a major provider of animals that are used therapeutically in hospitals, prisons and nursing homes. Loved by the rich and the poor alike.

The big difference is the packaging. It's Sesshormaru that has made the chain what it is. It doesn't hurt that he is drop dead gorgeous. One of People magazines hottest guys of the year he is what you could call, the standard hot guy. Tall, abs, clear skin, sexy smile. He is what is called, marketable. He may not have become an actor but he sure could have, the way he charms investors and the media. He has made people aware that when you drop off a pet you have gotten bored with that unless they get adopted they die. He is blunt about it. No euphemisms like, “being put down” or “being released from it's misery” from Sesshomaru.

“Come on down and give Fluffy a home folks. We kill him tomorrow. He hopes to see you!”

All done with a smile and a wink. How does he get away with it? Why aren't more people offended? Well, it's the results that count because by the end of the day Fluffy has a home and Sesshomaru has sold at least $100 worth of stuff for him.

Not much is known about his private life which gives him an air of mystery. People love that. Not that the tabloids and paparazzi aren't doing their best. They keep tabs on which famous actress or unknown waitress he is dating from week to week. Which charities he has donated to and which ones he is schmoozing. Kudos Star magazine. Kudos.

Now, here I am inside the women's bathroom waiting for my job interview. Getting an interview at any of the other shelters wasn't that hard. What was hard was getting one here, in main office, with the head honcho. I had to do an end run on Sesshomaru's assistant. I thought I was doomed before I could even begin until I called one day and Naraku answered the phone. According to the Enquirer he is Sesshomaru's secret lover. Not that I believe that. He is handsome like Sesshomaru but polar opposite in the looks department. From the few shots the paparazzi have managed to get of him his hair is about as black as a void in space. I wonder if his eyes are as dark as his hair? He has a long straight nose and is about the same height, although I think Sesshomaru is a little taller. I won't know until I meet them both in person. What is known for sure is that he works closely with Sesshomaru.

Naraku was as smooth as butter over the phone and got me an interview for the following week. I hope I can thank him in person. That is, if all goes well and I get the job, and not get caught. I gave myself a quick once over in the mirror. I tried to take care of the few stray red hairs coming out of my up do. Who was I kidding? I am no boobs falling out of my dress actress of the week Sesshomaru is used to. Sex appeal wasn't going to get me the job. At five foot three, ordinary black hair and about the standard ten pounds overweight I would be lucky if I could use the words sex appeal in any kind of context when referenced to myself. I had my toe the line dress and my clear skin to work with, that had to be good enough. I checked my hidden microphone tucked in my cleavage, grabbed my portfolio and was good to go.


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