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Sometimes a Fish is Just a Fish by SunsetMiko

Sometimes a Fish is Just a Fish

I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does.

This was written for Feudal Tales(

Week 5 - Prompt 1

Title: Sometimes a Fish is Just a Fish

Author: Sunset Miko

Rating: X for a fairly descriptive lemon (Yay Smut! Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Genre: Romance/Humor

Warnings: Alternate pairing, though I’m not going to say which. Then where would the fun be?

AU/Canon: Canon

Word Count: 3651

Just edited to get the italics that somehow disappeared back. Nothing new.

Miroku sat quietly, seemingly transfixed by the sight before him. It was so tempting, so delectable. He knew he’d be in serious trouble if he acted on his desire but the thought that went through his mind was “It would be worth it.”

Deciding that he just had to have it and that he’d been waiting long enough, Miroku gave in to temptation. Kagome smiled and gave Miroku just what he wanted.


A few hours later…

Kagome shot a quick, worried glance at Miroku as Inuyasha stepped back into the clearing where they’d made camp for the night. The hanyou looked around and then sniffed the air before he turned and directed his attention to the only two members of the group present at the moment. No matter how hard she tried, Kagome just couldn’t keep the memory of what had occurred a few hours earlier out of her mind as it ran like a movie through her head.

They were finally alone, just the two of them. Before this very moment they’d done nothing but share quick words and heated looks, but now… now they could finally be together.

Inuyasha growled angrily and Kagome and Miroku’s eyes met once again for a few seconds before purposefully looking in opposite directions. “You didn’t!”

He knew that Inuyasha would be upset about their relationship when he found out, but he just couldn’t bring himself to care.

Kagome met with angry golden eyes for an instant before she looked down at the ground, already blushing. “Didn’t what?” she asked in a low and as innocent as she could manage tone.

She was tired… tired of waiting to be loved by the boy that never would. She was lonely, lonely and alone when he abandoned her to see Kikyo.

“Damn it Kagome! Why did you let him? You know I… I… Fuck!”

She knew she meant something to him, but he would never show it. She knew he felt guilty about it, but it was out of his control. How could he not see Kikyo in her?

She looked up at her friend and companion and saw that behind the obvious anger danced insecurity and hurt that he would do anything to hide but that she could always see, and she felt guilty for doing something she knew would hurt him in the end. But it wasn’t her fault! He’d made it clear he wasn’t interested, that he loved Kikyo and Kikyo alone. How long was she supposed to wait?

She’d finally decided that the wait was over. He showed interest in her. He told her that she was beautiful, a living breathing angel. He could make her entire body go up in flames with just a glance. Why should she wait for Inuyasha when she could have him?

Miroku’s expression was somewhere between uncontrollably smug and forced confusion, which only pissed the hanyou off even more. “Miroku, I’m going to fucking kill you! You should know by now to keep your hands off of what’s mine!”

He knew that Inuyasha considered her his, despite his confused feelings about the two women who looked so much alike but in every other way were as different as night and day. She deserved better. She deserved a man who would see only her, and he would be that man.

Kagome’s eyes widened at the hanyou’s declaration. How dare he? How dare he lay claim to something he had no interest in? He didn’t own her, and it certainly wasn’t up to him who she gave it to. It really was none of his business at all! “Inuyasha! Not everything is yours! You damn sure didn’t seem too interested in it before! You just want it now because I let him have it!”

His hands reached out and pulled her tight against his body, letting her feel just how much he desired her and smirking when she moaned. He buried his hands in her hair before pulling her in for a searing kiss, loving how she opened for him, inviting him to explore her mouth.

“Now, now. Let’s not fight,” Miroku said in an innocent tone, like it wasn’t entirely his fault that they were at each others throats to begin with. Kagome glanced at him and their eyes met for a moment before they both looked away.

She’d never been kissed like that before. She’d barely ever been kissed at all. The intimacy of the act wrapped around her and she grabbed on to his shoulders like he would disappear if she let go.

Sango, Shippo, and Kirara walked into the clearing, returning from a bath. She’d been surprised that Kagome didn’t want to go with her, but then she remembered that when she’d come back from her walk earlier that afternoon her hair had been wet. Why her friend had taken a bath when out for a walk with none of her bathing supplies or fresh clothes escaped her, but she’d let it go before. She was more interested now in just what the young woman had been doing out there for so long, supposedly alone.

His fingers slipped out of her hair as his lips left hers to travel down her throat. With surprising skill he opened her buttons one by one before he pulled back to admire how beautiful her breasts looked in the odd binding that covered her from his sight and touch.

She’d heard the conversation, just Inuyasha’s part at first, but she’d caught the end and realized what had to have happened. She was a little hurt that Kagome hadn’t told her, but then she understood. Kagome was most likely trying to protect her, not wanting to hurt her feelings or damage their relationship. Sango frowned and sat down beside a bright red and huffing Kagome. She had to let her know that it was okay, that they would always be friends. “I don’t mind or anything, but I thought you were… saving… that… for someone special??”

She allowed her shirt to slip from her shoulders to the ground, her own hands wrestling with the layers of his clothing until he chuckled and did it himself. Taking the initiative, Kagome continued to remove her own clothing, never taking her eyes off the incredible male specimen baring himself before her.

“Well maybe I decided he was special enough,” Kagome said with a smirk, knowing that she was getting further under Inuyasha’s skin. He deserved it, really. He was the one who was a big jerk and made it obvious he had absolutely no interest in it.

It was hard to get a good idea of what he looked like under it all, but she was definitely impressed. His legs were strong and muscled from near constant traveling. His chest and abdomen were deliciously defined, his arms sculpted from the exercise of fighting battle after battle. Her innocence had kept her eyes averted for a while, but soon there was nothing else to look at that she hadn’t already seen and her eyes moved to take in the sight.

“But Kagome!!” Shippo whined. “Why’d you pick him?” Kagome looked at the kit in confusion, not sure why it mattered to him who she chose. Surely he would understand! She’d expected for him to be surprised, but not against it.

She blushed but she couldn’t look away and she felt an incredible throbbing begin between her legs. She’d never seen one before, except for in textbooks, and she could only think of one way to describe it, just as beautiful as the rest of him.

Kagome didn’t get a chance to ask Shippo why he cared when the young demon’s question was answered by another. “She did it to make me jealous, that’s why, runt!” Inuyasha bellowed, causing all the birds within a five mile radius to take flight in search of a safer place to perch.

He was bare before her and watched as she looked him over. He couldn’t stop the chuckle that escaped when he noticed where her eyes had decided to linger. The sound broke her dazed concentration and she nearly jumped. Realizing that she was still half dressed, Kagome resumed the action of disrobing that had been paused by his impressively manly form.

“I did not!” Kagome shot back. “Not my fault you’re jealous. Maybe you should have been here instead of off with her.”

She was beautiful, every single inch of her, and his hands twitched, the traitors unwilling to heed his commands. He reached out and slipped a finger under the shoulder strap of her bra with interest and she looked up into his eyes.

“Don’t bring her into this, wench! She has nothing to do with it!”

She watched as he studied it before she demonstrated how it worked and dropped it to the ground, leaving her clad in nothing but her panties. She gasped as his lips began a trail from her shoulder, down her chest, stopping to lick and kiss each pink peak with adoration. He dropped to his knees on the forest floor in front of her quivering body and continued his path past her belly until he found the still covered treasure.

Kagome sighed and put her head in her hands. “Does everyone have to be so upset about it? It was mine to give away!”

She was untouched by any male, he knew, and that only made it all the more important. She was ready and willing to give it to him, and he was ready to take it. Soon her innocence would be no more.

“No it wasn’t! You knew I wanted the last fish! Damn it, I fucking caught the things! I should get as many as I want!”

Kagome’s eyes widened and she smiled at bit before she realized it and wiped the relieved expression from her face. No one saw it, just as no one noticed the sigh of relief that escaped Miroku as he allowed his tense shoulders to relax… well, no one but Kirara, but she wasn’t telling.

Immediately Kagome changed her tone, absolutely overjoyed that the hanyou had only been yelling about a silly fish all this time, when she’d been sure that he figured out their secret. “I’m sorry Inuyasha, alright? Miroku asked and you weren’t here so I let him have it.”

Sango was confused. So they were talking about a fish? It hadn’t sounded like it! She’d been almost certain that they’d been talking about… ‘Damn, Miroku! Now I’m the one seeing something sexual in something completely innocent!’ she mentally cursed the perverted monk that had somehow rubbed off on her. She hadn’t known it was contagious, but she would be sure to keep her distance from then on.

She was still a bit suspicious though, and she gave the miko an odd look, wondering why all of a sudden Kagome was apologizing when she’d been yelling just a moment ago, but she let it go when she saw how tired her friend looked, figuring that she just didn’t want to fight any longer. Fighting with Inuyasha could be rather exhausting after all. “Okay, well what’s done is done so why don’t we just all turn in for the night. You look like you could use some rest, Kagome.”

Kagome nodded and gave a bit of an over exaggerated yawn and stretch before standing up and moving over to her sleeping bag. Sleep sounded wonderful, but she wouldn’t be getting any anytime soon. As soon as her eyes closed the movie in her mind continued.

She tensed slightly when his fingers looped in the sides of her soft pink panties but allowed him to remove them. He slid them slowly down her legs, teasing himself just as much as her. Finally she stepped out of them and he tossed them carelessly over a shoulder before leaning in to kiss her short black curls, smirking when she gasped for him again. He was going to enjoy this.

 Inuyasha let out a grunt but leapt into his tree of choice, his signal that the fight was over. He was still angry, but he needed them to go to sleep so he could get back to Kikyo. She was waiting for him, and had promised him a very pleasant night if he returned.

One hand slipped around her body and gave her so perfectly tempting ass a squeeze while the other brushed through her curls as he looked up at her. He wanted to see every reaction she gave him. He wanted to see the pleasure in her eyes, the way her face flushed, the way her breasts heaved as her breathing grew heavier until she was panting out of sheer anticipation.

Kirara transformed and both Sango and Shippo curled up next to her for warmth and comfort.

When he leaned back and then stood, Kagome groaned in disappointment. He’d been so close and her body was screaming for his touch. She didn’t think she would survive the teasing torture much longer. The miko squeaked in surprise as she was swept off her feet and carried a few steps before she was laid on a soft bed of moss. She looked up at him and could have fainted from the look in his eyes. They were so full of promised pleasures that she’d never before experienced and she shivered as he crawled to lean over her. When their lips met again her eyes fluttered closed and she surrendered control to the male above her.

 Miroku leaned against the trunk of a tree and closed his eyes, his thoughts whirling as he worried. Sure, this time Inuyasha had been talking about a fish, but what about next time? When he finally found out he knew it was going to be messy and he, for one, wasn’t looking forward to being gutted by his own friend. For a minute he wondered if it really was worth it, but then he could have smacked himself. ‘Of course it was worth it! It made Kagome happy, and that’s all that matters to me. He’s hurt her for too long. It’s about time she got some attention.’

His kisses had been wonderful, but when his tongue came out to taste her sweet and salty skin she learned that there was something better than wonderful. It was amazing. He worshipped her body and Kagome reveled in the attention that was just for her. Finally someone saw her and not only did he see but he wanted her; she was more than happy to let him have what he craved… all of her. 


She had no idea it could feel so good as his kisses found her most intimate places. His tongue did things she’d never imagined possible and she had to have touched the sky at least three times before he crawled up over her body and gazed into her eyes for permission. When she nodded and her legs spread wider for him she waited, expecting pain.


He knew she was waiting for the pain, but he was sure that she was more than adequately prepared, and even for her first time he was going to make sure she felt nothing but pleasure from their joining. As he slowly pushed into her body he watched as her eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned for him. It was beautiful… she was beautiful… and Inuyasha was a fool.


She’d been surprised when there was nothing but a rather odd stretching sensation and the most amazing friction as he filled her, made her whole. For a moment he stayed still, waiting for her to open her eyes and look at him. When she did she saw so much more than lust in his eyes and she knew that this would be the first of many times that he would love her body just like he whispered that he loved her soul, her soul, not Kikyo’s soul, not the Shikon Miko’s soul, but Kagome, teenager from the future, with her odd clothing, strange sayings, and enough insecurities to fill the well she traveled through to overflowing, her soul.


He knew before he’d ever touched her that she would be his forever, and from the look in her eyes she knew it and didn’t mind a bit. Slowly he began to move, withdrawing slowly before sliding back in. He fought a groan and lost, giving up any and all appearances. She deserved to see all of him, just like he did her. She was so hot and slick and tight that he didn’t think he’d be able to hold back.


In the end he didn’t need to hold back, as she met his slow, careful thrusts with her own more eager movements and soon they were rocking together, moving in perfect synchronicity. Their dance was beautiful, more beautiful than he thought she was, more beautiful than she thought he was, more beautiful than anything either had experienced before and they clung to each other as they climaxed together.


They lay together, arms and legs entwined and still intimately connected, neither wanting to give up the feeling of being whole. When they were like this they weren’t flawed or missing something, they weren’t two beings, but one perfect creature that symbolized their newly understood love.


Eventually they separated and slipped into the hot spring they’d been near, washing the evidence and any remaining scents of their encounter and each other from their bodies. When they dressed it was with regret and when they separated it was like they were losing a part of themselves, but they’d promised to meet again that night so that they could be one once more.




It was about an hour later when Miroku cracked an eye open and looked around the camp. He’d heard Inuyasha leave a moment ago, no doubt to once again visit with the dead priestess, and he could see Sango’s even breathing, knowing she was fast asleep. Shippo always made an adorable little purring sound so he knew that the kit was out too. Kirara looked at him and he smirked before pulling himself to his feet and walking out of the clearing. 

A few minutes later Kagome opened her eyes and took in the camp, now minus two males of their group. As quietly as possible she slid out of her sleeping bag and tiptoed past the remaining members, heading out into the forest in the opposite direction than the monk had taken.

Kagome was walking in near darkness, the only light coming from the crescent moon hanging low in the sky and the stars. When arms wrapped around her waist she almost screamed, until she actually looked at the arms. She slumped against the chest pressed against her back with a sigh. “I thought for a minute there that…”

“I know,” he mumbled in her ear. “To think that he was complaining about a fish when you’d just given me something so much more valuable.”

Kagome blushed at his words. “We’re going to have to tell them eventually.”

“Eventually… but they’re all busy sleeping or… well, we don’t have to tell them any time soon,” he nearly purred in her ear as one hand moved from where it was wrapped around her waist, sliding under her shirt to caress a still bare breast. “Really,” he said, a bit surprised. “I thought you’d put that thing back on.”

She giggled before letting out a moan as his talented fingers rolled her tight peaks one by one. “I did, but I took it off before I left camp.”

“Good, it was too difficult to work anyway.”

Kagome turned in his arms and leaned up on her toes to kiss him. “The sooner we tell them the sooner we don’t have to sneak around. I know that you don’t like hiding in the shadows alone, watching over me while I’m with them.”

“No, I do not, but are you sure you are ready for their reactions? Some, especially the hanyou, will not take it well.”

“I think that’s an understatement. Sneaking around just doesn’t feel right. That and I want your arms around me all the time, not just when I can sneak away or when I can get Miroku to cover for me. I know he doesn’t like lying about it either.”

“If that is what you wish, then we will tell them in the morning.”




Miroku was sitting alone in a clearing with a smirk on his face. Sure, Inuyasha was his friend and all, but he’d been treating Kagome poorly for too long. He was glad that she’d found someone who could see her and not Kikyo’s reincarnation when they looked at her pretty, smiling face.

He covered his mouth and let out a quiet burp. That last fish had been delicious! It was even worth the small coronary he had when he thought that somehow Inuyasha had managed to figure out what he and Kagome were hiding. She’d confided in him shortly after she returned to camp with suspiciously wet hair while Sango and Shippo were bathing and Inuyasha was once again with Kikyo. He’d promised her to keep it a secret and to help her sneak off whenever he could to her lover waiting in the woods.

It wasn’t going to be easy, and he wasn’t sure how long they could keep it up, especially considering how Kagome wasn’t too great at lying and Inuyasha’s keen senses. He was sure to notice sometime in the near future, especially if she didn’t quite get the scent of dog demon off her skin. He chuckled softly to himself. Sure, Kouga he could see, since it was obvious that the wolf was head over heels for the miko, but for Sesshoumaru to fall for her… well, it was a feat that only Kagome could accomplish, that much was certain.


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