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Doggy Plunger by Walter205

Chapter 1

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 "You want it yes? Yes you do, yes you do, you want it want it want it dontcha' boy?" out came the stream of teasing jabber from Kagome's lips, bending over slightly even though the form of Fluffy towered above her by a couple of stories at least.

 To make the point that he did indeed want it, Fluffy hopped up and down a couple of times, causing the ground beneath her to shake and rattle. He followed it up by woofing at her, a blast of hot and smelly air that through her superb acting skills did it only slightly diminish her smile.

 A tinkle entered the edge of her right eye.

 "Okay, go and get it!" she said, before throwing the curved object sprayed with doggy food formula out into the open air. Jumping over her in one easy bound, Fluffy threw over the edge of the cliff. He snapped at it once, but the object, known as a boomerang, circled out of his grasp and headed back torwards Kagome.

 Perhaps suddenly noticing where he was, Fluffy let out a planitive howl as he fell three thousand feet into the Grand Canyon, making a giant splash into the Colorado River.

 Catching the boomerang back into her hand, Kagome couldn't stop laughing.

 She was still laughing, rolling over from side to side on the ground, when a white ball of pure energy rocketed up from the canyon below and landed right next to her. She immediatly stopped laughing when the ball dissipated to reveal an extremley angry Sesshomaru standing there. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, and her face paled as she took a gulp.

 "One reason, I would like just one reason that I should not use your intestines to learn how to play the American game of jump-rope with," he said as green poision began dripping from his claws.

 Kagome regained some of her composure, and actually managed to smile at him while standing up. Now it was Sesshomaru's turn for the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up.

 "Because if you do, then I wouldn't be able to give Fluffy any doggy treats anymore," she said in a gleeful and chirpy voice.

 His eyebrow twitched.

 Oh, the inhumane torture of it all....


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