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FrostBite by SmilingFool

What A Demon Would Do




Hello everyone, I've updated and edited the entire story. This story is a mix of things, old and new characters come to life I won't say who but they do exist at least in my mind. I fixed some of the confusion and replacing most of the Japanese words with English hopefully the chapters will capture and invigorate your minds. By the way this is a mild cross-over with very few/limited Yu Yu Hakusho characters.  Gotta love it….





So……… (A word drawn out like soooooo) so…… (Cuts down the need to write drawn out words much easier I think.) 

Note: I do not have repeated words written unknowingly however when one is talking I may repeat a word or two signaling it as a type of stutter or due to shock when one has heard something.

Disclaimer:   Alas I'm a poor fool with no hope of owning the anime/manga characters of Inu Yasha or Yu Yu Hakusho. 

Chapter 1 

`What A Demon Would Do'

It was close to dawn when the lone blue haired female dressed in a regal kimono of lavender and blue hues picked up the scents of the small rag tag group of shard hunters.  The females' search was coming to a close as she cloaked her aura and scent jumping from one oak to another as the scents of ningen, youkai and a faint trace of the hanyou, led her to a small dimming fire that flecked gold and blue in the middle of the woods. Her search was finally over.

Stealthily hidden among the canopy of trees the female observed the group below taking in each scent and aura noting the group to be in a deep sleep except that of the neko and kit whom was alert and aware of her presence yet did nothing to alarm the group, if she didn’t know better it looked like the little fire cat and kit were waiting for her to show up.  ’Ridiculous’ Thought Toran.

The hidden female took her time to gather her wits before she would take action.  It would be wise not to wake the monk and slayer she didn't have time for a fight. She had to be quick and hopefully the miko wouldn't put up a fight since she did save her from Naraku‘s pets those six moons ago. She couldn't believe it had taken more than a half a moon cycle for her to find them and if not for the aid of Sesshomaru Lord of the Western Lands, she would still have been searching.

Toran remembered it well, even now as she looked at the mauve crescent on her finger.  The whereabouts of the group did not come without a price. In the end Sesshomaru had won however, she got the needed information along with a pact that labeled her ’Owned’. What would her tribe think now? No matter what is done is done and cannot turn back time.


She had never backed down to no one and she was sure she would not for him however, Fate was laughing at her this night.  The dog and cat fought for hours neither wining nor losing yet the female was growing tired and he knew it, the fatigue rolled off her in waves even her body held the scent of exhaustion.

It wouldn't be long until the female fell and sure enough she did.  The female raised her head violet eyes met gold, there was no use she could not win against him, shoving her pride to the side she bowed low while keeping eye contact with the handsome male towering over her.

Sesshomaru-Sama.”   The female swallowed her pride fighting the urge to hiss at the arrogant dog.

Toran, why do you trespass upon my lands?”  Sesshomaru's cool baritone voice spoke while sheathing Tojokin.

I seek the miko Kagome it is dire that I find and retrieve her for a life is at stake.”  She knew the dog would want information but she would only delve so deep giving what was needed.

This Sesshomaru cares not for your task Toran, however.”  He paused narrowing his eyes at the female panther bowing low staring at him.  This was something she never done and he was curious as to why she would do such a thing, was it that important for her to find the miko.  All would be answered before he gave the information she sought.

This Sesshomaru is curious as to why you would go to such a length to retrieve the miko.”  He gestured as she continued to bow before him.  Sure it was unlike her but she needed his help and time was running out.  Without the miko `He' would surely die and she would do anything to save him.

I am….”  She searched for the words in which wouldn't reveal too much about her mission.

I am obligated.  An ally is in dire need of her assistance therefore, I must retrieve the miko Kagome for she is the only one who can purify.”  There she said it, well not so much but the flash of annoyance in his eyes made her inwardly grin.

Sesshomaru looked at the kneeling demoness before him gesturing for her to stand Toran did as asked.  It was good to be standing her pride could not take much more abuse than it had already endured.

Purify, I assume this has to do with the shards of the Shikon no Tama.”  It was more a comment than a question. Toran knew she had to tell him a bit more so she gave him a surprised look.

Hai Sesshomaru-Sama.”  God She hated doing this.  Perhaps if she threw a stick would he go and play fetch instead of asking her these questions but unfortunately that was not going to happen.

Sesshomaru would find out just to what length the panther would go to retrieve the miko Kagome. “Hn. This Sesshomaru declares a Tribal Debt in return for the information I provide you.  Accept or find the miko on your own.”  He smiled on the inside knowing she would not refuse and what better way to make a cat squirm than to have her oath and allegiance.  Yes he would have fun with the cat.

Now she was stunned what tribal debt could the great dog demon want of her it’s not like he doesn't have or own everything?  Yet he didn't own her and she knew that by doing this he would.  Toran had only seen a tribal debt from afar however she needed the information the dog had.  She was running out of time, thinking over her options, save her friends' child along with the future or not hmm…..

Tough decision, Toran be damned if she turned away now after searching half a moon for the miko.  Fine honor wins, to hell with my shot down pride how far would the annoying dog go with the tribal debt anyway.  Sesshomaru smiled inwardly the determination flashing in the panthers' eyes said it all.  This would bring some much needed distraction from the norm.

The female panther hadn't a clue to what she would be getting herself into should she accept Sesshomaru's demand but then again she didn't have any options. Once the debt is placed all would be righted in his eyes. Things should get interesting once Toran finds the miko. Sesshomaru would be a breath out of reach monitoring his prize.  

I accept the Tribal Debt, Sesshomaru-Sama, my life is in your hands.”  Toran stated with disgust clearly shown as the words were spoken.  Sesshomaru's beast roared in satisfaction from the deepest chamber of his mind and a small smile appeared on his stoic face bringing out the darker gold of his eyes.

Very well.”  Toran hated agreeing to this demon-debt but her families friend was in need and she would do anything in her power to help.  Toran knew what was to come she remembered some of the details, slicing her index clawed finger she allowed her black blood to flow.

Sesshomaru stood staring at the blood that flowed from the clawed finger of the female standing before him her motivation never wavering, so she knew what to do impressive for a panther.  Sesshomaru sliced his own finger allowing his own blood to flow chanting in the inu language he touched Toran's clawed finger instantly a red flashed erupted from where their fingers touched.

Both pulled their hands away as if burned each inspected the healed wounds.  Toran looked at her pulsing finger sure enough there was the mauve colored crescent moon, now the dog held her life by her hand literally.

Sighing Toran blew the hair out of her face with a huff irritated that she was now indebted to the Western Lord himself.  But what could he want in return, that would have to wait for another day she supposed hearing him speak she looked from her newly decorated index finger to the dog before her.

Yes?”  Toran questioned waiting for him to speak seeing the satisfaction in his eyes she knew he got what he wanted but she was more concerned about the whereabouts of the miko whom traveled with his brother.

This Sesshomaru trusts that no harm will befall the miko Kagome.  You Toran will see to it that she remains unharmed.”   Toran looked stunned was the great dog showing compassion for a ningen, no way there had to be another reason to his demand and sure enough she heard it.

The miko Kagome is a vital asset in destroying Naraku.”  Sesshomaru stated he would not reveal his true intentions to one such as this.  No, this would have to do however, the panther will do as told and this he was sure of.

I understand Sesshomaru-Sama, I will not allow harm to come to her.  I know of her powers and that she had almost destroyed that vile hanyou twice before.  The miko Kagome will be in the best of care that I assure you on my life.”  Now why in the world did she say that last part, Toran grimaced at her own words but seeing the look Sesshomaru had upon his face made her shiver he would uphold her to the words she had spoken there was no backing out now.

The miko and her group are to the south-east of my border, you will arrive there before dusk.”  Giving him a raised eyebrow Toran turned her back as she contemplated her destination.

Do not turn your back on this Sesshomaru.”  He stated flicking the stray silver tresses over his shoulder.

Toran couldn't help but amuse herself at the expense of the `Stupid, conceited, chauvinistic, arrogant male thinking of himself `as always' she was brought out of her musing by a loud growl. Toran stiffened at the growl that emanated from the dog turning around she returned her gaze apologizing she just couldn't understand the dog, really she couldn't perhaps it was a male dominance thing.

Next time you trespass I will not be so lenient.”  Sesshomaru stated walking away without giving another glance to the female panther that looked in the direction he stated before disappearing into the night.

End Flashback

Now Toran stood upon the thickest branches of a spruce tree observing the sleeping group, Toran wasn't sure if she should approach the group as a whole or just demand the miko to leave with her.  The hanyou was no where to be seen. The fool leaving his pack unprotected in the night. Was he hurt or off somewhere with the living dead one. No matter his disappearance helped her even more than he'd know. Now she wouldn't have to worry about the group going as one and that was just asking for trouble.

The group had a knack for finding trouble. Yeah, kidnapping sounded much so much better however, Toran looked down into the eyes of the fire cat Kiara and kit. No that wouldn't do she had a suspicion that she was a welcomed sight. Now of course this made her curious as to why and knew the phrase most used for her kind. 'Curiosity killed the cat.' At the thought she frowned.  `No curiosity only fuels me.'  With this last thought Toran jumped from her perch landing softly on the ground.

Silently Toran made her way to the miko whom lay in strange bedding she'd never seen before. Looking around the camp she spotted the fire cat watching intently. Making a keening mew sound no human could hear waiting for the fire cat to answer in return. Several hisses and mews met Toran's ears.  'Now I know why there is tension in the air. It seems the hanyou had been less than a pack leader and more an ogre with a serious case of puppy dead attachment.

A whimper from the miko brought Toran's attention to Kagome. Nodding to the fire cat for now, Toran turned to watch in amazement as the miko's aura-radiated sadness and jealousy to that of pure fury and then guilt, sadness and determination. `What could she be dreaming about?'  Toran thought as she placed a barrier around them so they would not disturb her comrades. Looking at the kit with his wide green eyes he slipped from the comfortable confines of Kagome's sleeping bag and bounded over to to Toran with a sad smile.

I'm glad someone came, I know your not hear to hurt us Toran. But I have a request and I want you to honor it.” Shippo declared puffing up his chest in pride for being brave. Toran took a second to reply smiling on the inside about how the kit was acting.

What request do you have for me to honor, then I shall give my answer?” Looking down at the kit she tapped her shoulder signaling the kit to jump to her shoulder.

I want you to take my adoptive mother Kagome away from here she needs time to recover from the stupid dog breath Inu Yasha's abuse.” Shippo growled into Toran's ear.

What has the hanyou done? The last I saw of your pack the hanyou would fight to the death to protect the miko. What changed?” Curiosity really got the better of her and waited to see if the kit was forthcoming.

Inu Yasha has been more than mean to Kagome, bossing her around, belittling her, complaining that Kagome should put more effort into seeing the shards than worrying about her family. Then he'd tell her she was no good that she should give the shards to Kikyo because she was stronger than her. He's even pushed her around when the others weren't looking. Kagome has scars from his claws scraping her back because she was running from him. Kagome has been slowly losing herself the more she stays here. Please Toran, help my Kagome mother.”  Owlishly looking at the kit she had no idea what to say but hiss at the poor treatment of the miko.

I have come seeking the miko Kagome for help.  So it would seem my quest has been in favor with the Fates.  I do not how long we will be gone, but we have to save a child before it should parish. I have searched for your pack for half a moon cycle, it will take that time to get to where we are needed. As for your plea, I Toran Princess of the Panther Tribe give my honor that I will protect the miko Kagome.” Shippo smiled a half smile.

Thank you Toran, the Kami have been looking out for my Kagome mother after all."  Nodding to Toran, Shippo jumped back down holding his finger to his lips a soft shhhh leaving his lips as he crawled back into the sleeping bag snuggling up to Kagome before she left. 'Who knows how long Kagome will be gone, but at least she'll be safe from dog turd.'  Shippo thought taking Kagome's scent. Toran watched as the kit snuggled against the miko knowing it was a goodbye for the time being taking in her scent so it would last a few days once she was gone.

Toran knelt in front of the miko and placed her hand over the miko's mouth ready to handle the frightened female.  Quietly as possible Toran spoke waiting for the miko's reaction.

Kagome, wake up miko.  You are needed.”  Toran whispered quietly.

Kagome, listen to me you are needed. Awaken miko.”  Toran shook the sleeping figure.  Without realizing it Kagome woke from her nightmare only to find her mouth covered acting on instinct she slapped Toran.

SLAP!!!”  Kagome's hand went flying grabbing onto the panthers' wrists trying to fight her way free.

I deserved that.”  Toran spoke softly enough for the miko to hear which halted Kagome's meager fight.

Calm down Kagome, it is I, Toran of the Panther Tribe.”  Toran stated watching the shocked expression the miko expressed.

I have not come here to harm you; your services are in dire need.  You must come now. Quickly or the child will surely die.”  Toran glanced down at the kit before returning her gaze to the miko as she spoke.

I will remove my hand but I assure you I mean no harm, I have only come to request your help.  I cannot let an innocent child die.”  Now that got the miko sitting up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she hoarsely spoke.

What…. Toran…. whose child, where, what's wrong with him/her.”  Kagome's mind trying to piece together what her sleepy mind heard.  Shippo's eyes met that of Kiara's she mewled soft enough for him to hear. Blinking his eyes Shippo nudged Kagome letting her know he was awake.

Your kit is awake.”  Toran stated watching the miko turn to her kit while waiting for her reply.

Oh Shippo honey."  Kagome cooed softly.

It's okay Kagome, I've been awake and I spoke to Toran?"  Looking to Toran then back to Kagome Shippo wrung his tiny hands together waiting to see what Kagome would say.

Oh my little Shippo thank you sweetheart. Well, Toran needs help.  A baby is in danger and I decided to go with her.”  The miko spoke softly rubbing the kits hair.

You know how stupid Inu Yasha will act when he gets back, and notices your gone.”  Shippo’s answered snuggling further into her chest taking in her scent.

“Oh how can we forget, he'll think I was kidnapped again or worse yet I ran off to be with Koga.  Such a brainless idiot he is at times.  Anyways, he doesn’t have the right he made his choice and I will do as I see fit for this pack and not him.  He doesn't rule me he's only a friend not my son, not boyfriend, nor my husband and definately not my keeper.  He doesn't need to know where or who I've gone with all the time.  Besides he's not been the same hanyou I once loved things change when you get too much dirt and ash inside your brains, makes you do funny things.”  Kagome sniffled trying to stop the laugh that wanted to escape.  Shippo was wiping the tears from her eyes with a smile.

I need to get away from InuYasha before I go insane.”  Kagome’s voice wavered.  Shippo knew all to well what has been happening and agreed.

Don’t worry Kagome, I can handle dog face.”  Shippo claimed with a fanged grin.

Oh Shippo thank you….  I'm counting on you to be my tough little kit.  I know Inu Yasha is gonna flip knowing I'm gone. No matter what don't say a word to anyone why I left when he's around. So your gonna have to pretend you don't know anything.  I want you to use that little trick I taught you to get away with a little white lie avoiding sensitive noses and senses."  Shippo was now sitting in Kagome’s lap enjoying the feel of her hands running through his hair as Kagome continued speaking to him in low tones.

You did not see, nor hear anything that went on, or where I had gone or with who.  I’m going to leave a note so they know.  Don’t tell them there’s a note let one of the other’s find it okay."  Kagome looked to Toran who kept an eye out for movement from the others while Kagome filled the kit in on what she was doing.

You gotta promise me Shippo?  Don’t let Inu Yasha come for me.  I’m afraid of what might happen should he find out.  I don't want to fight him anymore. I'm tired, my soul aches to be whole and I just want this to be over and done with so we can travel until we find a new place to call home."   Kagome hugged her kit whispering her love for him and the others. Be safe and make sure to tell Sango and Miroku I will be fine and that I will miss you all.” With that Kagome kissed Shippo's head smiling down at him.

I’ll pretend none of this happened Kagome.  Inu-baka deserves it with the way he’s been treating you for the last few months.”  With that said Kagome patted him on the head before a soft voice interrupted them.

We need to get moving miko we have a long venture ahead of us.”  Toran knelt to the pair and patted Shippo’s head.

You are a brave kit, it is no wonder why the miko loves you so.”  Shippo looked to Kagome watching her nod yes made him fuzzy inside.  Hearing Kagome voice it was even more exciting.

I do love you Shippo so so very much.”  Kagome chanted into his fur.  Being interrupted again Kagome nodded to Toran.

Watch out for Inu’s temper if he gets mad stay with Sango or Miroku they’ll protect you or have Kiara fly you into the sky to keep you away from him. I don't know how long I will be gone Shippo. If anything bad happens head back to Edo. I will find you.”  Having Shippo nod reassured Kagome that things would go well.

Okay, I gotta write a note and then get dressed Toran.”  With that Kagome slipped on her shoes then waited with open arms until Shippo jumped up from the sleeping bag.

Watching where she was walking Kagome placed Shippo next to Kiara giving him one more kiss on the head seeing his smile while he snuggled into Kiara’s fur mumbling ‘I love you too.’  Kagome smiled down at him as he closed his eyes. Kagome whispered her goodbyes before returning to her task at hand.

I have to let Sango and Miroku know I left to help a friend in need. I don't want them to worry or think I was kidnapped again.” Kagome explained. Kagome speedily held up her notepad and pen. Now she had Toran's attention. Seeing the odd parchment Toran gave a look that clearly stated `What is it?' Writing what she thought best Kagome set it down on the sleeping bag for the time being.

Going back to her yellow backpack Kagome dug out some clothes.  Not knowing where she was going she went with the most durable.  Jeans, long sleeved top and a sweater. Looking inside the withered old yellow school backpack, Kagome grabbed one of the first-aid-kits, a Swiss army knife, a bag of dried jerky and the deerskin water flask and stuffed them in a shoulder strapped deerskin sack with a drawstring that she sewed herself thanks to one of many living off the land books.

After dressing Kagome put on her hiking boots she looked to Toran whom stood waiting as she stuffed her pajamas back into her backpack. Kagome took in the scene of her friends sleeping soundly she picked up her note and set it down on the sleeping bag hoping that Sango or Miroku would find it. Walking away towards the edge of the camp Kagome smiled sadly before looking at Toran who was watching her trying to decipher the emotions she currently held.

I'm ready.” Kagome stated watching as Toran began to chant.  Once the chant was done, Toran swept Kagome up onto her back ready to leave. When the miko was secure, Toran held the miko's legs saying.

Hold on tight!” Giving no other warning began running at speeds Kagome only knew Sesshomaru and Koga had.

Kagome held on to Toran's cloak with a death grip as they made there way north zigzagging here and there jumping off one branch to the ground picking up momentum treading through the stream for miles until it branched off turning into a river.

Toran used her knowledge of cloaking to elude any that dared try to follow.  She did not want the hanyou to follow her or the miko for where they were to travel.  No males ever dared venture or die trying.  Toran knew the miko well enough to know that when one of her companions was in danger she would fight tooth and nail to save them at her own cost of life.  Knowing this Toran would take extra measures to ensure the miko's safety.

End chapter

I hope you enjoyed the chapter, I've done a lot of work rewriting the story also there is a chapter uploaded.  Don't forget to review. I enjoy reading them even if they are flamers. You'll learn more on whom Kagome is to save in the next several chapters. Peace…



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