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The Nutella Temptation by Aimee Blue

The Nutella Temptation

In a suburban street, in a small Japanese town, in a large white house, in a top-of-the-range kitchen sat a disgruntled Taiyokai.

His small family was spread amongst said kitchen. His mate sat cross legged atop the kitchen counter in shorts and a long sleeved v-necked sweater covered in flecks of paint from her latest monster of a sculpture. Apparently the new piece was going to be a falcon, but at that moment in time it was simply taking up the entire living room and annoying Sesshoumaru. She was picking the paint from her fingers, adhering from turpentine due to Sesshoumaru’s hatred for the substance. Her sapphire tinted black hair was piled atop her head in a messy topknot and she was wearing her bed socks.

His twins were both sat at the breakfast bar. His daughter had hundreds of thin braids finished with bright beads woven into her long silver hair and her sapphire eyes were cross-eyed as she attempted to see the milk moustache her brother was taunting her about. Her brother had an evil glint in his golden eyes as he watched his sister look for the imaginary moustache. His black puppy-ears flattened to his skull when his sister pinched his nose after discovering his hoax and he flicked her puppy-ear in return.

Sesshoumaru, impervious to his family and their light joviality was living through his own personal hell.

If there had ever been a more annoying substance then Sesshoumaru had yet to encounter it. And if he did ever encounter it he would kill the proprietor. This substance was bad enough.

Being a dog demon came with its perks, like the heightened hearing, the speed, the ability to see in the dark and the keen sense of smell. However in some circumstances his keen sense of smell could be a curse. Like now.

It was supper time and his children had just come home from their best friend’s birthday party. The chocolate smelling substance was slicked all over his once pristine kitchen, his twins were coated in the foul substance and his mate was licking the stuff off her elegant fingers with a dainty tongue.

His daughter giggled at his expression “Papa doesn’t like Nutella!” she giggled

“I think that statement was a bit mild” his mate commented “it’s more viscous hate”

“Why though?” his son Akihiro asked in confusion as he bit into his toast and smeared the stuff all over his face. Sesshoumaru grimaced.

Kagome giggled and ignored Sesshoumaru’s warning growl “When your papa was younger he decided to eat an entire, huge chocolate bar” she made an exaggerated gesture of the size with her hands causing her children to laugh “all at once! Needless to say he was really poorly afterwards and now he doesn’t like anything that is slightly chocolaty”

“But it’s so good!” Azami was scandalized and frowned at her father

“I know” Kagome said giggling as Akihiro dropped some on his hand and licked it off

“It’s got hazelnuts too” Akihiro attempted to console his father, but to no avail.

“I don’t think he cares” Kagome chuckled

“Kagome” Sesshoumaru warned at the mischievous glint that soon entered her eyes. She calmly picked up the pot of Nutella and inserted the spoon, gathering a huge dollop of the substance on the end. She smirked evilly and pinged the projectile straight at her mate cackling as the substance smacked him straight in the crescent moon and slid down his alabaster nose. He seemed frozen in shock for a moment before his mate shrieked and ran from the kitchen, skidding around the corner in her white socks. He smirked slightly and flicked the sticky substance from his face.

His children, obviously thinking that their mother was a genius, hasted to grab their own handfuls of the thick brown substance to fling at their father.

Sesshoumaru watched with one twitching brow as his children, like their mother scampered away grinning like maniacs.

The Nutella chase was on.

The twins were easy targets; often falling prey to their father’s missiles but their mother was craftier, using his love for certain pieces of furniture to her advantage. He wouldn’t dare throw any at her when she held his precious laptop hostage. But that just made it more interesting as he tracked her down and slathered her in the stuff.

Three hours and two tubs of Nutella later the entire family had fallen down from exhaustion on the grass of the back garden. All four chests were heaving in exertion and the twins were so coated in the Nutella that they would probably make good toasted snacks. Sesshoumaru’s hair was turning a peculiar brown colour and Kagome was still giggling quietly every now and then.

“I love Nutella!” Azami exclaimed

“We should do this every afternoon!” Akihiro

“I have Nutella in places that no one really should” Kagome grinned “and I think it’s time your father put you in the bath”

“Why me?” he demanded

“Because you and your aim have turned me into a melted chocolate Miko, I need a shower more than you!” she swatted at him as he raised his eyebrows.

“Very well” he acquiesced


“That’s my line” he smirked and she stuck her tongue out.

Sesshoumaru came back from coercing his children into the bath and then into bed a little bit more bedraggled than when he had left. The Nutella had vacated his hair, perhaps in fear of reprisals but more probably because of the soaking he had received from the twins when he had attempted to bathe them. He threw his sopping shirt into the corner of his bedroom and shook his hair in the manner reminiscent of a dog.

His mate was sat on the bed, naked and still trying to brush through her Nutella sticky hair whilst cursing softly. His jeans followed his t-shirt into the corner.

The Nutella had covered her neck, her legs and her cleavage; due to some intricate shots by a filthy minded Taiyokai. The substance was trickling along her body in between her breasts as she brushed her hair and he couldn’t help but trace its path with his eyes. She growled when she saw him.

“You’ve managed to matt my hair” she scolded bonking him on the nose with her brush

“You were the one who instigated the battle with this Sesshoumaru” he reminded her loftily “you should have known you would lose”

“Bite me” was her scathing reply. But really she should have known better than to issue such an invitation, whilst naked, to a Taiyokai.

Seconds later Kagome found herself blinking whilst inspecting her bedroom ceiling. A Taiyokai was straddling her waist and her hands were mysteriously pinned above her head.

“Aw, come on Sesshoumaru” she moaned attempting to free herself “I’m covered in Nutella, you can’t possibly want to...”

Her protests trailed off abruptly when he ground his arousal against her.

“You’re such an Inu” she rolled her eyes “one mention of biting and—”

Funnily enough she found herself cut off from her rant about dogs when his lips crashed down hungrily over hers. He began to clean his lithe mate of the Nutella making her moan and gasp. He discovered that the Nutella wasn’t as horrible as he had imagined and quickly became addicted to the chocolate taste. He knew this would probably end disastrously for him but his mate’s moans were making it hard to concentrate on that.

She gave a small gasp-moan as he carefully traced her neck with his lips and teeth, following the path down to the hollow of her throat and across her breast bone. There the trail stopped for a while and his hungry nose traced a line down her stomach and abdomen before coming to the band of skin that had been exposed to the fight from in-between the shirt and her skirt. She gasped as his breath tickled her stomach and he smirked at the goose pimples that erupted over her smooth flesh.

His licks and nips were driving her insane as he traced the path of the Nutella. She was becoming seriously annoyed that the sticky gloop hadn’t gotten anywhere more...interesting.

“Damn it Sesshoumaru” she moaned out as his lips and tongue ventured tantalisingly close to her nipple, but didn’t quite venture that far.

“Be quiet Kagome, you would not want the children to burst in would you?” Sesshoumaru smirked as he once again skimmed her stomach to suckle on the skin of her hips.

She growled at him and quicker than he had expected she straddled him and gently nibbled on the tip of his pointed ear. He groaned into her breasts and she grinned triumphantly “Shhh!”

Growling gently back at her he quickly flipped her so that she was underneath him and traced a path down her body with the back of a claw until he found her clit and rubbed teasing circles around the nub as he traced the same path down her body with his lips and tongue. Her blue eyes rolled back into her head as she attempted to grind against the teasing claw. His smirk grew wider.

Kagome gasped and arched to his touch, savouring the warmth of his lips as they finally closed around her clit and one finger began its teasing inside her slick walls. He smirked as he tasted her.


“You... have... to” she panted out as he brought her closer and closer to her release. He chuckled and bit down on her clit as he added another finger into her convulsing passage. She came with a scream onto his hand and he removed his fingers licking them languidly as he smirked at her.

“Jerk” she muttered

“Really?” he asked rubbing his arousal against her clit

“Jerk” she repeated as she leaned up and bit his ear “my jerk”

He chuckled and slid into the welcoming heat of his mate. His lips met hers as he pulled back before pressing back in again and he grinned smugly as her hips lifted eagerly to meet his thrusts. Each time her encouragement urged him on and he moved with more speed and force until she was incoherent in her ecstasy. He was tempted to remind her that silence was probably a good idea but couldn’t bring himself to care too much anymore.

He abruptly stopped and pulled out, smirking at her protesting whimper. He arranged her on her hands and knees and she tried to laugh at him but instead choked as he abruptly slammed into her again.

“Agn!” she threw back her head as he repeatedly stroked that secret spot inside her walls. Before Sesshoumaru she hadn’t even known it had existed, she was so glad he had helped her discover it.

 He snarled at her viciously tightening walls and smirked as his snarl made her quiver in response.

The tell tale quivering of her walls signified another orgasm and he snarled and bit down on her neck as her orgasm spurred on his own.


Kagome awoke to a weird sound that at first she couldn’t even place. Rubbing her tired eyes and admiring her sex-hair in the mirror at her table she began to listen to see if she would hear the phantom noise again. Eventually her befuddled brain awoke properly and she padded from their bedroom down to the bathroom. Her mate was retching into the toilet and she rolled her eyes as she held his long hair back for him.

“That’s what you get for eating Nutella” she reminded him rubbing the tips of his ears

“Papa ate some Nutella?” an inquisitive Azami asked appearing in the doorway with groggy eyes and bed-head “when, without us?” she looked heart broken

Kagome laughed and ruffled her daughters hair with her free hand “He just couldn’t resist I’m afraid”

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