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Into the Unknown by QuietSerenade


Into the Unknown

By: QuietSerenade

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or it's characters.

She should have known that this would happen. The signs for trouble were all there: Inuyasha’s incessant irritability, Miroku’s lack of perversion, the random jewel-shard-enhanced youkai. Sad thing was that was just this morning. As you could tell, it was already a terrible day and of course, with Kagome’s luck, it could only get worse.

“Thank you once again, fates.” Kagome sarcastically mumbled as she took in her current situation. As usual Kagome had been taken captive by a grotesque male youkai bent on mating her to be a live-in shikon jewel detector. Wait…

Or was it to eat her for her highly spiritual virgin blood? After awhile all the kidnappings seemed the same.

First, Kagome would get captured. During this moment, Kagome would often have a long enduring moment of shouting at Inuyasha while she stared into his eyes desperately as her captor ran off with her. Of course, Inuyasha would shout back angrily and then stand there like a moron. Next, Kagome would be restrained in some way- whether it was through a trance or by some mystical object, and would be left to sit there for hours. Kagome liked to think of this time as quiet time. A nice peaceful time spent reflecting her life decisions, her beautiful modern home, and learning how to say ‘sit’ a hundred different ways. Next, her captor would often interrupt her precious quiet time with some over-done speech that could easily be summarized into three words: me, me, and me. And then next thing you know, Inuyasha and the gang would be busting through the door, wall, or some other poor unsuspecting object to save the day.

“In fact, the bad guy speech should happen any minute now,” Kagome said to herself in a non-crazy way, because speaking to oneself was completely normal. Right?  

Sure enough, a sliding of the shoji door could be heard and the heavy footsteps of her captor sounded behind her as the youkai made his way towards her. Kagome tried to turn her head to face her enemy, but was unable to due to the binding ropes that tied her to one of the central beams of the room.

Kagome didn’t have to wait long however as the lizard youkai slid around to look at her. The cold slitted eyes moved down her form and stilled on her hip. Kagome repressed the shiver of disgusted that ran down her spine as the snake lifted up her shirt to look at the scarred skin where the shikon no tama used to rest.

Kagome resisted the urge to role her eyes. So this dude was after the shards. Wow. What a surprise. Now here comes the big speech, Kagome thought irritably. These speeches always gave her headaches.

 “Ah, Lord Sesshoumaru will be pleased,” the youkai hissed happily as he let go of Kagome’s shirt.

Wait. What?

The youkai nodded to himself and began to leave the room.

‘Sesshoumaru?’ Kagome thought, worriedly. What the… This wasn’t in the script!

“Wait! What about your speech?” Kagome yelled behind her. Panic began to set in as the youkai slammed the door in response.

What in the world? What did Sesshoumaru want with her? Kagome thought as her breathing sped up anxiously. Why did he get some lizard to kidnapper her? Wasn’t he the straightforward type? And once again, what did HE want with HER?

“Ok, Kagome. No time to panic right now. Right. No panicking. Panicking bad, calming good! All I need to do is just escape and figure this out. I mean, maybe it’s just the whole tetsusaiga angle. He hasn’t been after that in a while. Maybe he was just taking time to plan a ransom plot for it. That could be it. Right? Wait a minute…”

Crap! She was talking to herself AGAIN.

“I need to get out of here.” Kagome stated as she began to test the ropes.

Thanks to a few tricks Sango had taught her she was out of the ropes in minutes. Reason why she didn’t do that earlier: she was lazy. Today had already been bad enough without the kidnapping, so Kagome had just decided to relax and have some quiet time while Inuyasha was looking for her. She had originally thought that it was a simple routine, but then Sesshoumaru had to come in and ruin everything.

“Stupid Taiyoukai, always ruining people’s quiet time,” Kagome mumbled as she stretched out her senses to see where any youkai might be lurking. Noticing there were no youkai near her room, Kagome quietly chuckled as she made her way past the shoji door and out into the darkened hallways. Kagome the magnificent had done it again!

She mentally thanked Kaede for the miko training as she made her way through the labyrinth of corridors. So far Kagome had only sensed the lizard youkai and he was on the opposite side of the building. Or at least she thought until she heard the massive roar sound from the direction of her old room.

Deciding that running was now her best option, Kagome dashed down the hallways looking for any signs of escape. The familiar heavy footsteps of the youkai began to sound behind her, each step sounding louder than before.

Crap, crap, crap, crap! Kagome’s mind chanted as she kept running. It wouldn’t be too long before the lizard caught up with her. In fact, there he was! The youkai was right behind her, reaching for her long raven locks.

Then there it was. The beautiful shine of sunlight shone around the left corner at the end of the hallway she was currently running down. That small glimpse of hope gave Kagome the burst she need to avoid the lizards clutches.

Now why the sunlight gave her hope, she had no idea. After all, the youkai wouldn’t stop chasing her after she did make it outside and if by some miracle she did escape, she would be lost in a forest with no hope of the gang finding her before she would be eaten by some other random youkai. But at the moment, that didn’t matter. All Kagome knew was the light and she was going to reach it if it killed her. Rounding the corner swiftly, Kagome closed her eyes against the brightness and charged head forward.

Which was a terrible idea.

A loud thump and a feminine groan soon followed after Kagome rounded the corner. Apparently she had hit a wall or something, because instead of escaping Kagome was now on her butt and rubbing her abused forehead. Ignoring the pounding in her head, Kagome squinted against the light and looked toward the evil wall that had deprived her of precious freedom.

Unfortunately for her this wall wasn’t any ordinary wall. This wall had a name. And its name was Sesshoumaru.


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