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Curiosity Knocked the Taiyoukai Upside His Head by DemonQueen17

Curiosity Knocked the Taiyoukai Upside His Head

Disclaimer: Inuyasha is not mine. Nope, don’t make any extra money off of it.

Note: Drabble prompt: Curiosity

Curiosity Knocked the Taiyoukai Upside His Head

After 500 years, Sesshomaru broke free from the dreaded plushie curse. He was a ‘gift’ from his owner’s sibling. He stood up and looked around the bedroom he had been confined in as a plush doll. Little did he know, electricity was discovered.

Something caught his attention. A metallic box with many switches sat at the corner of the desk. And so, he decided to flip a switch. Loud voices emanated from the box, causing the taiyoukai to jump back. He didn’t know how to turn it off and so, it was destroyed with a flick of his poison whip.

Kagome in turn was shocked at seeing and screamed. Sesshomaru covered her mouth with his hand. “Be quiet, miko. How is it that you’re still alive?”

“What are you talking about? This is the Modern Era!” She turned to see her radio destroyed. “Why did you destroy my radio?”

“This Sesshomaru flipped a switch and voices came out of it. He had no choice but to destroy it. Your time is curious indeed; artificial light and voices coming out of a metallic box. This is interesting. Show me more of this technology.” He then turned to sit on the bed.


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