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Switching Roles by Takaharuka


SUMMERY: Two new Fates have been given quite the odd initiation to accomplish. The brilliant, and old fashioned, body switching trick. Things may have just taken a turn for our demon lord and little kitsune. Let the games, bets, and chaos, begin.

A/N: Oh man, it feels good to finally have this thing out! It's been floating in my head for awhile and I've been dying to write it up. (I hope I didn't steal this from anyone. . .)Hope you enjoy 'cuz this is my first fic. There will be future Sess and Kag fluff, so don't worry!

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or anything relating to it. It saddens me to write this. But I will, one day, own Sesshomaru!!(diabolical laughter)


By Takaharuka

Prologue- WHAT?!!

-Somewhere up in the Sky-

Ochiba restlessly paced back and forth in the Seeing Room. She had been doing so for the last 2 hours while mumbling incoherently throughout the while. Her sky blue, shoulder length hair, swayed with each movement she made. Her red-orange eyes, set on a beautiful heart shaped porcelain face, were down cast and misted over. Her small and petite 5'3" frame was heavy with tension.

Kessho stared at her in dullness the whole time. Garnet colored eyes, set into a handsomely featured face, lazily flowed each movement. He shifted his mass of waist length forest green hair over his shoulder and stretched his lightly muscled frame of 6' that was sprawled on an oversized chair. He then looked back to Ochiba and regarded her in boredom. That is, until she slightly got her foot caught on the edge of her robe and just about face planted. He then had to smother a laugh.

"Ochiba-chan," Kessho started, his garnet eyes alight with laughter, "I think you should stop pacing. I doesn't look so healthy, and plainly, it's giving me a headache."

Ochiba suddenly turned as if she just noticed Kessho, and once again, caught her foot on the hem of her robe, and painfully, met the marble ground face on.


'Ouch,' Kessho winced. 'That, must have hurt.'

Kessho quickly hopped off his chair and made his way over to the fallen Ochiba. He crouched down with a pained look on his face.

"Ochiba?" he questioned.

"Yes Kessho?" Ochiba murmured back, still face first to the ground.

"Are you okay?"

"Never better."

Kessho cocked his head to the right.

"Ooookaaaaayyyy . . . I think you need a nap Miss Cranky Robe. Of course, after you peel yourself off the grou-"


Ochiba's head collided with Kessho's jaw and sent him sprawling on his back.

"DAMNIT!" Kessho howled in pain while holding his jaw. Trying to find his way through the mess of his forest green waist length hair, Kessho let out an audible 'huff,' and settled on glaring at Ochiba while holding his jaw with both hands. "Watch where the fuck that boulder you call a head is going! I think you broke my jaw!!" Garnet colored eyes regarded her with painful fury.

"Well, if someone," Ochiba hissed out angrily, rocking back and forth on her heels and grabbing her head of sky blue hair, "wasn't looming over me, we could have avoided this whole fucking thing you jackass!!"

"So I'm a jackass now, huh?!!" Kessho yelled, obviously fuming, "Well at least I wasn't the one mumbling like a lunatic that just happened, to trip on their robe for Kami's sake! And I wasn't looming!"

"So it's my fault is it?!" Ochiba screamed.

"Finally you acknowledge that! Thank Kami! I think I deserve an apology!" Kessho replied haughtily with his arms crossed.

"An apology?!!" Ochiba screamed back indignantly, with her hands waving irritably around her, "Not in this millennia you rude jackass!"

"Back to the name calling now are we?!! What next, you smart mouthed wanna be Kami?!" Kessho sneered back while leaning down to her level.

"Ohhhh, you make me so mad!" Seethed Ochiba angrily, toe-to-toe with Kessho with her hands fisted and flying around madly, "How 'bout you stand there while I shove those words right up your a-"

"Cease and desist with the name calling!"

Ochiba and Kessho stopped mid-rant. Arms frozen in the air with twin looks of utter horror mirrored on their faces. They both slowly turned to face the source of their nightmares.

There stood, as imposing as ever, Kengen. The most powerful and wisest of the three Fates. Although he stood only 5'11", his form held an air of confidence and authority. Hair, as black as the darkest pits of hell, flitted about his white robed form like a cape, coming to stop just at his knees. Eyes, the color of live flames, regarded the silent forms of Ochiba and Kessho with cool intellect. The candles flickered to and fro, casting shadows across his skin. Deathly pale skin. Pale enough to slightly see the delicate framework of veins and blood vessels that stretched across flesh. Though, however youthful he appeared, his aura held a feeling of unimaginable age.

He strode to the middle of the Seeing Room, and stopped just five feet short of Ochiba and Kessho before he spoke again.

"Why," Kengen started, his deep voice like fine silk, "pray you tell, are you two bickering like a pair mortal children?"

Ochiba and Kessho glanced at one another before turning their faces towards the ground, faces burning with embarrassment.

"Um, well you see, it started when-" Started Ochiba nervously.

"It started when Ochiba here, was-" Kessho began quickly.

"-then I kinda fell on the floor-"

"-then she tripped on her robe and-"

"-en Kessho asked if I was alright-"

"-walked over to see if she was alright-"

"-nd we collided heads when I got up-"

"-she wasn't watching where she was goin'-"

"-started yelling at me-"

"I think," Kengen started as his hand went to rub his temple lightly and his voice slightly becoming annoyed, "we just have a simple case of misunderstanding. Whether it be both, or neither, of your faults."

Both Ochiba and Kessho bowed on unison and replied with, "Yes, Kengen-sama."

"Now, since we have that resolved," replied Kengen calmly, while turning his back to Ochiba and Kessho, strode to the Seeing Well and looked in, "I think we should return to other matters."

Ochiba and Kessho exchanged death glares, and made their way over to Kengen and the Seeing Well. Eyes narrowed and eyes blaring full-out murder and meaning.

"And please, stop glaring murder at one another," spoke Kengen dryly, his back still turned towards them, "You are certainly not acting of your ranks, but much more as two hot headed fools."

'How does he always do that?!' thought both Ochiba and Kessho.

They grumpily made their way over to the Seeing Well and Kengen, both muttering about idiotic 'green-haired' and 'blue-haired' people who don't know when to get out of people's way. Ochiba and Kessho both then focused their attention to Kengen, both wondering what he was to have them do.

Kengen let his eyes gaze upon the Seeing Well with no expression. The Seeing Well was said to have existed before Time itself was created. To the eye of any mortal who would dare set their eyes upon it, the Seeing Well looked like an old dried up well. It's fame of old decaying wood covered in moss discouraged those who would perhaps try and seek it's mystical powers. But to those of the Gods and Immortals, it was beautiful in its simplicity. The deep mahogany wood was beautifully cut and constructed, built in the standard form of a well. With mahogany so deep in color, it sometimes appeared to be black. It's lacquered surface gleamed in the low torch light, reflecting the images of the Fates and the room they stood in. As with any other well, it was filled with liquid. The liquid was so black, it would have shamed the darkest levels of Hell. It looked to be an endless gaping darkness in one angle, then a highly reflective mirror in another. But at the moment, it was reflecting an exact image of Kengen.

Ochiba and Kessho both fidgeted nervously. They had been recently chosen to become the new Fates, in which, had not been done in over 4,000 years. It was considered to be one of the all time most important and most noble position of any Immortal or God. They were half scared and excited out of their minds.

It was only a few moments when Kengen finally spoke, his voice clear and precise, "As of today, your final initiation into becoming Fates, starts. Our dear Kami-sama has given final orders of what your task is to be. It is his wish, that you both shall complete it with skill and perseverance equaling that of the role of a Fate."

His voice ran strong though out the large expanse of the room, reflecting off the stone walls and absurdly high vaulted ceilings. Both Ochiba and Kessho felt the vibrations resounding in their bodies, and their hearts were beating heavily in anticipation. The room seemed to still as Kengen calmly drew breath to speak again, his flame-like eyes lighting with a disconcerting and unfamiliar light, while his lips tilted into a smirk that could be easily mistaken as either a type of amusement or evilness.

"Your task is to be the switching and monitoring the behavior of the bodies of the Taiyoukai of the West, with that of a small red haired kitsune in Sengoku Jidai Japan during the break of the legendary Shikon no Tama."

Ochiba and Kessho stared owlishly before horrifyingly exclaiming, "WHAT?!!"

Kengen's only response was a smile that could only be described as sadistic.


A/N: Finally it's out! Mou! I hope you guys are in for the long run. Only time will tell how long I decide to keep writing this. Next chapter is the real chapter, and when things really start rolling. I just can't wait! And as I've stated above, there will be Sess and Kag fluff. (just have to think up some situations though . . .) ><


Ochiba- fallen leaves

Kessho- crystal

Kengen- power; authority


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