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The Missing Bone by Mimiru


So it came up in chat that I had never written a crack fic XD and apparently they're therapeutic. Not to mention we were all talking abour Hoarders in chat last night and this is what my mind sprung up

I don't own Inuyasha!

This was the 20th time this month! She'd bring home a bone for a present for her brother's dog, leave it on the counter and by the time she turned around from putting the groceries away it'd be gone. Storming threw the house the little irate miko would be off in search of the 'Big Dog' of the house.


In another room...

"No one shall every know of our secret tryst" comes a husky voice as he cradled his secret love close to his chest "Not even Kagome shall know" hopping out the window with a large white object in his mouth, Sesshoumaru heads to the backyard to hide his secret.

Moments Later...

Looking around, Kagome would scowl, her mood still hadn't lessened and she hadn't seen hide nor fluff of her mate all day "Sesshoooumaru I know you took it" she'd call and frowns "If I were a dog.." her eyes would widen with realization "The back yard!" running to the back door she'd throw open the door, eyes widening at what she saw.

There was about a 6ft hole in her tulip bed, no WONDER they never grew there, they never had the chance too. And in that hole she saw a hint of silver hair as more dirt flew up "Sesshoumaru?" making her way to the hole she'd glare down at her mate, in his mouth was the missing bone "My bone!" he'd growl at her threw clenched teeth

"No not yours, you have nineteen others down there...give me it" the miko grumbles at him

"No...Mine!" he'd say snarling at her removing it from his mouth and hiding it "My bone!"

"Sesshoumaru.." she'd say warningly her tone stern. She'd watch as her mate gave her a rather pathetic puppy eyed look. It was hard for her to contain her giggles, really her normally clean and pristine mate was covered in dirt from head to toe, it was in his hair and more than likely under his well manicured claws.

Sighing softly she'd giggle at his appearance and shakes her head "Fiine, I give up, keep the stupid bones..I'll  just buy that deluxe squeaky toy for Souta's dog.." she'd stalk off leaving a frowning Sesshoumaru behind "Squeaky toy? Deluxe...?" he'd look down at the bones "Hmm..all good things must come to an end my loves" he coos to the bones climbing out of the hole he'd bury the bones and would proceed to await the return of his mate so he could have this, deluxe squeaky toy


Okaay not as 'cracky' as I thought it was but its rather funny to me nonetheless lol. Something about Sesshy w/ a big 'ol bone in his mouth makes me giggle.


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