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Strike a Pose by Aimee Blue

Work it

Chapter three: Work it.

He didn’t see how he had been convinced into doing this. He had been ambushed early that morning by a hyperactive Kagome and thrown into a car and driven to a studio. He had then been forced into a chair and told to wait for the stylist.

Kagome had escaped his wrath and he could see her now, she was stood talking to a guy about the lighting for the shoot.

That was right. He was doing his first modelling job for HG designs.

He had to hand it to Megumi; she certainly didn’t waste any time. They’d only had the conversation about modelling yesterday and now he was sat in a goddamn styling chair.

The makeup girl with the long straight brown hair and brown eyes approached him took one look at the murderous stare coming from his golden eyes and ran to go and get Kagome.

“Hey, Kags, you need to calm down your puppy before he starts mauling unsuspecting civilians” she said grabbing Kagome by the shoulder.

Kagome glanced over at the currently livid Sesshoumaru and swallowed loudly.

“What if he kills me?”

“We’ll dispose of the body quietly” the woman’s tone was reassuring even though her words were the exact opposite of reassuring

“Gee thanks Sango-chan” she rolled her blue eyes expressively

She approached the Yokai lord slowly as if he was going to blow up any second. Which he may, judging by the low growl rumbling from his chest and the stare of death.

“Sesshoumaru” she used his proper name in the hopes of not angering him further, though her overall presence seemed to make him even more blood thirsty. “You need to let them dress you and style your hair and makeup”

He gave her a look that could have frozen the sun “I do not wear makeup”

Trying not to laugh she took a different tact and crossed her fingers behind her back “I never took you for a quitter Sesshoumaru”

His head snapped up to glare at her again “I do not quit”

“So what do you call this?” she taunted “strategic retreating?”

“Fine” he growled in a voice that promised death to all

“Yay!” she clapped her hands together and bounced away “Sango-chan, I did it and I still have a head on my shoulders”

“Pity” Sango joked smirking at the hyper teen. She got hit over her head for her troubles.

Sesshoumaru sat back into the chair and tried not to care as around four human females touched his hair and his face. This was an incredibly hard feat for the Inu Yokai. It wasn’t like he had ever worn makeup before and this was somewhat degrading.

“Ne, Kagome-chan” Sango sidled up to the teen who was sat alone in the corner of the set with her notepad on her lap finishing her sketches of her new designs.


“Um... he’s doing that thing where he’s looking like a murderer again” she whispered

Kagome glanced up and sniggered uncontrollably as she caught sight of the Inu Yokai’s face. The photographer was trying to coerce the young Yokai into looking sultry and seductive.

All he had managed to achieve was to look steadily more pissed.

“Oh dear” she said and then started to laugh again, clinging to her stomach as it started to hurt from laughing.

“Do something, don’t just sit on your ass” Sango scolded the teenager

Kagome frowned at the predicament that she was presented with. If this shoot crashed and burned her Okasan would have her head on a silver platter. Not to mention she’d have to find something else for the Inu Yokai to do to earn money.

She stood and walked so she was behind the irate photographer. She deliberately caught the Yokai’s eyes and gave him a sultry smile. She had never tired anything like this before, but she was going to have to try if she wanted the photo’s to come out right.

She carefully sat in the chair just behind the photographer and allowed her skirt to drift revealing more of her toned thighs than was usually permitted. She smiled as she watched his eyes fix on her in the beginnings of lust. She brushed her hair back off her shoulders as they were revealed in the dark blue shirt she was wearing and allowed the tip of her tongue to flick out and moisten her lips.

Sesshoumaru’s golden eyes began to smoulder in his attraction to the younger Miko. Part of his brain realised she was doing this on purpose and the other part was simply enjoying her lavish flirting.

“PERFECT!” the photographer was on the brink of tears as his rigid subject suddenly became fluid and provocative. He smirked; self confident in his own talents that these photographs would be exactly what Megumi-sama wanted.

“Where are you going?” Sango asked as Kagome barrelled from the chair and ran towards the door that led towards the exit.

“Running!” she called. She had a feeling that the Inu Yokai wasn’t going to take very kindly to being teased by someone two years his junior in front of a room full of people. Now that the shoot was over he was perfectly free to rip her head from her shoulders.

She escaped into the corridors that led to store rooms and dressing rooms and at large the exit.

“Miko” a silky soft voice crooned into her ear as a hand tightened around her upper arm. The hand wasn’t holding her in a painful grip, it was merely inescapable.

She found herself pressed against the wall by an angry and, dare she think it, aroused Inu Yokai who growled playfully at her. He put a knee to the wall and lifted it up so that he caught her between the legs and lifted her off the floor slightly, she gasped very softly and he growled in approval.

“Oops” she whispered

“Little Miko,” he crooned “you should know better than to entice my beast”

“I was just helping you with the shoot.” She protested putting her hands on his firm chest in a vain attempt to create a breathing space between the two of them. Trying to ignore the sensations wriggling on his knee produced.

“Hn” he said still battling with himself as he leaned in to nuzzle her neck.

She gasped and had to fight to keep herself from swooning but her pulse went wild and her breathing ragged. He inhaled the scent along her jugular, she smelled like summer thunder storms and it was as appealing as normal human scents were repugnant.

He nearly fell over when she kneed him where it hurts and flitted from his grasp into the decidedly safer arms of her twin who had arrived to pick them up after the shoot.

Kikyo's appearance acted as somewhat of a bucket of cold water to Sesshoumaru and his beast and he composed himself enough to glare at her.

Kikyo gave him a look and he felt his cold facade fall back into place with finality and he raised an eyebrow at her.

So this Inu Yokai likes Kagome huh? She thought smirking on the inside whilst linking arms stoically with her sister and leaving the building.

Sesshoumaru growled his dissatisfaction to the empty corridor as they bid their retreat.

Close, very close.

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