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A Final Farewell by Walter205


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 Kagome stared down at the stone, her eyes nearly devoid of life, glistening only with tears as a deep sadness filled her heart and soul.

 Down in hell, Inuyasha could only stare up at her, and offer his apologies for the failure that he could never atone for, for abandoning her in the world above. As with all things in hell, his words never reached her.

 Above in heaven, Kikyo shed her own tears at the loss of Inuyasha and the parting of the relationship that she had accepted to happen and blessed with the full extent of her own heart.

 As if the emotions of heaven could be felt on earth, the sky opened up with a light misting rain.

 The clouds grew darker though, an omen to the approach of an greater evil though.

 Kagome was pulled out of her trance by an arm touching her shoulder.

 Startled, she looked up into the heavy and regretful eyes of Sesshomaru.

 "I am sorry, but we must go," he said in a voice that reflected the feelings in his eyes.

 Her eyes glanced down from the stone to her expansive belly, and the new life therein. The continuation of the Inu bloodline.

 "Yes," she sniffled, wiping away her tears.

 Taking one last glance at the tombstone, she let Sesshomaru lead her away, and into the unknown....


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