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A Gift for Kagome by SunsetMiko

Sugary Stripes

Those stripes of his… Those stripes twisted and twirled in her mind until they wrapped around her tightly enough to choke out everything else. She couldn’t get him out of her mind.

Now was not the time. She shouldn’t be busy thinking about Sesshoumaru, not when she was home for once in a long time. She’d managed to get a break just in time for the holidays and she was trying unsuccessfully to get all her gift shopping done before a certain hanyou came and dragged her back to the Feudal Era.

Her list was huge, family, school friends, and of course her new family in the past. They didn’t celebrate the holidays the same way as she did, but who wouldn’t enjoy receiving gifts? Kagome was bound and determined to bring them some Christmas cheer from her own time. If only she could focus.

Everywhere she looked were holiday decorations, beautiful lights and ribbons, brightly wrapped packages and snowflakes. She loved it all and was soaking in as much as possible before she had to leave again. The only thing she could do without was the candy canes. They were everywhere and those stripes… those stripes brought her mind back to stripes of another kind, stripes that wouldn’t leave her alone, calling out to her, begging her to touch them, taunting her with temptation.

Accepting the miniature candy cane offered to her by a shopping mall elf, Kagome smirked. Even if she couldn’t touch those stripes in real life without guaranteeing the loss of her offending limb, she could pretend. She slipped the candy into her mouth, running her tongue along the sweet stripes. It might not be him, but it was as close as she was going to get.


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