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Fated by sweetest angel

Always on my mind

Hello everyone!

This is the sequel of my one-shot story "Hospitality"! Even if it is not an obligation, it would be better to have read the one-shot before reading this story.

At first, I wanted to make another one-shot as a sequel of the first but then ideas flowed in and I couldn't do it that way. Finally, it became a chapter stories! *grin*

well, hope you will welcome this new story warmly! :D

Disclaimer: I don't own InuYasha.

I want to particularly thanks Yumi for her corrections! ^^



Chapter 1 :

Always on my mind


She was late. How could she be late on the day they particularly asked to come early?!?

Kagome could hit herself for her own stupidity at times like this. Each time, it was the same. The ‘5 more minutes mom’ ended up being twenty minutes and then, when she finally emerged from her bed, she had to run like crazy, putting on any clothes that had the misfortune to fall under her hands. Then she would eat a little something at the speed of light and then run as if her life depended on it. Really, she would drive any horror movie director nuts. The ‘bad man’ would never catch her with how quick she had become.

Again, if she was lucky, Kagome would arrive at the beginning of the class. She, most of the time, had to sneak in discreetly to not have problems with the professors. Well, she wasn’t in school anymore, but in university, however that doesn’t mean that tardiness was looked upon better.

So Kagome ran at top speed. She already knew that she missed her bus so she had to get there on her own. Luckily, her university wasn’t at the opposite side of the town!

Finally, the entry was in sight. That was good because she didn’t think that she would be able to go any further.

At the gate, she had to resist the urge to crumble to the ground with fatigue, but she knew she couldn’t do it: she still had to cross the university’s ground to arrive at her amphitheater. However, now she was just walking, trying to regain her breath. Her muscles were twitching from the early morning exertion. The young woman, her azure eyes shining brightly and long hair flowing in the wind, walked to her room. A couple of boys looked at her but she wasn’t interested. She didn’t even see them. All that was on her mind was to arrive in time for her class.

It wasn’t like she was the only one in the same situation, as she was crossing paths with others students, it was just that she didn’t like to have all attention on her.

Kagome then heard someone calling her name.


She turned around and saw her three friends running towards her. Apparently, her friends must have been waiting for her. The young woman smiled a little uneasily. Sometimes, her friends were really embarrassing. Kagome’s cheeks flushed a deep red when she saw how many people had turned to look in their direction, while her friends were waving wildly to her.

“Kagome, how are you?” Asked Eri, smiling widely at her friend.

Kagome caught the elbow of the other girl, leading her to the side.

“Can’t you be more discreet?” She hissed thought clenched teeth while looking around.

“Oh stop it, Kagome. Let them watch if they want!” She then turned towards the others. “Good morning everyone!” She yelled. Yuka giggled when she saw the defeated expression on Kagome’s face.

“Oh Kagome! It’s not a big deal. Come on or we will really be late for class.” Then the four girls resumed their walk, arms linked.

As they passed the administration’s office, she looked in case her professor was still there, saving them all the humiliation of that would have ensued in front of everyone by their professor, as this particular one had a habit of doing. However, she couldn’t see him.

But as she was continuing her path towards class, she froze, her heart skipping a few beat. She could swear that she saw a flash of silver by the corner of her eyes. She whirled around, surprising her friends, but she saw nothing.

“Kagome?” asked one of her friends, but she just shook her head and walked along with them again. She looked behind to make sure. Did she imagine it?

That’s when she saw her professor talking with an old man. Could it be that the flash of silver she thought she saw was just in fact the white hair of the old man?

Kagome sighed, almost laughing at her stupidity. Why would he be there for? She sighed again as she reached her class door. Did she miss him that much that she would see him everywhere? Or at least imagine seeing him? And she couldn’t miss him, could she? How could she? She had been in his presence for what? Half-day? If you count the moment they were sleeping. ‘Sesshomaru.’ She thought in a sigh.


Once inside, the girls quickly took to their seats.

Ayumi observed Kagome, as she had done for the past month. Something had changed in her friend. Even now, as she was taking out her things out of her bag to be ready when the professor arrived, she seemed…elsewhere. Yes, she couldn’t explain it differently. Regularly, she seemed lost in her thoughts, more often than not. What could have changed?

Ayumi could only guess…


Two months. Two agonizingly long month since they had seen each other last. It really felt like an eternity for Kagome. She sighed again.

Who would have thought that she would miss him so much after only a few hours in his company? Why couldn’t she just forget? Well, it was a stupid question, how could she forget her first?

She couldn’t lie to herself. She was, as incongruous as it sounded, missing him like crazy. But she shouldn’t, she had no right. After all, who was he to her? Only an older man to whom she gave up her virginity for, that was all. Her one-stand man. Two months later she was still unable to put what happened behind her. Even now, she was craving his presence and the sound of his voice, to know if he was alright…

She was brought out of her musing by one of her friends, shaking her shoulder.

“Hm?” she answered, turning only to see her three friends looking at her with what seemed like worry marring their faces.

“Are you alright, Kagome?”

She smiled, trying to be reassuring to her friends.

“Yeah, just deep in thought, don’t worry about it.”

She had said the exact same words every time for two months.

When they had woke up after their fateful night, in the morning, after the blissful feeling had faded, the reality of their actions crashed down on them. The mass of confusion soon boiled down as clarity and somber understanding was reached. They did it. Neither of them regretted it, as was known after a short discussion. After all, how could they regret the best night of their life?

Sesshomaru had never felt so relaxed and great in his whole life, he had confided to her, and herself, even if sore, couldn’t for her life manage to rip off the smile from her lips. Even the DaiYoukai couldn’t prevent a little smile from growing on his prefect lips as she had witnessed. Everything had been so perfect.

Then, as Sesshomaru had been tracing languidly the delicious curves of her body and she his stripes, they thought of what people would think of them if it was to be known. Kagome admitted that, now that the euphoria of the moment had settled, she was afraid of what her mother would think of her daughter and the older man to whom she had given her prized virginity to. On another hand, Sesshomaru had shuddered at the idea of what could be the reaction of his all powerful father if he heard about it. Then, the DaiYoukai admitted that he felt bad to have, in a way, manipulated her mother so she would stay with him for the night, leading them in their current situation. She had trusted him with her only daughter and he took advantage of the situation and took her virginity, or at least, he felt like that.

And here she was, two months later, still unable to put what happened behind her. They had exchanged phone numbers. In consequence, every night, Kagome would compose his cell phone number, only to never call. She just couldn’t do it. Each time, her heart would beat like mad and she would hyperventilate as her mind supplied imagines of what had transpired between the two of them that fateful night. Then, she would panic for what she had almost done and would bury herself under her sheets.

She still remembered clearly that morning. After clothing themselves, they didn’t talk much, which wasn’t surprising since it wasn’t really a subject you could talk about in front of a little girl! A blush had already taken permanent residence on her cheeks, unable to look into Sesshoumaru’s eyes but she went beet red when Rin asked her if she had liked sleeping in her house and if she had slept well. What had surprised her was that the perfect DaiYoukai, at that moment, back under his concealing-spell, almost chocked on his café at his daughter’s innocent question.

Then, Sesshomaru had driven her home. At first she declined his proposition but the DaiYoukai would hear nothing of it. In the car, when she assured him that she really didn’t regret what had transpired between them, she was surprised to hear Sesshomaru sigh. Apparently, the demon had still been afraid that she would regret having spent the night with him, but just couldn’t admit it to her.

Before either was aware, they were already in front of the shrine’s stairs. When they exchanged their numbers, they knew that there was a chance that they would not see each other again. That was why, she wouldn’t admit it but her heart almost stopped when she watched his car pulled away.

But two months later, he hadn’t called her. He must have already forgotten about her. It wouldn’t surprise her, with him being so beautiful and her so young. He hadn’t called her so that must mean that he preferred to stay that way, acting as if nothing ever happened between them. She didn’t stop to think that maybe he was in the same situation as her…

He had told her that she could call him any time she wanted for anything. She had, at more than one occasion almost do it, but he hadn’t either. She missed him terribly. She knew that she would remember their meeting all her life. She knew she would have, even if they had done nothing. The moment their eyes had met, she had felt that it was life changing. She sighed.

Besides the phone, she had been tempted to go to his house. Each time, she passed the river in fact. She even went at one time to the street they lived on, but the moment she stepped there, her heart beat so violently in her ribcage, her breathing short…she ran away. Doubt had submerged her anew. He must have already forgotten her… when he said she could call him, it was only to be polite, right? 


The three friends were looking at Kagome with a worried expression on their faces, wondering what was troubling their friends so. But before her friends could ask anything else, their professor walked in, followed by the old man Kagome had seen earlier. But she paid them no mind, as her eyes were riveted on the man in the black suit who walked in after them.

She didn’t hear the reaction of the female population around her, nor her professor as he was explaining who the two men were. No, her eyes were only on the third person who was still conversing on his mobile phone. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was afraid to even blink for fear that he would disappear.

When he turned to face the students and presented himself after the old man, Kagome shivered as she finally heard his voice again. Then, their eyes finally met.

Kagome was sure that her breathing had stopped.



end of the chapter 1.


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