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Pinata Pleasure by Walter205

Chapter 1

 "Hmm, what is on the agenda for tonight?" asked Sesshomaru, glancing over the miko's shoulder at her blackberry.

 "We have a birthday party to attend. For a very special fan-fiction writer," said the miko, typing around for the writer's birthday wishes.

 "Ooh, this is a funny wish," said Kagome, pointing to one of the wishes.

 "Hn, most amusing," replied Sesshomaru with a light smirk on his face.

 "If only we could make it come true," sighed Kagome.

 "Do not doubt our abilities miko....," chastised Sesshomaru.

 "But, how?.....," Kagome trailed off, looking confused at him.

 "Leave it to me," said the demon as he disappeared out the door.

* * *

 Kagome glanced around at the party celebration. Sesshomaru peeked out from around the tree, signaling everything was ready on his end.

 Behind the tree, Sesshomaru held a struggling and gagging Inuyasha, gagging because of the five hundred wrapped pieces of pocky that Sesshomaru had just shoved down his throat into his stomach.

 "Okay everybody, time for the birthday girl and two of her friends to come play the pinata," announced Kagome, handing out the sheathed Tetsuiga, Tokijin, and Bakusaiga to Skye, rOo, and Monti. Unsheathing the swords, the three girls looked around for their target.

 Taking the cue, Sesshomaru shoved Inuyasha out into the yard. Not wasting another moment, he extended his claws and issued green poision from his hand, his whip sailing up and over a tree branch, and wrapping itself around Inuyasha's neck. Sesshomaru procceded to pull the whip taunt, then hauled Inuyasha up into the air.

 Kagome gestured at the suffocating Inuyasha.

 "Go get em!" said the miko.

 The three girls advanced on their target.

 * * *

 Hours later, the party was over, and it was time for cleanup.

 As Kagome emerged from the shower in their travel trailer, toweling dry her hair and hopefully removing the last traces of Inuyasha's gore and guts from her body, she looked over questiongly to Sesshomaru.

 "I've revived him, once again, against my better judgement," acknowledged Sesshomaru, answering her silent question.

 "Good boy," compliment Kagome in a kiddy-like voice, patting him on top of the head.

 Growling in a playful mood, Sesshomaru grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the bed with him, then pounced on her.

 "Oh....oooohhh Sesshomaruuuu," moaned Kagome as he went to work on her....

 The End


A/N: Naraku has nothing to say about this.


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