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Primero by JeniNeji


JeniNeji Comments: Hi everyone! I'm back with Inu-Yasha. This is not When the Past is the Future part 3, no, it will be coming soon. This month, probably. However, I wrote this story for a challenge in Dokuga_challenge, The Damsel in distress Challenge.

As always, enjoy!

Story Summary:

Kagome needs a favor from no other than Sesshomaru. Yes, he, the serious, arrogant, cold and scary Western Lord. With a big intake of air, she enters the heat of the challenge, but it seems thing are not going to be easy for her. And what could she expect; no one can make Sesshomaru _ in fifteen days.


Chapter 1


"Please Kagome, I need your help," asked the hanyou for the twentieth time.

"You are plain mad, Inu-Yasha," replied Kagome heatedly with a mix of fury and fear. "You ask him!"

"He will kill me. You know I can't get near Sesshoumaru," he whined, his eyes blazed with anger. "You just don't want to help me, that's it, you are still angry with me," he said and narrowed his eyes. When it didn't get the desired result, he decided on turning his back to her.

"Stop saying such things! You know that's not true," she said and crossed her arms and cried angrily "And besides, what about the jewel shards? So, if I go with Sesshoumaru, the hunt can stop because I'm doing you a favor. But it can never stop for me, huh?!!"

"Keh," Inu-Yasha replied and raised an eyebrow. "We will continue the hunt and you can hunt while you are with my brother; he's trying to take down Naraku as well," he reminded her, but when she only glared at him, he added, "Besides, how long will it take you to talk to him? No more than a week?"

"Huh, if I come back at all," she said, still upset at what her friend was trying to force her to do.

"Nah," he said confidently with a reassuring smile. "He has become soft. Look at his charge; he won't harm you. So, will you do it?"




She knew she shouldn't have listened to him. Inu-Yasha had left wishing her good luck after he had led her near his half-brother's camp with doubtful directions.

'Just go north', Inu-Yasha had said. Well, she had been going north for hours! She began to wonder if he perhaps indeed had wanted her to perish. This was most unlike him. Where was her loyal dog protector now? He knew she was a ‘miko failure’; well that's what he always said anyway.

She had been testing her surroundings with her miko powers. She knew she had the ability, but had never had the need. She regretted not polishing it before; she could actually feel many things but couldn't distinguish what they were yet. They were just blurred signals that her brain couldn't comprehend.

A scream tore through the forest. That she could comprehend and definitely did not like. Another explosion; this time closer to her. She took an arrow from her quiver and gripped the bow firmer. She placed the arrow, her hands were slightly shaking. Why hadn't Inu-Yasha stayed longer?

Something orange sprang from the bush and she screamed. A little black haired girl ran into her causing them both of them to crash into the ground. Both girls screamed once more before the adrenaline subsided a little.

"Rin-chan!" called Kagome happily. At least she had found someone familiar and Sesshoumaru-related; she couldn't have asked for more.

"Kagome-sama!" screamed Rin with teary eyes, but then turned to glance the way she came and cried "The—the demon!" As if on cue a roar exploded behind her.

The little girl hurried to her feet and ran, pulling Kagome with her. Kagome tried to object, but decided she could talk along the way.

"Jaken-sama is hurt," explained Rin as she expertly ducked branches and jumped over roots.

Kagome followed, but she wasn't as graceful or fast. "Rin, I can purify it," Kagome offered, an arrow still in her right hand.

The girl stopped and shook her head. "We need to find Sesshoumaru-sama," she explained, "He can kill it."

Kagome noticed several scratches on Rin's arms and the slight bleeding on her sore feet; anger began to swell in her. She stopped abruptly and readied her bow and arrow. Her eyes settled on the moving bushes, breathing nervously.

"Kagome-sama, you can't," cried Rin, she stopped as well and looked from a safe distance.

She only needed to wait for a few seconds before a massive Komodo dragon appeared, acid dipping from his open mouth. A roar exploded from it as it charged at Kagome. Waiting for no other signal, she released the infused arrow.

It hit with a clank and fell to the floor, the strength unable to pierce its heavy scales. Kagome jumped just in time to prevent being stomped over, but the dragon turned and hurried after her. She had no choice but to run away, leaving behind a frightened Rin.


Sesshoumaru returned to camp to find Jaken unconscious, which was nothing new since Rin managed to do so from time to time. He kicked the demon toad and effectively awoke him.

The toad demon patted the bump on his head and then gasped. He rose to his feet and looked around him, the fear he was releasing was most uncomfortable for the demon Lord's superior senses.

"Jaken," Sesshoumaru's inexpressive voice broke through his search.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" screamed the horrified demon. "A dragon! Rin is in danger!" The toad demon wasn't prepared for the unrestrained kick that was landed on him.

Sesshoumaru ran through the forest until he found the trail of his charge and followed it swiftly until he saw her. She was breathing heavily, but other than a few scratches, she appeared unharmed.

"Rin," he called to the little girl and watched as she approached him with teary eyes.

"Sesshoumaru-sama!" cried Rin and hurried to his side. The little girl stared to sob. "Kagome-sama tried to save Rin, but…but the demon followed her instead. Kagome-sama is in danger."

He straightened and expanded his aura to feel his surroundings. The miko was pretty far from them and he debated the need to save his half-brother's companion. After all, she was not his responsibility, but the insistent tug on his sleeve told him his ward was not willing to accept a negative reply. With a soft "Hn" he went after the miko.

The irony was not lost to him; however, just how many damsels could be in danger in one day? Two. Three if you counted Jaken.


To be continued...


JeniNeji's note:

Special thanks to my beta-readers Teana and MissKatt!

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