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Hope by SunsetMiko


Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. Inuyasha & co. belong to the illustrious Rumiko Takahashi.  I do not profit from these fics.

Written for LJ’s Ebony_Silks challenge community.

Genre: Angst I guess
Word Count: 499
Rating: G
Warnings: Eh… Nothing
Universe: Canon

Summary: Kagome ponders why she does the things she does.

She must have some kind of psychological need for pain. It was the only thing that made any kind of sense.

First, she followed after Inuyasha like some pathetic stray cat begging for any kind of attention he might throw at her. She let him treat her like crap, call her the most horrible names and shout orders at her like a common servant, not to mention abandon her without warning whenever the mood struck him.

It had gone on forever and all the while she knew that he would never love her. Hell, he couldn’t even see her. When Inuyasha looked at Kagome all he saw was the closest thing to Kikyo he could get at the moment. When the real thing was available she was chopped liver. He could never get past their shared soul, and he didn’t even care to try.

Why couldn’t she have fallen for Kouga? He doted on her even when she made it crystal clear she wasn’t interested. He kept coming back, hoping that she’d change her mind and choose him, no matter how much it hurt him. He would have loved her, already did love her in fact, but no, Kagome couldn’t love him back, no matter how good he would be for her and her already crushed self-esteem.

Even Hojo would have been a better choice. Sure, he was as boring as a brick wall but he was a sweetheart and more caring than any other man she’d ever met. He was persistent too, though Kagome did wonder from time to time if he wasn’t just stupid. Really, how hard was it to see that she wasn’t interested? How many times did she have to turn him down or blow him off before he was going to catch on? Still, he was cute enough and he definitely wasn’t a jerk, but he just wasn’t attractive in her eyes, no matter how much her friends tried to convince her otherwise.

She definitely had masochistic tendencies, if her latest crush said anything. Really, anyone would have been better for her than Inuyasha, but perhaps she was simply looking for an Inuyasha substitute, just as he’d been looking for a Kikyo stand-in. Why else would she have chosen him?

The similarities were glaring, so much so that looking at his shining silver hair made her heart ache, but she refused to acknowledge the possibility that she was merely transferring her attraction from one brother to the other. No, Sesshoumaru was different.

Sesshoumaru was taller, with a deeper voice and a much more mature attitude. He was stronger, more intelligent, and a host of other betters as well. In Kagome’s eyes, Sesshoumaru was just plain better, but he wasn’t better for her heart.

She had to have a thing for pain, choosing the human hating taiyoukai who would rather melt her than look at her. But then there was Rin, and the way he treated that innocent and helpless little girl gave her hope.


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