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Show and Tell by SunsetMiko

Show and Tell

I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does.

This was written for EbonySilk's ( Week 41, theme Homework.

Title: Show and Tell

Author: Sunset Miko

Genre: Romance/Humor

Word Count: 424 words

Rating: R

Warnings: A bit of implied naughtiness. Nothing explicit.

Universe: Canon

Kagome was on the verge of panicking. She'd lost something very, very important. She had to find it before someone else did or not only would she get another F in her art class, she would probably end up dead... extra dead if he found it.

For once she was thankful that Inuyasha was off 'secretly' visiting Kikyo. At least he wasn't around to ask questions, like why she was freaking out about a drawing. Then he would want to know what she'd drawn and really didn't want to have to tell him.

She blushed as she thought about her art project, a creature from the realm of fantasy. Sure, he was real and all, but no one in her time knew that or would believe it if she told them. Besides, he was most definitely a creature of her fantasies. She'd been dreaming about him since almost the first time she'd seen him. So she'd decided to let her pencil wander a bit and see what she could come up with.

No one could see it. She would die all on her own of mortification, no need for him to lift a single claw tipped finger. 'Why did I have to draw him? And why was I stupid enough to bring it here?!'

She headed in the direction the wind was blowing, hoping and praying that she could find it, and she was so caught up in her worries that she nearly ran right into someone who had been heading in the opposite direction. 'No... please don't let it be him. Please oh please oh please don't let it be him!' Slowly her eyes moved from the broad, armor covered chest to his expressionless face... except it wasn't expressionless.

In his hand he held it, a very detailed drawing that was very accurate. Amusement and something else flickered through his eyes as he quirked a brow and looked down at her bright red face. He looked almost... playful... when he spoke, his voice making her entire body shiver.

"Tell me, Miko. How is it that you know where all of this Sesshoumaru's markings are?"

"I... I..." Kagome could do nothing but stutter and stare in wonder at the small smirk on his face.

"Well, almost all. You did miss one." He knew he had her when her eyes lit up with less than innocent curiosity.

"Where?" she asked him rather breathlessly. The idea of just where he could be hiding one last stripe made her mouth water.

"Come... This Sesshoumaru will show you."


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