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All Things Hidden by Tilayha

Restraint and Release

"Say it!" she demanded teasing him with the feathered end of her riding crop. "Say 'I am a filthy, disgusting demon!' or I will not be nice to you."

"I am," pant, "a filthy, disgusting demon!" he growled then gasped as she hit him with the other end of the crop.

"Good boy." she purred. "Now tell me how unworthy you are to lick the dirt from my feet." she hit him again.

"So unworthy." he croaked as she once again struck him with the crop.

"Do you like it when this human punishes you?" she cooed into his ear.

"Yes dominion, punish me, please!" he cried, as the beast within bucked against the restraints around his wrists and ankles.

"I told you to stay still!" she hisses then bit into his ear. "If you don't I will not allow your release......Sesshoumaru."

His eyes started to tinge with red," you will not deny me." The sound of his beasts' voice mingled with his.

She narrowed her eyes, wrapped his long silver braid around her hand and jerked his head back. "You pathetic mongrel, you dare tell dominion what she will and will not do!?"

Sesshoumaru let out an involuntary whimper but stilled his aching body. "That's better." she smiled wickedly.

Placing the riding crop between his legs she moved it back and forth slowly, the metal studs along the shaft of the crop against his sac and anus causing him to purr.

"Such shame you bring to yourself Demon Lord." she hissed as she pulled up on the crop, the studs biting into his tender flesh. "Why do you allow this human to degrade your person so?" again letting the studs bite into his skin.

"Do not wish to mate, do not wish to kill." he hissed as the studs bit deeper still. "Only you can quiet my beast when the blood-rage comes." he moaned.

Sesshoumaru felt her release his hair and remove the riding crop. He bucked again in protest of her absence, and then felt the searing pain of the crop across his back. His beast snarled at the painful pleasure.

"Be still!" she snarled, "Or you will not get the present I have for you."

She moved to the table that held all the wonderful torture toys he brings for her on occasions such as this. Placing the crop on the table she let her hand caress each item on the table until she found the one she wanted.

Picking up the cat-o-nine tails she giggled wickedly thinking of the irony of its name and the thought of who she was using it on. Walking back, she stood in front of him, his eyes seeing her but not seeing.

He was all the perfection his name claimed him to be. His pale skin flawless save the welts she had inflicted, the magenta stripes along his hips especially aroused her. The ripples of his taught muscles seemed to dance under his skin.

"Can you smell me Demon? Does your beast wish to fuck me?" she said with distain in her voice. The scent of her lust was pushing at his control.

"Yes, Dominion, only you does he hunger for." his voice strained with want.

Bringing her arm back she used all her strength whipping the nine straps of leather across his chest. She watched the skin break and bleed from the force of the blow. Sesshoumaru howled.

Smiling she hit him again a second and third time. The amber now gone from his eyes, letting her know full well that his beast was on the surface. Sesshoumaru thrashed trying to break free of his bonds.

"Again, please Dominion." his beast growled.

"No." she said dropping to her knees. She grabbed his erect manhood with her free hand causing the beast to buck and whimper.

In all honesty she loved the salty taste of his skin when he was like this. She squeezed his shaft roughly making Sesshoumarus' breath catch in his throat.

"Who is your master Sesshoumaru?" she asked nipping at the stripes on his hip.

He growled at her not wanting to answer. Her grip on his shaft tightened painfully and she nearly drew blood biting the sensitive flesh just above his hip.

"Answer me you worthless dog! Who is your master?" she now demanded.

Again he growled instead of saying the words. She smirked then licked the tip of his throbbing member.

"Do you not wish for completion?" she asked before sliding her mouth over the head of his cock. Sesshoumaru tried to thrust deeper into her warmth but was denied. Letting him go she stood and circled him, striking him on his legs, back and chest, the thin straps of leather leaving bloody welts where ever they hit his flesh. Sesshoumaru howled and snarled in a pain filled pleasure-rage but still would not answer.

"Submit Sesshoumaru. Get on your knees." Releasing a lever the chains holding his wrists slackened, at the same time she struck him behind his knees forcing him to the ground.

"Much better, this is the position you belong in." She hissed grabbing his braid once again this time forcing his head to the side exposing his throat to her.

"I like you this way." She said leaning her mostly naked body against his back. Her scent so close to him driving his beast mad with wanted but denied release.

"Is this how you demean your mates, make them submit, humiliate them to make you feel superior?" she growled slapping his chest lightly with the leather straps. "You are no better than the abusive human males who beat their women." She crouched behind him bringing her lips level to his exposed throat. "Tell me who your master is Sesshoumaru." then bit into his flesh where the mating mark should be, careful not to draw blood.

"" his beast roared at the lightening heat that coursed through his body.

"Do you submit to me Sesshoumaru?" she purred into his ear.

"Kami yes." he moaned as she rubbed her breasts against his back.

"Good boy." she said standing again. His hair still wrapped around her hand. "Now taste the present your master has for you." Jerking his head she made him arch backwards. Bending one knee she rested her foot on his thigh to give him access to her wet mound.

She tasted like nothing he had ever known. This was the reason he returned to her every time he felt his heat cycle start, why he started making excuses of stress induced blood-rage to see her more. He didn't care that she was human. He knew why she was a virgin and it didn't bother him. He just wanted her to stay that way. She was intoxicating, his little secret. In some twisted way he thought of this human female as his. He drank from her with abandoned greed.

"Ohh, my wicked, shameful demon, give your master what she wants." she cried striking his chest again with the leather straps.

Sesshoumaru moaned then purred at the sting of the leather ripping his flesh. He plunged his tongue into her tight, hot cavern, his groin pulsing painfully as her walls clamped down around him.

"Mmmmm, such a good dog." she moaned as he moved his tongue in and out of her. With every thrust he made she would strike his chest causing the welts to bleed and his groin to burn. He knew if, at a moment like this, he were to break his bonds he would take her, human or not. His beast didn't care.

"Faster, you worthless animal," she panted "Make your master cum!"

His back was almost screaming in pain from the position he was in plus the added wait of her on his face, but he was lost in her. He worked his tongue faster; he could feel the cramping muscles of his jaw and ignored it. She was writhing on his face, hitting him repeatedly as her climax grew then overflowed.

She cried out her completion, letting him drink the nectar he had coaxed from her core. She could feel the vibrations of his purring adding to the electric pulses wracking her body. "Enough!" she said pulling away from his still lapping tongue.

He whimpered at the loss, his hard member aching with three days of denied release. With the weight of her off his face he collapsed onto his back, the chains holding his arms above him. So lost in the need for air he did not feel her move the chains to the anchors on the floor until she pulled them tight. He snarled at the pain it caused his arms and shoulders.

'Kami how I love seeing him like this." she thought as she looked at him spread eagle on the floor.

"Such a good pet you are Sesshoumaru." she purred. "It's a shame I can't release your bonds." She said standing over him.

She had put on a pair of gloves he had specially made for her. The finger tips had razor sharp claws sewn onto them and the palms were inlaid with quarter inch silver studs. Crouching over him she raked the claws of both gloves over his chest, leaving thin trails of blood.

His voice horse from use he gasped, his head rolling back causing him to arch up letting the tips of the claws dig deeper into his skin.

"Look at me Dog!" she commanded. Sesshoumaru opened his blood red eyes to do as she ordered. 'You will not cum until I tell you to you weak pathetic creature. Do you understand?" she said once again raking the claws down his chest.

"Yes dominion." he answered breathlessly.

She clamped one hand around his throbbing shaft the cold steel of the studs forcing him to gasp. She adjusted herself above his erection bending one knee to the floor. She rubbed the head of his member across her slick mound. Sesshoumaru bucked trying to enter her but she squeezed his shaft causing the studs to bite into his aching flesh.

"You think yourself worthy of such a privilege Demon filth?" she hissed. He howled his frustration, the coils in his groin tightening with pain. She rubbed his head again across her wetness laughing when he whimpered.

"The Great Demon Lord, reduced to this by a simple human virgin." she cooed venomously. Keeping her tight grip on his shaft she began to stroke him, slowly at first then a little faster as his moans became more urgent, all the while keeping the head just outside her opening.

"Not until I let you!" she reminded him, a wicked grin spreading across her face.

Ever so slowly she lowered to him, only allowing the head of his throbbing manhood to enter her. It took every remaining ounce of will power he had left not to cum at that moment.

She had never done that before. As slowly as she lowered herself onto him she lifted off again. Sesshoumaru roared at the pain the studs caused when he tried to lift up with her.

"What's the matter?" she asked digging the claws of her other hand into his stomach. "Do you really think you will get more than that inside me?" She lowered onto him again.

"Please Dominion," he panted".......please." he begged. His magenta stripes growing darker and jagged as he felt the last of his control leave him. Moving quickly she took him in her mouth. The spikes digging into the part she couldn't take.

"Cum for your master Sesshoumaru." she said pulling away from him just long enough to breathe out the words, and then he was back in her mouth. It only took a few moments of feeling her hot mouth around him, her tongue working circles up and down his shaft combined with the biting pain of the studded glove for him to find his release.

"Dominion!!!" he cried out as she milked him. Then his world went black with exhaustion.


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