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Mokomoko Plus Miko by Miss Kagura

Midnight Molestation

NOTE:  This story has been raised in rating from M to MA... it is no longer acceptable for anyone under the age of 18 as of 3/25/12!!

Sesshoumaru awoke with a start, and mildly but silently cursed at whatever small creature awoke him. Before he nodded back to sleep, he took a quick look at his camp to ensure everything was exactly as it was supposed to be. Jaken was sleeping with his back against a tree, but Rin was draped over his lap, as if she was placed there or lay there on purpose.

Rin knew better.

There was something missing, and Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes angrily at Mokomoko. The miserable thing was a piece of and a gift from his 'beloved' father, and carried some of his father's more irritating traits. At times, it did assist him in battle, but privately, it often attempted to spank or choke him when he did things his father would not have liked.

The worst example of this happened the night Inuyasha cut Sesshoumaru's arm off. While he was resting, and trying to recover from dismemberment, Mokomoko gagged him when he complained to himself about his brother. Sesshoumaru ended up having an argument with his own Mokomoko, and Mokomoko won on the merit of being able to poke the bleeding wound.

Sesshoumaru sighed and stood up.

Damn it all to hell.

Unfortunately, like his father, Mokomoko frequently snuck away from camp at night to molest human girls. Part of Sesshoumaru's low opinion of humanity came from how wanton the girls were in the presence of his prized fluff. Eventually, Mokomoko was going to stray and Sesshoumaru wasn't going to retrieve it, but he wasn't ready to let it go quite yet.

He trained his nose to the nearest human female, and sighed.

Not her. Please not her.

It was moderately embarrassing to extract Mokomoko from strange human women, and he wouldn't dare say he wasn't mortified when he extracted it from a brothel. Sesshoumaru just hoped that Mokomoko didn't touch his brother's miko, because he actually saw her from time to time, and it would be so damaging to his pride.

Sesshoumaru didn't even want to know what Inuyasha would do if his Mokomoko touched the priestess.

Was it really too much to ask the demon-possessed furball not to molest any females that he knew? She was a miko, which added a degree of wrong that was amusing in a bitter, sad way.

Sesshoumaru sped up to a sprint when he heard a scream, and within a minute, he arrived at the edge of a little pond, where Kagome stood on a rock, with a peculiar looking large cloth wrapped around her torso. She was staring at the water, eyebrows scrunched up in fear and determination.

Kagome sensed Sesshoumaru and her head shot up as a wall of rage hit him. "Sesshoumaru, what the hell is wrong with you? Your...thing...just...ewww!" She shuddered visibly and growled at him. "Of all the disgusting things, are you serious? You sent attack me while I bathed?"

"It was not attacking you," he said.

Unready to believe him, Kagome put her hands on her hips and said, "Yeah? Then what was it trying to do, coming after me under the water while I'm naked and...touching me right there..."

Her mouth shut, her eyes shut, and her cheeks turned so red Sesshoumaru believed he was about to witness a rare miko form transformation. But, it turned out that she was just really embarrassed.

Kagome timidly asked, "You don't-"

"Absolutely not. It came here on its own," he answered.

Sesshoumaru saw a ripple in the water, and summoned Mokomoko out of it. It emerged wet and reluctantly, no longer gifted with free will now that its owner was conscious. A clawed hand wrapped around it with enough force that Mokomoko would have been suffocated if it required breath.

When it fell limp and lifeless on the ground, Kagome leaned over and asked, "What possesses it?"

Sesshoumaru answered by tapping the hilt of Tenseiga.

"Your father?" Kagome said.

Mokomoko rose slightly on one end, bent as it the tip were the head of a slithering snake, and nodded.

Kagome's mood transformed to pure rage, and before Sesshoumaru could even interpret it, she swatted Mokomoko.

"You're a grown man. You should have more damn sense than to slither off in the middle of the night and scare girls, you know! Not only are you grown, you have grown sons that have better manners than you. Sesshoumaru is the rudest person I've ever met in my entire life, and somehow, he knows not to try and molest me. He obviously did not learn the one or two manners he actually has from you! Shame on you!" she yelled as she continued swatting Mokomoko.

Nothing in all of his eight hundred years of life brought Sesshoumaru more pleasure than watching the miko discipline the spirit of the most powerful demon of all time. He chuckled silently and darkly as Kagome continued ranting, and then stomped off into the woods.

Mokomoko slithered behind Sesshoumaru's legs in defeat, almost begging the taiyoukai to pick it up.

Sesshoumaru grinned evilly. "I should leave you with her."

He was about to pick up the offending ball of wet fur when Kagome stomped back into the clearing, looking even angrier than before.

Kagome put one hand on her hip and used the other to point at Mokomoko, which laid down flat on the ground. "And another thing! I'm tired of being dragged all over Japan for your little object lessons. I don't care if you want to waste Sesshoumaru's time, because honestly, I think he needs a hobby, but the next time I have to travel cross-country so Inuyasha can talk to someone and learn a lesson, I'm going to come back and purify you!"

Mokomoko attempted to escape, but Sesshoumaru stepped on it and held it in place. There was no way that he was going to let Mokomoko get out of this. Kagome was ballsy, something he learned the first time he met her, but this experience was exquisite.

"Sit!" Kagome commanded.

"I am missing tests, and movies, and friends, because of you! Just tell them how to use their swords and stop being a moron! And don't ever, ever come near me again, Pervert!" she added.

The miko disappeared into the trees again, this time for the last time, and Mokomoko wrapped around Sesshoumaru's leg for safety.

Sesshoumaru sighed at the wet object that was soaking the left side of his hakama and slowly walked back to camp.

"I think, Father, that I may share your fondness for humans after all."


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