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Don't Be Surprised by Crimson Rose

I Told You So

DISCLAIMER: I wish I owned Inuyasha, but I don't... 

 Taking a sip of wine, Kagome breathed softly. 'I told him and yet he did not listen, oh well he is just going to love this.' Giggling lightly Kagome got off the loveseat, and walked towards the two manila folders on the kitchen table. Grabbing the contents of one of the folders and quickly bringing them back to the living room. Setting the pictures in a neat line on the desk, facing the door, so right when he would walk in, he would get a lovely view of himself with that red-eyed vixen. "I must say she is very beautiful" Kagome said thoughtfully to her self. Hearing his engine coming up their...her drive way, she took another sip of the wine savoring its distinct flavor. 'Here we go' giving herself a mental pat on the back, she watched the door slam open to reveal an angry Taiyoukai.

"Woman, what is the meaning of this?!" Sesshomaru spat

"The meaning of what husband?" sneered Kagome

"The. Divorce. Papers." He grounded out

"Now, now I thought you would be more observant of your surroundings!" admonished Kagome "If you would please take a look at the photos on the desk, it should explain everything." Watching her dearest husband looking at those pictures made her smirk. He thought she didn't know, 'What a fool.' Her smirk got even bigger when he saw the other manila folder. "You know Sessho, when I first caught you with Kikyo, I said something, do you remember? Hmm I guess not. I told you Sesshomaru, don't be surprised if you no longer have a place in my bed if I catch you again." Slowly he opened the folder and dumped everything out on the desk. There in all of the pictures was Naraku Kumo, Sesshomaru's rival. It had very explicit details regarding Kagome and Naraku. Hearing a horn outside, Kagome smiled "Sessho be a dear and remove your things from my house and lock up when your done. Naraku and I have some...unfinished details we must continue. Ta Ta." Grabbing her purse and exiting her house all she could think was 'I told you so.'


I just love those four words...I use them everytime my hubby is wrong:)

Well that’s it! I may have to touch it up a bit later. I’m not too sure if I should make it into a chapter story yet but if you want me too then sure:) Don't forget to REVIEW!!!



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