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The Curse of the Shiny Red Ball by Walter205

The curse

The skies turned purple as the remains of Naraku's body took to the air, a swirling pool of miasma, surrounded by the hellish saimyosho insects. Having his barrier broken by the newfound powers of the Red Tessaiga, then his body torn asunder by the wind scar and Sesshomaru's tokijin, Naraku was now in flight for his life.

Sesshomaru's eyes bled red as he began to transform into Fluffy.

"Hrrr, don't think you can escape from me...," growled Sesshomaru as a swirling pink mist began to envelope him.

"Sesshomaru, don't forget about Rin, she may be killed by Kohaku at any time now...," came the taunting voice of Naraku.

"Sesshomaru, whatever you do, don't kill Kohaku, Sango needs him to stay alive," interjected Inuyasha, sheathing his Tessaiga.

"Hrrr, Inuyasha, if you don't proceed to save Rin right now, I will kill Kohaku. But as of now, you are mine Naraku...," the growl was more pronounced as the swirling pink mist enveloped his body, before expanding in size. Nodding in confirmation, Inuyasha took off from the castle, heading into the forest torwards Rin's scent of fear.

With a final flash of light, Sesshomaru had transformed into the three legged Fluffy. With a snarl, he took to the skies, pursuing Naraku with his eyes and nose.

Crap, thought Naraku, I guess it's time for Plan B.

Sesshomaru was closing the distance when suddenly Naraku's swirl expanded slightly, before an object appeared. It was...

A giant red ball.

"Fetch boy," said Naraku, before using a blast of power to send the ball flying away in the opposite direction.

Sesshomaru the human form, knew what was happening, but unfortuantly he was powerless to stop it. His beast, seeing the shiny red ball, took over with canine instincts, and promptly took off after it.

Inuyasha had just arrived when Kohaku was preparing to kill Rin, and had dis-armed the boy. He was preparing to knock the kid out, when a happy woofing sound reached his ears. He looked up just in time to see a giant red ball descending upon him.

Reaching up with both arms, Inuyasha caught the ball, and just barely managed to handle it's weight. What he couldn't handle however was the weight of Fluffy when the dog landed on the ball with it's front paw, crushing Inuyasha into the ground. Fluffy then sank it's fangs into the ball, popping it with his teeth, and dripping deadly poision onto Inuyasha, causing the half demon to dissolve with a painful scream.

Kagome arrived on the scene, and seeing Inuyasha screaming in agony, reached into her backpack for the smaller red plastic ball that she kept in there to play with the kitten form of Kirara. Tying it to one of her arrows, she let loose with a blast of purifying energy, and up into the air the smaller red ball went.

Fluffy, gazing skywards in appreciation, send a woof of thanks in Kagome's direction, before taking to the skies again.

Naraku had made some good distance, when he detected something coming up from behind him. The hanyou turned just in time for a purifying arrow to hit him dead center in the chest, dissolving his heart, leaving a small shiny red ball in the palm of his only remaining hand. He looked up again, just in time to see Fluffy descending torwards him.

Oh...crap..., Naraku had enough time to think, before the dog was upon him, driving him out of the air and into the ground. Fluffy again picked up the small red ball, although this time it didn't pop. It merely dissolved when the poision came into his jaws, along with the remains of Naraku, killing the demon instantly.

Finally, with the second ball destroyed, and no more in the area, Sesshomaru was able to gain control of his beast and revert to his normal form.

Now what was I...oh crap, Rin! thought Sesshomaru, thinking maybe that he had killed Rin with the poision.

He flew back to Rin, but she was safe, held within the arms of a weeping Kagome. Sesshomaru looked to where Inuyasha had dissolved, and made a vow. He would take over as leader of the pack, and eventually mate with Kagome, as Inuyasha had intended to do. He would protect her for as long as she lived.

Picking up the Tessaiga, he was suprised it didn't reject him. But with Inuyasha dead, the previous chosen wielder, and his vow to protect a human, the sword now accepted him. Putting the sword into his sheath, and picking up a now sleeping Kagome and Rin, Sesshomaru took off into the forest, followed by Miroku and his now closed wind tunnel, and Sango.

Naraku may dead, but at what cost? My pride and dignity, both gone in a single instant? Was it really worth it? thought Sesshomaru. He looked down at the sleeping form of Kagome in his arm.

Depends on how good she is in bed, Sesshomaru smiled, for the first time in the evening of this departing day, as he continued forwards.

The End


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