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Instigator by SunsetMiko


I do not own Inuyasha and Company, no matter how happy it would make me. Rumiko Takahashi does. I make no money from these fics.

Instigator by SunsetMiko [Drabble #40] - Dokuga_Contest on Livejournal

Theme: Snap

Genre: Humor, general

Rating: G

Word Count: 100

Summary: Inuyasha instigates trouble.

Sesshoumaru watched in confusion for a moment as Kagome turned her back to him and started to stalk angrily away.

"You gonna let her talk to you like that?" the hanyou asked with a grin.

Refusing to be humiliated in front of an audience, the taiyoukai reached out and grabbed the back of her shirt. "Do not walk away from this Sesshoumaru."

Kagome struggled to pull free, unwilling to surrender, and finally succeeded, though success was accompanied by a yelp of pain and a loud snap as her bra collided with her back.

"Oh, you're in trouble now," Inuyasha laughed.


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