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Lullaby by Serena


A.N.: Just a little one-shot that occurs right after my first, I really hope you like it.  I just felt incredibly inspired after hearing this song. Neither InuYasha or Lullaby by Josh Groban belong to me, wish they did, but they don't. Well I can dream can't I?




            Kai looked up at his withering wife sitting beside him, knowing she wouldn't be far behind him. He smiled at her weakly and lifted her hand and held it to his wrinkled, papery cheek. They both knew the time had come to say one final goodbye. Rei kept the tears building up in her eyes behind their barriers. She laid a soft kiss upon her husband's lips and gripped his hand all the harder.

            "I love you." Rei whispered brokenly.

            Kai could only smile again as he found breathing becoming harder and harder. He closed his eyes and excepted his fate. He was unafraid of the sweet lands that would welcome his old soul into their loving embrace. He would see those who had gone before him and all those that would fallow.

            Kai opened his eyes one last time and forced his lips to declare his love once more to the one who would always hold his heart. As his eyes slid shut for the last time Kai felt more than saw the warm light that called to him. Faintly, as if far in the distance, he could hear a soft melody floating around him.

Hush now baby don't you cry
Rest your wings my butterfly
Peace will come to you in time
And I will sing this lullaby


            He saw clear as day his mother sitting beside him on his bed after tucking him in. Those were the times his younger self had enjoyed more than anything else, the times when his mother would smile down at him and softly sing him off to his dreams. Her voice surrounded him in memories of the far past when his mother could hold him in her strong, warm embrace and erase all the harmful things in his world. She was his eternal protector, never could she fail, never would she fall.

Know though I must leave, my child
That I would stay here by your side
And if you wake before I'm gone
Remember this sweet lullaby


            The scene flashed and shifted, and there he stood in the doorway with his arms wrapped around his wife as his mother sat in the rocking chair beside his daughter's crib. Kagome looked down at the child who now carried her name and smiled softly, Sesshomaru slid silently past both Kai and Rei with a nod before moving over to be close to his mate, she looked up at him with eyes swelling with more tender, pure love than should be possible. Kagome turned back to her new granddaughter, her long black hair whipped and weaved, occasionally mixing with the silver strands of the man who stood beside her, as she began to push the rocking chair back and forth slowly. Her voice lifted to surround them all in a warm, loving embrace as she sang the song from years before to lead yet another child to a land of sweet, sugar-filled dreams.

And all through darkness
Don't you ever stop believing
With love forlorn
With love you'll find your way
My love

The world has turned the day to dark
I leave this night with heavy heart
When I return to dry your eyes
I will sing this lullaby


Kai's lips lifted into a smile as the scenes of the past flashed before him and his mother's sweet voice carried his soul to the realm beyond the stars where all was well and love was a never-ending warmth that embraced the hearts of all those who truly believed. 

Yes I will sing this lullaby

A.N.: Farewell for now, I hope you liked. Please R&R.


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