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My Captivity by Savages... by inali


My Captivity by Savages... or How I Became a Youkai Bride

June 8, 1501. A small village on the outskirts of Musashi.

The day started as any day would start for I, the intrepid young raven haired miko-in-training. First the cleaning of the small shrine on the outskirts o our quaint and industrious village. Then it was of to help the good farmers in my beloved village with the crops that flourished under their expert cultivations. My trusty, albeit dirt-encrusted, sai in hand as I worked tirelessly, and no less diligently at aerating and properly turning the soil. However, the sudden and looming plume of pithy and undulating smoke over the horizon soon spelt "doom" for my sleepy village.

Marauders! Bandits! Foul creatures one and all!

Bands of unruly, burly men who thought nothing of hygiene (nor of manners and proper etiquette when visiting new villages along their travels) had finally discovered out peaceful little utopia! Fearfully I fled toward my village in hopes to arrive in time to help defend my dear place of birth and the only home my short years had ever shown me... but it was all for naught.

As I crested a nearby hill, as well as breaking through a stand of trees and most unwieldy underbrush, the visage I beheld nearly struck me faint. There below, lay all I had ever known and loved in utter ruin! Hungry flames fed on my childhood haunts leaving them behind as nothing more than blackened, charred remains of an innocence lost. Indeed, this horrifying sight alone may well have rendered me devoid of my consciousness, but a crushing blow to my skull by a brutish lout beat the envisioned atrocity laid out before my, as I tumbled gracelessly to the hard sylvan floor. Grateful, did I lay there motionless, for my reprieve from this seeming nightmare.

Unfortunately upon my all too swift revival, I discovered my dire nocturnal terror was indeed a grim reality. For no sooner had my blurred vision cleared, did I discover that I was surrounded by stunning, tall, virile and flaxen haired savages! Upon realization they had captured my quaking, tremulous, and undivided attention did they begin to tell me in great and lurid detail about the decimation of all I'd known. With fearsome animation the told me how they had massacred the town elders and the miko Kaede-sama. How the townsfolk had offered no resistance against their fainful and drawn-out demise. That my dear Kikyo-sempai had been brutally flogged before hung from Goshinboku by her own bowels!

Now, normally, such gruesome and odious recounting (and despicable reenactments) would paralyze a lesser being with terror. But I am a miko, granted only with a scant few years of training, and I am therefore made of stronger stock! Or so I told myself as I deftly reached into my sleeve to retrieve my trusty sai, branding it for my would-be defilers to see.

Quickly, and with an agility born solely of training and untested youth I dove and sprinted. Proudly I downed three of my captors, striking fast and hot with my favored tool imbibed with my own reiki. Once I found an opening I made a mad and desperate flight for my freedom. I was no fool, I knew I couldn't defeat them all, nor would I attempt such a doomed feat.

So, imagine my despair when I found myself most cruelly and painfully slammed unceremoniously against the hard and unforgiving surface of a nearby oak! Glaring defiantly at my dog-eared (truly! He had the ears of a dog!) captor as his grimy claws dug mercilessly into my throat. My small hands balled tightly into delicate fists at my sides as the vile beast loosed a low and threatening growl.

"You'll die for that, bitch!" spoke the cur with such noxious rage that threatened to wilt my delicate constitution.

But I stood firm! My village and people's destruction will not go unpunished! The kami as my witness, they will pay for their roles in this unseemly tragedy unfolding.


That voice! Never had I heard such a cold and desolate voice. A thousand fearsome deaths could lie within the glacial depths of that voice!

"What?" barked my sadistic tormentor whose identity was now revealed as InuYasha. A rather fitting moniker for one so monstrous, I might add.

"Is that the miko?" Again spoke that mesmerizing and petrifying voice as a figure stepped into my periphery, revealing yet another flaxen-haired titan of destruction and malcontent.

Stepping up, I suddenly found myself paralyzed by the newcomers venomous touch, as cold citrine eyes, like twin winter suns, harsh and indifferent, inspected my meager person before coming to some, no doubt, malleable conclusion.

"She will do." Spoke the imposing inugami as he turned, long silken strands of hair like quicksilver shifting and flowing with his every move. This youkai was perfection in its most frightening form. He was as Hell made flesh to walk the Earth, and I found myself trembling in his frozen wake.

And it was also, at that moment that a dreaded realization came crashing down upon me with an overpowering gravity. That I, the humble shrine maiden Higurashi Kagome , had just become a slave to an indeterminate amount of vicious, blood-thirsty, earthy inugami, and there was no telling the depth of agony and depravity I would come to suffer and bear witness to by their large, masculine, clawed hands!


AN:  Holy histrionics, Batman! I think this is the most exclamation points I've ever used. Anywhere. Ever. Um... yeah. Don't know if more will come of this or if it'll just stand as is.


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