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Immortal Beloved by Hirokuchan


Hey everyone!! This is my first fanfic in a while and though I usually don't go for Kagome/ Sesshomaru - I just adore Sesshomaru and really can't stand him with anyone in particular - I hope you will enjoy this!!

On a side note, I have three OC's whom I regularly use, and they will be explained before the first chapter, k?

OK!! On with the story!!  

AN- you seriously think I can come up with someone as gorgeous as Sesshomaru? Pfft, yeah right. Not mine, though once I have a bajillion dollars I might buy the rights. 

Immortal Beloved

Ok, just some background on my OC's.

•1-     Hiroku Namonika

Fire Demon


Age: 120 - rather young

Human appearance is that of a 16 year old.

Demur- Loud. Very loud. Hyper-active, energetic and prone to fits of crying.

Likes- anything sweet, though she usually doesn't get it. Is a female Miroku in some ways, though without the 'child-bearing' part.

Dislikes - bugs, dirt, bugs, leaves, bugs and oh yeah. Bugs.

Attribute - can appear in any fire, anywhere. Say you have a camp fire - Hiroku can appear in said fire and walk out of it into the camp. Depending on her mood, she can also shrink herself into a miniature version - kinda like the devil and angel riding on your shoulders.

Disadvantage- water is deadly when she is in flame mode - like if she is in/ coming out of a fire. Or is in the middle of a battle, etc.

•2-     Amaya Akato

Bat Demon


Age- 289 - oldish?

Human appearance is that of a 22 year old

Demur - silent. Think female Sesshomaru, except more violent

Likes- unknown

Dislikes - many things

Attributes- unknown, though it has been said she can scare people to death

Disadvantage - needs blood to survive


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