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Like It's a Bad Thing by SunsetMiko

Like It's a Bad Thing

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Inuyasha & co. belong to the illustrious Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not profit from these fics.

Written for LJ’s IyIssekiwa challenge community.

Rating: PG, language
Genre: Humor
Word Count: 247

Summary: Words have different meanings to different people, especially when those people are different species.

Only one thought danced through his mind, ‘Oh crap.’

It was obvious he’d made a mistake somewhere along the way. As he glanced from one face to the next is was confirmed more and more. Hell, even Jaken was cringing and the little miko, well, she refused to even look at him. Yes, he’d definitely done something wrong. But what?

After a few long minutes of silence, Inuyasha decided to show pity on his older half-brother, sort of.

“Dude, you screwed up big time. Even I know that the bitch doesn’t like being called one!” As soon as the words were out of his mouth the hanyou cringed again. “Shit,” he hissed as Kagome whirled on her heel and stared him down angrily. “I wasn’t calling you one, I swear, Kagome! I was just…”

The hanyou’s protests were cut off as his face slammed into the ground. Sesshoumaru tried and failed to hold back his smirk at the amusing sight, though the look melted off his face as a low, rumbling growl met his ears. The taiyoukai studied the growling human for a moment before his smirk returned.

“This Sesshoumaru does not know why you dislike being referred to as ‘Bitch’, as you certainly behave as one, a sexy one at that.”

Kagome’s mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water while she watched Sesshoumaru slowly walk away, one thought repeating itself in her mind. ‘Did he just call me a bitch again? Wait, sexy?’


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