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Mother Nature's Humor by Mimiru

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I dont own Inuyasha XD And I think I'll start writing crackfiction from now on. And Yeah I'll continue w/ Soul of the Forsaken but its soo depressing atm XD I need an extended break..the chapters are longer and what not so atm with my schedule one shot crackfiction helps :D

This was once more inspired by the ongoings of chat XD.

Dedication: Dany, Smittee, Monti, and all the other nuts in chat :D



Outside the rain was coming down in quarter sized droplets, soaking everything within matter of seconds. That included several men and only a handful of women of the wedding party.

"Great day for a wedding" one man groused "Kagome sure can pick the days"

"This Sesshoumaru is soaked" a man would bemoan slightly "she's going to kill me..."

"Oh c'mon Sesshoumaru," a kindly man with jet black hair and sparkling violet eyes would say grinning "its mother nature, she can't be to mad"

"Think of it this way the whole guys side is literally dripping with good looks" a cheesy grin would make its way onto the face of Touga Taishou leaving his sons and their friends moaning from the cheesy joke.


Pacing around the back room a woman dressed in a Victorian styled wedding gown would chew on her lowerlip. The dress was pure lace upon lace and was tied tightly to her with the help of a built-in corset. The whole gown was simple but elegant, it had been in her family for years. Hair swept up in a simple style, Kagome Higurashi (soon to be Taishou) was a vision.

"Kagome, sit DOWN, already" her matron of honor, Sango, scolds forcing the girl to sit "I have to do your makeup!"

" can I? It's raining and its ruined my day..and..and" the miko would sniffle ringing her hands as she did so "And papa Taishou is probably making corny jokes"

A red headed wolf demoness would scowl "oh hush, raining or not, you can't let a little rain spoil your day...I mean think of how hunky the boys'll look in tuxes" she'd wipe the bit of drool that had collected at the edge of her lips.

Soft feminine laughter would sound from the room as all the women prepared. Soon, Kagome's mom would come in for pictures of all the girls smiling proudly "oh lookit you all...where are Rin and..AH Shippo there you are dear"

The young fox demon would pull at his collar "Kagome can I take this off now, its suffocating"

"I know sweetie but you just have to bare it for a little while longer, besides, lookit Rin don't you want to be grown up for her?" she'd chuckle when Shippo's cheeks turned pink. The 8 year old boy would blush, he had a crush on Rin Taishou, Sesshoumaru's little sister threw adoption.

Kagome giggled and woudl fluff his hair "just think how handsome you look little one" she chuckles, Shippo was her brother's best friend and was the son of the eastern lord, who had been a friend of the Higurashi's for generations.


Before anyone knew it, it was time. Sango was paired up with Miroku (who had promised Kagome that he'd refrain from groping his love until the reception) the two seemed to glide down the isle. Kouga paired up with Ayame, Inuyasha was with Kagome's charming cousin Shiori who had taken a liking to the other half demon, Shippo walked with little Rin and both of their faces were exceptionally red.

Sesshoumaru would struggle to keep from pulling at his collar, he was still slightly damp, all of them were and was jittery that Kagome would be most displeased. All train of thoughts were lost when he gazed upon his bride, she was a beautiful. He could see the tears of happiness swimming in her eyes as she was escorted by her 'papa Taishou' in place of her own father to give her away.


The picture was perfect, everything was gorgeous. Well it was perfect until the minister emits a loud sneeze and wrinkles his nose some glancing around he frowns seeming to forget all the Inu and Ookami demons in the congregation and wedding party "Uhm..." he'd say as the happy couple stood before him, it appeared the bride noticed to but didn't seem to mind "Sorry to there a pack of wet, stray dogs in here? Because if definately smells like wet dog"

The looks on the Inu and Ookami demons' faces was absolutely priceless, really it was, and it didn't stop Kagome and the other girls (and the humans and non-canine demons) from erupting into fits of laughter and giggles.

To say the least, it took Kouga, Inuyasha, Touga, Sesshoumaru, Ginta, Hakkaku and the rest of the Ookami and Inu packs a long time to get the joke.


-snort snort giggle- XD poor boys hope you enjoyed that -snort snort giggle-


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