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Watching and Wondering by Walter205

Watching and Wondering

  Watching and Wondering

 Tears streaming down her face, Kagome fled from the scene that had invaded her eyes, Inuyasha and Kikyo, lips locked into a passionate kiss.

 She kept running through the forest, branches and twigs tearing at her clothing and skin.

 Running, and running some more, until finally her clumsiness kicked in and she collided against something hard. Rebounding to the forest floor, she gave a loud moan of protest over the pain her head and derriere were now radiating.

 A growl from the object she had run into stopped her musings, and she stared upwards with tear streaked cheeks and red eyes to see a similar pair of red eyes staring back at her, but with no tears, nay, not any sign of water at all. Instead, purple streaks, markings, against pale skin was the only visible feature on HIS face.

 "Sesshomaru!" gasped Kagome.

 "Wench, I heard and smelt everything that was going on back there in that clearing. It is disgusting to think that even my vile half brother would kiss a claymikochia that is, for all intents and purposes, dead and deceased," grounded out Sesshomaru.

 "Yes," muttered Kagome in reply.

 "Which is why I propose that we fuck, right here and now in this clearing, to not only upstage my brother once again, but to also show him what he is missing out on with people that are still alive," said Sesshomaru in a husky voice.

 "I agree. Shall we?" asked Kagome as she stood and began to remove her clothes. Sesshomaru began to do so likewise, laying his swords and demon armor aside, then removing his own clothes.

 Kagome gasped when she saw the size of his member.

 "Oh kamis, look at the size of looks to be a foot long and at least six inches wide! How will it ever fit inside of me?" asked Kagome in an awed and somewhat desperate voice.

 "Yes, Little Sesshy has proven an obstacle when trying to pleasure human females in the past, but recently I have discovered that she who protects the shikon jewel can stretch herself to fit just about any size," re-assured Sesshomaru with a slight grin.

 "Okay, let's do it," said Kagome, now devoid of clothes, performing stretching excercises before approaching him.

 Rather than replying with words, Sesshomaru approached her at demon speed, his hand cupping her sex, and lifting her none too gently into the air and against the nearest tree. Kagome gasped with his sudden movement.

 Withdrawing his hand for just a second, Sesshomaru formed a fist with it, then drove it up into her pussy, parting the lips aside and immersing his arm up to the forearm inside of her, breaking through her barrier and drawing blood.

 Kagome screamed mostly in pain, but also a little bit in ectasy as he droved inside of her. Having now removed his hand, he proceeded to ram all of his length home inside of her. Giving her very little time to adjust, he withdrew then rammed it in again, going faster and faster as he could detect his own orgasm building inside of him.

 Kagome, for her part, had no thoughts, nor could form any with the wide array of emotions and feelings flowing through her body, mostly pleasurable feelings as his pumping into her continued. What she was able to communicate was often in the form of sounds that either mimicked a cat having sex, a human having sex, or a dog having rough sex.

 Finally, after driving her about halfway up the tree, his release came, pouring into her and filling her up completley, his roar shattering through the forest, as her own climax came and a battle of dominance began between his expanding and knotting member and her constricting and orgasming walls. His won in the end, securing his dominance over her.

 Just for good measure though, he went ahead and bit her neck. Then, because he forgot to earlier, he also played around with her breasts a little bit, licking and suckling on the nipples and giving a few good palm squeezes to feel that nice supple flesh filling his hands.

 By the time he was finished milking into her, she had fallen asleep. He gently removed himself from her, watching as the shikon shards still around her neck went to work returning her lower body back to it's...normal...dimensions without any pain on her part.

 Already, as if his seed worked super fast, he could smell the hint of a child forming in her womb. Thanks to the demonic nature of her miko powers and the shikon shards, the child would be full demon, and so would become the Heir to the West. Sighing in contement, the demon lord also feel asleep.

 * * *

 Barely a minute had elapsed from the time Kagome had fled their clearing to the time that they heard a great roar of claiming ring through the forest, followed by Kagome's cry of ectasy and her own orgasm.

 Inuyasha's ears and nose twitched as he took in the sounds and smell drifting his way.

 "Hmm, seems my brother set a new record in lasting so long during a mating," muttered Inuyasha, angry at Sesshomaru for stealing his practice bitch away from him.

 "Forget about those two Inuyasha, the last train to hell is departing at this moment," replied Kikyo, using her now dark miko powers to open up the pathway to hell below them.

 "Oh right, coming," said Inuyasha as he did a cannonball into the hell portal.

 Down the two of them fell, Inuyasha screaming and holding his hands up just like a little girl or boy taking a dive on a rollercoaster, Kikyo just looking calm and collected.

 Finally they landed on the bottom.

 "Where is the suprise you promised me?" asked Inuyasha, looking around.

 "Here it is," said Kikyo, gesturing to her side as she stepped aside.

 Inuyasha turned, and his eyes lit up in excitment.

 "JAKOTSU!" bellowed the half demon in exctiment and glee as he raced torwards his long forgotten love.

 "Inuyasha, I missed youuuuuuu," drawled out the womanly man.

 "Enough small talk, let's get down to buisness," replied Inuyasha in a husky voice as he stripped off his clothes.

 "Oooh, I love your style," moaned Jakotsu as he removed his own clothes.

 The two of them went at it then, a battle of kisses and dominance/submission, enjoyed the entire time by Kikyo, who had also stripped and was pleasuring herself, using dark water to wet her clay pussy and stroke the wet clay around. She would join them soon enough, but for now, just watch, and watch...

 * * *

 The End

 * * *


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