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To Slay a Kingdom by Aimee Blue

Let's discuss

Chapter two: Let’s discuss

“Damn it!” Sesshoumaru had returned to his chambers. He was mindful of the fact that he was sulking like a teenaged pup but that woman-child was so frustrating. And now he was going to have to deal with her living under the same roof as her; facing the person who had beaten him every single day.

He had half a mind to simply ignore her but he was too proud to be as cowardly as to ignore the onna.

So what should he do? He had never met a female who did not submit to him and his alpha blood demanded submission from the flighty female.

He had no idea how to face the woman as she was different from everyone else. She was more powerful than him. “No, damn it I am the most powerful!” he snarled

“Sesshoumaru-sama?” a curious voice enquired and he turned to find Rin, the young girl he had saved from wolves and decided to keep, standing in the doorway and wondering why he was talking to himself.

“Nani Rin?” he asked

“Will you come with Rin to pick flowers in the garden Sesshoumaru-sama?” she asked smiling and revealing the gap between her two front teeth.

He sighed, this child he supposed was his weakness “Hai, this Sesshoumaru will accompany you”


The snow whipped through the barren landscape chasing itself through the mountain precipices. The sky was hiding behind the white flurry so that it was impossible to tell where the ground ended and the sky began.

A small girl walked barefoot through the snow leaving no footprints behind her. She was impossible to see due to her white skin, white kimono and white hair. The only way to tell her from the snow was her black bottomless eyes and the mirror she held that was emitting an ominous green light.

Find him Kanna.

She sped up her steady pace at the sound of the voice and once again disappeared into the snow.


Rin sprinted across the lush gardens of the palace giggling like a hyper imp as she twirled through the beautiful flowers that had mostly been planted for her comfort.

“Sesshoumaru-sama, it’s so pretty” she gushed as she began to pick some of the vegetation

Sesshoumaru almost, almost, allowed a small smile to slip through his cool facade, but only almost. He frowned slightly as he heard a tinkling laughter that gave him a foreign warm feeling in his chest.

He turned to the sound and spotted his baka half brother, the Kitsune guard who worked in the castle and the lecher sat on a grass verge with Kagome sat beside them laughing.

He wasn’t sure why it bothered him that she was laughing with them but it did. He walked over to the small group.

“Someone of royal blood such as you Inuyasha should not be seen lying on the floor” he told his brother as he appeared behind them causing them all to jump out of their skins bar Kagome who had already sensed his approach. She leant back and flashed him a wan smile which made his teeth grind together for unknown reasons.

“Piss off” the Hanyou replied wittily “Or I’ll set Kagome on you” he laughed darkly

Sesshoumaru tried to stop the growl that threatened to slip between his teeth but to no avail. Miroku raised an eyebrow at the noise and Shippo looked curiously between the two brothers and the Miko.

“Do you need a mere onna to fight for you?” Sesshoumaru taunted regaining his composure somewhat.

“Not likely” Inuyasha spat “but she can kick your ass any day and I’ll enjoy watching”

Miroku spoke up “What do you mean Inuyasha?” he asked “what could Kagome-sama do to Sesshoumaru-sama?”

“You don’t know?” Inuyasha smiled in a self satisfied way and he opened his huge gob to spill all when Kagome produced a familiar fan from the sleeve of her Kimono and hit him in the head with it. The fan was strangely familiar with the blue and silver dragon pattern, it appeared to be the same fan she had used to discipline him four years ago.

Sesshoumaru started at this, surely as the one who had beaten him she would take great pleasure in gloating over the triumph. She was strange.

“He is delusional” she told the monk and the Kitsune “pay him no heed”

“Hey!” Inuyasha protested and she punched him in the gut effectively winding him so he was unable to speak. Miroku laughed at the casual battering of the young prince.

“If you say so my Kagome-sama” he bowed and kissed her hand earning himself a punch in the shoulder “I have to bid you my farewell”

“Ja ne” she smiled as he departed

“Do you not have work to do?” Sesshoumaru asked darkly glaring at Shippo who sighed and shoved himself up from the ground.

“Ja ne Inuyasha-sama” he sighed and then smiled in a friendly fashion at Kagome “nice meeting you”

“You too Shippo-kun” she said nodding

“Why’d you do that Kagome?” Inuyasha gasped as he recovered his breath

“Because” she hit him with the fan again, he was really beginning to dislike that fan “I beat Sesshoumaru for a reason—”

“And what pray tell was that?” Sesshoumaru asked in a deadly quiet voice that was somehow supposed to be friendly but only made him more threatening.

“Um...” she smiled shiftily and stepped from foot to foot feeling uncomfortable under his intense golden gaze.

“Tell me” he commanded in a tone of voice that was almost impossible to disobey

“Yeah” Inuyasha agreed with his brother for the first time in a long while

“It’s simple” she said shrugging in a blasé fashion “I wanted to make Inuyasha feel better”

There was a silence.

“That was your reasoning?” Sesshoumaru sounded deceptively calm

“Oh dear” she said catching sight of his expression. His eyes were closed and the left was twitching, his mouth was twisted into a crooked smile that couldn’t really be called a smile when it was completely void of humour. She did a quick prayer to Kami to help her.

“Sesshoumaru-sama and Inuyasha-sama our king wishes to speak with you both in the council chambers immediately!” Jaken ran up to them quite quickly for someone of his stature. This wasn’t exactly what Kagome had, had in mind when she had asked Kami to help her but she would take what she could get.

“Why?” Inuyasha asked grumpily

“You shall not question the kings will half breed” said Sesshoumaru coldly as he stalked away into the palace.

“He doesn’t change” Kagome shook her head in good natured endearment “I guess he grows on you?”

Inuyasha snorted “Yeah he grows on you, like mould on a rock”

“That analogy was crude and pointless” she said

“Keh, shut up wench”

She hit him with the fan again and he shut up. He really didn’t like that fan.

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