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Unmated by Sensei

Plums and Jasmine

Author's Note: My first ever SessKag fic.


Slipping from Kirara's back was strangely unreal, like going down the well but bright, blinding. She fell, the sun in her eyes, for long, stretched moments, the wind rushing so loudly in her ears it seemed almost silent. One instant she had been calling out Inuyasha's name to warn him of the spikes in a demon's fiery tail; the next she was dropping from the great furred back into the vast, empty sky.

She heard her name called once, twice, three times, but she could not respond. From freefall to earthpressed, Kagome suddenly could neither move nor speak from a blunt blackness in which her mind and body lay.

There came then a gentle touch, touching, pressing, and moving her as if she were a doll being taken from the darkness of some child's toy chest. She moaned, closed-mouthed at the strangeness of the sensation but could not stop it nor even open her eyes. Then came pain. Sharp. Jagged. Electric. Agonizing. Her lips parted and she cried out to her abuser for mercy before the night that should have been day closed over her once again.

When she knew herself once more, she was again aloft. Not upon Kirara or Inuyasha's shoulders but in the arms of one who held her as if she weighed nothing. Cradled like a babe, she felt again the sensation of being a child's plaything. She smelled plums and jasmine as she raised her eyelids with effort. Her head pounded. Blinking back tears induced by sunshine and pain, she saw the blurred outline of a raised, arrogant chin; long, silk-silver hair; and thick fur that wrapped her. "Sesshoumaru?" she queried, her voice a whisper.

Dispassionate golden eyes gazed down upon her. Kagome shivered, though the air was warm and calm. "Be still. Your wrist is likely broken."

So condescending! He spoke as if she needed to be told what was wrong with her. But when she bent her hand, she instantly regretted it. "Where are you taking me?" she demanded. When Sesshoumaru did not immediately answer, she took a deep breath. A flush came to her cheeks as she realized it was he who smelled—unexpectedly and, she had to confess, alluringly—of sweet fruit and delicate flora.

"Back to…them," Sesshoumaru at last replied, tonelessly. He nodded to Rin, following behind. "The child would have been insufferable had I left you where you lay."


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